buy Tangled Pascal Earrings

Tangled Pascal Earrings

If you wonder what kinds of jewelry Rapunzel uses then I tell you that she probably wears these Tangled Pascal earrings.

Now you can have a chameleon in your ear and it will even looks like it is crawling through your ear as these are faux tunnel earrings.

The earrings look like Pascal the famous green chameleon that we all know from the Tangle movie.

The chameleon earrings are green with a metal centre that fits in your ear. It will be so fun to see Pascal in your ears like it belongs there.

Cute jewelry is something we all need and having this in your ears is fun and cute.

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buy Winnie the Pooh Earrings

Winnie the Pooh Earrings

If you like Winnie the Pooh and want some fun jewelry then you should check out these cute Winnie the Pooh earrings.

These Disney earrings do not require you to have a whole in your ear as they are clip on earrings.

The Winnie the Pooh earrings are made from gold tone metal with red enamel because Winnie has a red shirt. And as you can see on the picture these earrings show Winnie the Pooh holding a big pot of honey because that is what this cute bear likes to eat.

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buy Rick And Morty Earrings

Rick And Morty Earrings

If you want earrings that look like you have faces in your ears then you should check out this Rick And Morty earrings.

The earrings are fake plug earrings so it may make people think you have big holes in your ears while you actually have just the normal hole.

The earrings are made from 316L surgical steel so that is safe for most people and on the end you will find a head and that means that each ear will have a different face as one is Rick and the other is Morty.

So no more boring pearl earrings because Rick and Morty are way more fun in your ears.

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buy Mickey And Minnie Earrings

Mickey And Minnie Earrings

If you are a big fan of Mickey and Minnie then you really look at these fun Mickey and Minnie earrings.

The earrings are made from sterling silver and have an enamel finish.

Each earrings is different as on is Mickey Mouse and the other Minnie Mouse and  they just shows the head and the colors and that will look stunning in your ears.

And these Disney earrings also come in a fun Mickey and Friends gift box so that you can give these amazing earrings as a gift to the true fan of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in your life.

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buy Daryl’s Crossbow Earrings

Daryl’s Crossbow Earrings

If you like The Walking Dead and want some cool jewelry then you should check out these Daryl’s crossbow earrings.

The earrings are chrome in color and look like the crossbow used by Daryl Dixon and now they can dangle on your ears.

On the crossbow, it also says “The Walking Dead” so that everyone that looks at your ears will be able to read and then they will know that you like Daryl and The Walking Dead.

Specialty jewelry like this is just fun to add to your The Walking Dead collection and you will have the cool earrings to wear when the new season starts.

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buy Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Suitcase Earrings

Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Suitcase Earrings

Now you can have the suitcase from Newt Scamander dangling in your ears.

Of course, you have to be a fan of the Fantastic Beasts movie because otherwise, they don’t make much sense.

The earrings show brass plated suitcases just like the one Scamander uses and the antique look makes them look fun when they dangle in your ears.

We all know how amazing the suitcase is as Scamander seem fit in it and so do the beasts and all that action can now be hanging in your ears as special Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them jewelry.

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buy The Joker Face Earrings

The Joker Face Earrings

If The Joker is your superhero villain of choice then these stud earrings are what you need.

These earrings are made from 316L stainless steel and have the face of The Joker in enamel on top of it so you can have the green haired Joker in your ears and as we know him best he is laughing of course.

Yes this is special Batman jewelry and that makes it look amazing while in your ears.

It makes me wonder what The Joker on the earrings is laughing about but I think he just feels like laughing at all those people that do not own an amazing pair of The Joker Earrings like you.

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buy Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Everyone loves Hello Kitty and now you can have some fun earrings to show the world how much you love her.

These sterling silver earrings are nickel free and show the face of Hello Kitty complete with bow of course. And no there is no color on there earrings just silver with black details.

The studded earrings are 9 x 8 mm and that makes them great for kids and adults.

Now Hello Kitty can go where every you go as this special jewelry is just perfect in size and perfect to wear.

If you are looking for new earrings then why not look at these Hello Kitty Earrings.

buy Mockingjay Part One Earrings

Mockingjay Part One Earrings

Mockingjay Part One Earrings from The Hunger Games

Why get one pair of Hunger Games earrings when you can have 3 in a nice set.

This set is based on The Hunger Games Mockingjay part one movie and each set of earrings have a Mockingjay.

There are two pairs of studs one shows a Mockingjay on fire and one is more the like Mockingjay pin. And then there is one dangling pair with French hooks that show the Mockingjay pin with flapping wings and it has a open look making it look real nice hanging down you ears.

Are you ready to dress your ears Hunger Games style?

If you are then come get your The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One Earrings.

buy Disney Frozen Silver Plated Olaf Stud Earrings

Disney Frozen Silver Plated Olaf Stud Earrings

Disney Frozen Silver-Plated Olaf Stud Earrings

The world has fallen in love with Disney’s 53rd animated film, Frozen. All the characters are easy to like, but none more than Olaf the snowman. He is funny and has an interesting personality.

These wonderful earrings are Olaf himself in a playful pose. He is white, black, has a cute orange nose and is silver plated. There is even a matching necklace.

The earrings measure 0.3″ wide by 0.8″ long and the backs have posts with a friction backing to keep them in place.

Anyone will want to build a snowman when you start to wear the Disney Frozen Silver-Plated Olaf Stud Earrings.