buy Golden Girls Bookmark Set

Golden Girls Bookmark Set

Now all book reading Golden Girls fans can now get this fun Golden Girls Bookmark Set.

There are 4 bookmarks in the set and each has a different color and each of them has a different girl on it so that you can have your favorite in your favorite book.

And these are not just normal bookmarks, these are way better as they are magnetic. You fold them over your page and then they stay there thanks to the magnet until you want to get it out of your book then it is easy to remove and reuse.

So now get a nice book out and put your Golden Girls bookmark in it to mark the pages.

Get your Golden Girls Bookmark Set

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buy Golden Girls Button Set

Golden Girls Button Set

Now if the time for this Golden Girls Button Set.

The set includes 4 buttons that are 1.25 inches in size. Each button has a different girl on it and something they would say in the series and they all have different colors too so that there is always one that colors nicely with your outfit or maybe your backpack.

Let’s not forget about the Golden Girls and adding these buttons to your outfit which will make others also think back of the fun TV series.

Buttons are a perfect way to decorate jackets, clothes, bags, and even backpacks and with adding the button you make it way more personal than the normal outfit.

Get your Golden Girls Button Set

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buy Stay Golden Greeting Card

Stay Golden Greeting Card

Now Golden Girls fans can get this Stay Golden Greeting Card.

If you have a friend that likes the Golden Girls and has a special occasion like a birthday then you can get this fun card that shows festive decorations and even some balloons and then there are the four Golden Girls and they are wearing party hats and next to them it says “Stay Golden”  which is a nice message to get.

You can get this Golden Girls greeting card in different sizes and they come with an envelope and there is a postcard version too which does not need an envelope.

Get your Stay Golden Greeting Card

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buy Miami Nice T-Shirt

Miami Nice T-Shirt

Golden Girls fans can now wear this Miami Nice T-Shirt.

This Golden Girls t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and black in color and comes in styles for both men and women and is available in sizes Small – 10XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see 4 panels that all have a different background color and each shows one of the Golden Girls inside it. Below the girls, it says “Miami Nice” and that does remind us that the ladies were kind of fun and based in Miami.

The whole shirt design also brings back memories to another TV series and that is Miami Vice.

Get your Miami Nice T-Shirt

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buy Thank You For Being A Friend Magnet

Thank You For Being A Friend Magnet

Fans of The Golden Girls will like this Thank You For Being A Friend Magnet.

On the magnet you can see a black background and then in a neon and gold print you can see the text “Thank You For Being A Friend Magnet The Golden Girls”.

A true fan will know that the text is all based on the series theme song and that means every time you see the magnet you will think back to the classic TV series.

The square version of this Golden Girls magnet is 2.125 x 3.125 inch in size and there is a round version available too.

Get your Thank You For Being A Friend Magnet

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buy 2020 Golden Girls Wall Calendar

2020 Golden Girls Wall Calendar

Need a fun calendar then come check out this 2020 Golden Girls Wall Calendar.

This wall calendar is all about the classic tv series The Golden Girls and those old ladies will be part of your home or office for a whole year all thanks to this calendar for 2020.

Each month of the year will bring you a new picture for the TV show and its characters.

And on the calendar grid, you will find all the major holidays already filled out so that you don’t have to fill it out manually and you will know on what day it is Halloween or Easter.

Get your 2020 Golden Girls Wall Calendar

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buy Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser

Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser

Now you can get your own Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser.

If you like The Golden Girls and candy then you are in luck as this is the typical PEZ dispenser and it is pink with on top the head of Sophia from The Golden Girls and she has white hair and her big glasses.

The pink base will hold a pack of PEZ candies and a pack is included and then when you fold the head of Sophia back a candy will appear.

And this PEZ dispenser comes in a fun box that you can look into so that you can see Sophia even without unpacking her.

Get your Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser

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buy Golden Girls Mug

Golden Girls Mug

Now you can get your morning coffee from this Golden Girls Mug.

This yellow mug shows the faces of the Golden Girls on one side and on the back it says “Stay Golden” on it and also the names of the 4 girls.

This ceramic mug is 20oz and that means it can hold a lot of coffee, tea or any other drink your prefer.

No longer do you have to drink from that boring or worse advertisement mug because the Golden Girls have your covered with this fun looking mug.

And you can use this mug at home or take it to work so that everyone can see that you like classic TV series and Golden Girls to be precise.

Get your Golden Girls Mug

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buy The Golden Girls Swimsuit

The Golden Girls Swimsuit

Now you can wear The Golden Girls Swimsuit to the pool or beach.

This swimsuit has the main characters of the classic Golden Girls TV series.

The bathing suit is available in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex and is padded and has in inside lining.

On the both the front and the back of the women’s swimsuit you can find 4 colored squares and in each square you fan find one of the Golden Girls.

A swimsuit like this will get your notice because it is so different and brings back the classic girls from TV.

Get your The Golden Girls Swimsuit

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buy The Golden Girls Car Sun Shade

The Golden Girls Car Sun Shade

Now there is this The Golden Girls Car Sun Shade to block the sun.

This is foldable can sun shape so that it can always be handy and ready to be used. The sunshade is made to block the sun and by that it will keep your car cool.

On the car sun shade you can see the golden girls if like they are driving your car and in the front you can see Dorothy driving with Sophia next to her and on the backseat Blanche and Rose.

It is fun to have this on your car and make people look twice as it will look like the Golden Girls are driving you car.

Get your The Golden Girls Car Sun Shade

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