buy Moe’s Tavern Pint Glass

Moe’s Tavern Pint Glass

We all know that Homer Simpson loves beer and often he goes to Moe’s for his favorite beverage and now you can have a Moe’s Tavern pint glass that makes you feel like you are having a drink with Homer and his friends.

The Simpsons pint glass shows Moe standing in front of Moe’s Tavern and you can see more like what happens inside Moe’s and the other side of the glass also shows a Simpsons logo with the face of Homer.

The Moe’s Tavern glass is just perfect for your favourite drink at home and when you put your beer in this glass you will feel a lot more like you are having a beer at Moe’s.

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buy Moe’s Tavern Cuckoo Clock

Moe’s Tavern Cuckoo Clock

The Simpsons Moe's Tavern Cuckoo Clock

This is definitly the coolest Simpsons product out there.

This is a cuckoo clock that looks like Moe’s Tavern where Moe Szyslak serves you a cool glass of Duff beer.

So the clock looks like Moe’s Tavern and guess what happends every hour.
Homer Simpson comes out and says his favorite “Woo Hoo” for each hour it is so 5 times for 5 o’clock.
And don’t worry Homer will not keep you up at night, the clock has a light sensor build and when it darks Homer Simpson just stays inside Moe’s to drink more beer.

Some fun details are that on the clock face you can see the Duff beer logo and as clock weights there is a cool glass of beer and a jar of pickles.

If you want the coolest Simpson gadget then you have to get this The Simpsons Moe’s Tavern Cuckoo Clock.