buy Dustin Squishy Toy

Dustin Squishy Toy

Fans of Stranger Things can now enjoy this Dustin Squishy Toy.

If you are stressed out then maybe Dustin Henderson can help because his smile makes you feel so much better and if not then just squish him as he is a squishy toy which is great for anyone that likes to make things change shape.

The Stranger Things stress toy is 5 1/2 inches tall and rated ages 8+ so that the kids and Adults that like Stranger Things can enjoy it.

And this Dustin Squishy comes in a nice box so that you can really keep it look new and just be part of your Stranger Things collection.

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buy Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy

Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy

Now you can have fun with this Hello Kitty Cupcake Squishy.

Squishy toys are popular with kids and adults and they are kind of like a stress toy only more fun.

This time the squishy looks like a cupcake in pink and white and on top of the cupcake you can find the face of Hello Kitty.

This Hello Kitty stress toy is for ages older than 3 years and will be great for adults too as you can really squish them too a really small size and they when you let it go it goes back to the normal shape.

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