buy Snoopy USB HUB

Snoopy USB HUB

Snoopy the flying ace. There is Snoopy flying around in his red little plane.

But of course this is not just a fun looking Snoopy plane, this is a USB HUB. Now you can decorate your desk with this Snoopy hub and when you hook it up to your computer you can press the button and Snoopy starts flying or to be more  precise the plane moves and the propeller turns.

And besides that it also has a 3 port HUB build in withs is a USB 2.0 HUB so great for connecting all your other USB devices.

Check out this super fun Snoopy Flying Ace USB 2.0 HUB.

buy Peanuts Gang Mug

Peanuts Gang Mug

This mug with the whole Peanuts gang on it is a great way to dream of a while at work. Just imagine  a fresh mug of coffee and then you see snoopy and woodstock and all the others and all those memories come back and man before you know it the day is over and you can go home and watch some cartoons.

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buy Snoopy The Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Snoopy The Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Snoopy playing the Easter Bunny

Get ready for Easter with this Snoopy the Easter Bunny T-Shirt. Snoopy go’s all out by passing out the eggs but Snoopy be carefull you are hitting your small bird friend Woodstock.

Get your own version of the Snoopy The Easter Bunny T-Shirt.

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