buy Hello Kitty Wine Glasses

Hello Kitty Wine Glasses

Now you can drink from these Hello Kitty Wine Glasses.

This is a set of two Hello Kitty glasses just made for some nice white or red wine.

You can see the one glass is kind of pink in color and that glass shows the face of Hello Kitty complete with the bow. Then there is the second glass that has a grey look with lots of pink bows and the text “Hello Kitty” in a fun font.

Sure you can drink from any wine glass but something special like these Hello Kitty glasses will making drinking even better.

And if you know a friend that has good wine and likes Hello Kitty then surprise them with these glasses because then they have to offer you a drink.

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buy Hello Kitty Little Glasses

Hello Kitty Little Glasses

Now there is this Hello Kitty Little Glasses set of 4.

So you can get 4 fun Hello Kitty glasses in one set and on each glass you can find Hello Kitty and a fruit, you can find strawberry, pineapple, melon, and lemon o the glasses.

The Hello Kitty glasses are 1.5 oz (44ml) which is about 50% bigger than a shot glass making it great at a kids glass or for a fun drink for an adult.

And if you are a true Hello Kitty collector then you may even want the set of glasses in the box as you can look into it and maybe then one day it will be the price possession of you Hello Kitty collection.

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buy Hogwarts Tea Cup Set

Hogwarts Tea Cup Set

Harry Potter fans it is tea time and you can drink it from this Hogwarts Tea Cup Set.

Remember the Harry Potter part where they are readying the tealeaves? With this set of Harry Potter cups you can try readying your own tealeaves.

This set includes two cups and saucers that are white and have gold details on the saucers and cup and even the handle is gold and then on the tups you can find the Hogwarts crest in blue.

If you like to drink tea in style then Harry Potter cups is what you need and these are just really nice so that you can take them out when you have a guest over.

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buy Grey’s Anatomy Derek Glass

Grey’s Anatomy Derek Glass

If you like doctors and a drink then check out this Grey’s Anatomy Derek Glass.

This is mini glass that has a picture of Dr. Derek Shepherd on it with a big smile and below his head it says “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” and the edge on the bottom is like blood red.

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will like a cute glass like this especially if you need to be reminded how amazing Derek Shepherd was.

This glass is 1.5 oz so not really big but you maybe able to use it as a shot glass or just to be part of your Grey’s Anatomy collection.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Pint Glass

Bob’s Burgers Pint Glass

Now you can get a drink from this Bob’s Burgers Pint Glass.

This is just like a normal pint glass only this is not just a plain glass because this one is covered in many images of the Belcher family and a whole bunch of burgers.

You can see the shows characters in all kind of poses and even with costumes which really make this a fun glass.

So now you can have a drink or just water and watch Bob’s Burgers on TV and on the glass.

No more boring plain glasses for you because Bob’s Burgers has you covered.

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buy Hogwarts Houses Tumbler Set

Hogwarts Houses Tumbler Set

If you are planning a Harry Potter party then you need this Hogwarts Houses Tumbler Set so that there is a Harry Potter glass to drink from.

The glasses set includes 4 glasses and each glass shows the logo of one of the houses of Hogwarts so there is a blue Ravenclaw glass, a red Gryffindor Glass, a green Slytherin Glass, and a yellow Hufflepuff glass.

Each of the glasses can hold 10 ounces of your favorite drink.

Sorry but these glasses are not dishwasher or microwave safe but they are so cool that you need them for when you hang out with your friends that like Harry Potter as much as you do.

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buy House Lannister Beer Stein

House Lannister Beer Stein

Now Game of Thrones fan can enjoy a drink from this House Lannister Beer Stein.

The beer stein would fit perfectly in the Game of Thrones TV series only this one is made for you to drink out. The stein is made from ceramic with a metal top and on the stein you can see the logo of house Lannister and it says that to but also it says “Hear Me Roar”.

The Game of Thrones stein is hand wash only and can not be used in the microwave.

Now you just need to put your favorite beverage inside it and you will be ready to watch Game of Thrones on TV.

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buy Power Rangers Party Supplies Set

Power Rangers Party Supplies Set

We got everything you need for a power Rangers party and it is all in this Power Rangers party supplies set.

This party supply set is based on Power Rangers Ninja steel and offers everything your really need to get a birthday or Power Rangers party going.

The party supplies set includes 8 paper plates, 8 cups, and 16 napkins and yes they all have Power Rangers on it and that is all you need for your party.

Now you just need a nice cake and drinks and you are ready to have the Power Rangers party you always dreamed about.

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buy Glass Jack Skellington Mug

Glass Jack Skellington Mug

Now there is a nice glass Jack Skellington mug.

The Nightmare Before Christmas mug is made from glass and is yellow in color and has a bit of a stained glass look with on the front a picture of the head of Jack Skellington and on the back you can see Jack and Sally in the moon light.

The Jack Skellington glass is great for tea, coffee and also cold drinks and it is dishwasher safe so you can make this your everyday use glass mug.

The yellow of the glass really look fun and that is so much more fun then a plain mug most people use.

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buy Friends Central Perk Mason Jar Mug

Friends Central Perk Mason Jar Mug

Now all the Friends fans can enjoy a drink in style thanks to this Central Perk mason jar mug.

The glass mug looks like a mason jar with a handle and on the glass you can find the nice Central Perk logo.

Hot coffee or a cool soda you can drink it from this great mug but this mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe so take care of it and it will be the mug you use as long as you are a true fan of Friends the fun TV series that we all like .

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