buy Cinderella Baby On Board Sign

Cinderella Baby On Board Sign

If you need a baby on board sign for when you drive the car with your little princess on board then you need this Cinderella baby on board sign.

The sign is diamond shaped and has a suction cup for easy hanging in the car.

The baby on board sign is pink and on the bottom, you can see the Princess castle with Princess Cinderella next to it. Above the princess and the castle, you can see the text “Little Princess On Board” so that it is clear that you have a little girl in the car.

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buy Princess Cinderella Baby Bodysuit Set Of 3

Princess Cinderella Baby Bodysuit Set Of 3

If you are expecting your little princess then maybe some Cinderella baby clothing is just what you need.

This set of 3 baby bodysuits is perfect as it shows 3 different designs and colors but all based on the Cinderella story.

And you can get this Princess Cinderella bodysuit set in sizes 0 – 24 months so that you can be prepared to dress your princess in style.

The bodysuits have snap close on the bottom and have short sleeves and not pant legs for easy access.

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buy Cinderella Princess Costume Toddler T-Shirt

Cinderella Princess Costume Toddler T-Shirt

Disney Princess’ are so beautiful and every little one loves to dress up like their favorite one. Now they can become Cinderella with a slip over their head.

Cinderella’s beautiful face is the focal point of this t-shirt. It is mostly blue and makes your little one appear to be wearing a gown. This t-shirt also has pearl type dots around the neckline and there is some gold swirls too. What joy!

This t-shirt comes in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T. It is an officially licensed Disney product that is made from cotton and polyester to make it durable and hopefully outlast your little one.

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buy Cinderella Castle Tin Lunch Box

Cinderella Castle Tin Lunch Box

Cinderella makes her presence known where ever she goes with her natural beauty. Now you can take her to lunch and everyone will watch with awe.

This tin lunch box features a colorful graphic all over the box. The background is full of pink outlines of roses and starbursts of many different colors. Her castle stands tall and strong in purple and blue. Her stagecoach appears by the castle, but not in its pumpkin form. Lastly, Cinderella is on the front looking so beautiful with her blonde hair up in a fancy do.

The tin lunch box features a plastic handle that collapses into place, a metal latch closure and measures 7.5 inches by 6 inches by 2.75 inches. This is also an officially licensed Disney product .

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buy Disney Princesses Royal Dress Up Trunk

Disney Princesses Royal Dress Up Trunk

Disney Princesses Royal Dress Up Trunk

Little girls love the magical world of the Disney Princesses and the best way to show their love is with dress up play.

Now you can give your favorite little girl a beautiful trunk filled with outfits for and her friends to wear, so that they can play dress up for hours.

This Disney Princess package contains 21 pieces – 4 shirts, 3 skirts, 2 headbands, 1 tiara, 1 choker, 3 bracelets, 1 pair earrings, 1 necklace, 3 rings and of course the Princess decorated storage trunk.

Watch the delightful smile on your little girl’s face when she dresses up as Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) and Snow White.

Be sure to get this official Disney Princesses Royal Dress Up Trunk.

buy Disney Princess Waffle Maker

Disney Princess Waffle Maker

Disney Princess Waffle Maker

How do you make sure your waffles are fit for a princess?

No problem, a waffle that has a tiara print on it.

This is a waffle maker that on the outside is pink and features an image of three classic Diney Princess’s Snow White, Cinderella and Tiana, the handle also has an official Disney stamp logo and the indicator light has a heart set into it, what a nice touch for your princess.

The waffles that come out of this Disney princess waffle maker measure 6.5 inches in diameter and has a pressed desing of a princess tiara, the inside of the waffle maker is non stick so it is perfect for your little princess to take control in the kitchen and make waffles.

Start Baking today with the Disney Princess Waffle Maker.

buy Cinderella Carriage Teapot

Cinderella Carriage Teapot

Cinderella is a popular princess to everyone. She featured in the Walt Disney 1950 animated fairy tale film that everyone fell in love with.

All your most favorite memories will come back when you are drinking a cup of tea from this special Cinderella Carriage Teapot.

This teapot is very unique with the magical fairy godmother figurine standing on top of the cover and a picture of Cinderella on the front all ready for the royal ball. On the other side is a picture of the princes castle and on the top of the teapots spout is a picture of two little mice Gus and Jaq.

Despite her evil stepmother trying to prevent Cinderella form going to the royal ball. Her mice friends and the fairy godmother turns her into a beautiful princess. Cinderella went to  the ball in her carriage, she meets her prince and lived happily ever after.

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buy Cinderella Slipper Necklace

Cinderella Slipper Necklace

Disney Princess Cinderella Slipper Necklace

Based on the famous glass slipper from Princess Cinderella there now is this nice slipper necklace.

It’s a light blue slipper with a blue Swarovski crystal heart on top of the slipper and this really look nice with the snake link chain that it comes with.

This is a special piece of Disney jewelry that fits in a collection of Disney memorabilia or just around you neck.

A necklace like this does not scream princess but it will be clear to the fan of Cinderella.

Come and have a closer look at this Disney Princess Cinderella Slipper Necklace.

buy Princess Cinderella T-Shirt

Princess Cinderella T-Shirt

Princess Cinderella t-shirt


A t-shirt that comes in kids and adult sizes and has an amazingly detailed princess on it that is what this is.

This t-shirt shows Princess Cinderella with her famous light blue dress and she is brought to life on this t-shirt.

And the Cinderella t-shirt comes in all kind of colors and styles for kids and adults.

So if you like this Disney princess then you have to have a better look at this Princess Cinderella T-Shirt.

buy Princess Cinderella Pillow

Princess Cinderella Pillow

Princess Cinderella pillow

This Disney pillow is shaped like Princess Cinderella and that makes it great to play with and of course cuddle with.

The Cinderella pillow has all the important looks like the real Princess Cinderella but this one is soft and loves to cuddle.

At 14 x 22 inch the pillow is the perfect sizes for play and sleep.

Come and make your kids happy with this plush Princess Cinderella Pillow.