buy Christmas Village Simpsons House

Christmas Village Simpsons House

If you want a cool piece for Christmas then you should check out this Christmas Village Simpsons House.

Department 56 is famous for their holiday villages and now you Christmas village can have the house that Homer Simpson and his family live in.

You don’t find any of the characters of the cartoon but you get the Simspons house complete with snow and Christmas decorations and it does light up too.

And yes the antenna is on the roof so that Homer has something to risk his life on when the TV is not working perfectly.

So now you can have The Simpsons be part of your Christmas village.

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buy Harry Potter Dementors Statue

Harry Potter Dementors Statue

If you are a true fan of Harry Potter then you want this amazing Dementors statue.

The statue has a wooden base with a clear glass ball with around it flying Dementors made from pewter and it all looks amazing with those evil creatures flying around the crystal ball.

The Harry Potter figurine is 3 1/4 x 5 inches and would look great on a bookshelf or table and all your friends that like Harry Potter will be jealous as this is an amazing and unique item.

True Harry Potter collector need this because, without it, your collection is just incomplete.

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buy Hourglass Of Destiny Illuminated Sculpture

Hourglass Of Destiny Illuminated Sculpture

The evil Wicked Witch holds alot of power with her crystal ball and hourglass of destiny, if you are looking for a show piece to collect from The Wizard Of OZ then here it is.

This is a carefully crafetd sculpture that features the Wicked Witch from The Wizard Of OZ standing over her crystal ball along with a Winged Monkey beside her. They are on top of an amazing sculpted hourglass of destiny that is detailed to look just like the one The Wicked Witch has.

Both crystal ball and houglass of destiny light up and in the dark the illumination really brings this sculpture to life, the entire sculpture measures 14.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

This is perfect for the collector looking for a centerpiece of a magical Wizard Of OZ themed room.

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buy Downton Abbey Building With Lights

Downton Abbey Building With Lights

Department 56 Downton Abbey Building with lights (4036506)

Now you Christmas village or just your home can have it’s own Downton Abbey.

This castle made by Department 56 is just like the real one you see on the TV show Downton Abbey and yes there is lights in them to so that you really feel you are standing outside peaking in on some new stories.

The porcelain building of Highclere Castle is 12.87 x 4.72 x 11.42 inch making it a substantial sized building just like the true Downton Abbey would be.

Just imagine how nice this castle would look with your other Department buildings you already own.

So why wait to see Downton Abbey on TV again when you can own Department 56 Downton Abbey Building With Lights.

buy Winnie the Pooh And Piglet Hula Hoop Figurine

Winnie the Pooh And Piglet Hula Hoop Figurine

Winnie and his friends are cute and funny.

And now you can have a little mini statue of Winnie the Pooh while he is doing hoola hoops with his friend Piglet.

This figurine has amazing details and will be a focal point of your home. Kids will be attracted to it but unfortunately it is not a toy.

At 4 3/4 inch tall this Winnie the Pooh figurine is just fun to have and it will deserve a special spot in your home.

It’s always fun to see animals interact with each other but a bear and a pig playing with a hoola hoop is rare.

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buy Snow White Ruby Edition Statue

Snow White Ruby Edition Statue

Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Ruby Edition

Disney fans with a little edge will know exactly what this statue is all about, let’s just say not all of our favorite Disney Princesses are as innocent as portrayed.

This is a classic statue of Disney Princess Snow White from the Grimm Fairy Tales comic series, it is a high quality  statue that is carved and crafted with the finest of care and very intricate detailing that includes a ruby in Snow Whites pendant.

It is a Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Ruby Edition with only 300 made in this limited edition, at a 1:6 scale it is made from cold-cast porcelain and stands 15-inches tall.

Add this beautiful sculpture to your collection check out the Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Ruby Edition Statue.

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buy Chuck Bartowski Figurine

Chuck Bartowski Figurine

Chuck figure

There we have Chuck Bartowski as we all know and love him the geek that worked at the Buy More.

Now you can have you own Chuck as figurine.

This Chuck figure is 7.5 inch tall and is not a toy just a display piece that looks just like your favorite spy.

The Chuck figurine has great details like the shoes he wears and the pocket protector and he is even holding a barcode scanner.
He is standing on a base that looks to me like a computer part and it has the logo of the show on it.

Lets keep Chuck in our memories and it is a log easier if you got your own Chuck Bartowski Figurine.

buy Ron Swanson Bust

Ron Swanson Bust

Now you can have a bust of Ron Swanson on your desk staring at you while you are working.

This Parks and Recreation statue is 7.25″ tall and has a name plate with a quote that says “Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”.
It can’t get more real then that.

Fans of Parks and Recreation will love this bust and of course it brings back memories of everything we learned from Ron.

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buy Tyrion Lannister Limited Edition Figurine

Tyrion Lannister Limited Edition Figurine

Tyrion Lannister may not be a big man he sure is one that fights for it.

And this time you can see the Game of Thrones character as a figurine that would look amazing in your home.

This statue of Tyrion is a limited edition, numbered item so you have to be quick as they will run out.

The statue of Tyrion Lannister is made from resin and is hand finished and painted to give it the amazing details it needs.

The Game of Thrones figure of Tyrion Lannister has a dimension of 10 x 10.5 inch.

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buy Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO is an awesome and very popular role playing video game, this is a very cool mini bust that features Shae Vizla in her armor and holding her helmet and gun.

Crafted with awesome details and very high quality material this mini bust is hand-painted and is numbered as a limited edition that comes packaged in a cool window box with a certificate of authenticity.

Get this Star Wars Shae Vizla Mini Bust.

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