buy Trolls Holiday DVD

Trolls Holiday DVD

If you like the Trolls movie and would like to watch something fun this holiday season then check out this Trolls holiday DVD.

This is not a full movie but just a fun DVD with Christmas related shorts that will make kids and adults happy without having to spend 1 1/2 behind that TV.

The DVD will bring back memories of the movie and maybe after seeing this you like to go back and see the full movie and do some dancing around the house.

Poppy and all the others are all here to help you have fun this holiday season.

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buy Poppy Christmas Inflatable

Poppy Christmas Inflatable

If you like Christmas and the Trolls movie then you just need this Poppy Christmas inflatable.

This outdoor inflatable shows Poppy and she is wearing a fun blue dress that has snowflakes on it and it is holding a candy cane in her hand.

The Trolls inflatable is 5 feet tall when inflated and it will inflate in seconds by the build in fan and it has LED lights too so that people passing your home can see Poppy standing tall at night too.

Now your garden can be ready for Christmas Trolls style and I am sure that people will like it to see Poppy this holiday season.

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buy 2018 Trolls Wall Calendar

2018 Trolls Wall Calendar

If you like the Trolls movie and would like a fun calendar for 2018 then you just need this 2018 Trolls wall calendar.

The trolls wall calendar has everything you hoped for. You can find fun images of characters of the movie and every month will bring a new image to enjoy. The images colors go all into the calendar grid that has plenty of space for important things to remember and already has all the important holidays filled out for you.

2018 will be the year of a piece of wall decoration that makes you smile and changes every month of the year.

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buy Classic Trolls Lunch Box

Classic Trolls Lunch Box

If you like lunch and trolls then you will need this classic Trolls lunch box.

It’s a classic looking style tin lunch box with a big purple handle and Trolls on both the front, back, and sides and inside there is plenty of room for your lunch and snacks and if you just want the cool box for at home then you could use the Trolls box for storing other things.

No more brown paper bags for you now you can enjoy a nice metal lunch box with a comfy carry handle so that enjoy your food even more at lunch time.

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buy Trolls Poppy Pillow Pets

Trolls Poppy Pillow Pets

Now there is a Poppy Pillow Pet based on the movie Trolls.

Like every other Pillow Pets product this is a pillow and a pet/plush so in the day you can play with Poppy and when it is time to go to bed at night or time to nap then you turn Poppy into a pillow.

The Trolls Pillow Pet is rated ages 3+ and will be loved by kids and adults that like Poppy and her positive attitude.

Now you can have two in one as it is a plush of Poppy and a cool pillow and both are just perfect so a must have.

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buy Trolls The Movie On DVD, Blu-Ray, And More

Trolls The Movie On DVD, Blu-Ray, And More

If you like Trolls then you are in luck as you can now own the Trolls movie.

The Trolls movie is just like the one in the movie theater only now you can have your own copy to rewatch whenever you want.

And the Trolls movie comes in many formats and versions like DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, and more and many of these versions come with cool extra’s too so that you can find something they didn’t shows you in the theater.

Add a fun animated movie to your collection and even if you don’t use disks anymore then you still can get it digitally.

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buy DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

DJ Suki Plush Pillow Buddy

Now there is a Trolls plush of DJ Suki and it’s not just a plush it is also a pillow buddy so she is great for sleeping to.

The plush of DJ Suki is 22 inches tall and yes she is wearing her headphones because she is a DJ so she needs them.

Now you can cuddle play and sleep with your favorite Trolls character DJ Suki.

Suki is always dressed for a party and her happy face could be the first thing you see in the morning.

Kids will love to have this plush Trolls character so why not add it to the collection.

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buy Trolls Poppy Throw Blanket

Trolls Poppy Throw Blanket

Now there is a Trolls throw blanket that is super soft and fun.

The throw blanket is 40 x 50 inches and is silky soft and has bright colors.

On this blanket, you can find Poppy the famous girl troll from the Trolls movie.

Having a cool blanket like this is just perfect as you can use it to watch TV, play or even on the bed.

So if your child need a blanky and it likes the Trolls movie from Dreamworks then this is the blanket to get and I am sure that it will be used and loved a lot as it is just perfect.

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buy Trolls Cooper T-Shirt

Trolls Cooper T-Shirt

If Trolls is your favorite animated movie then you just need to get this t-shirt with Cooper on it.

You can get this Trolls t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in many colors and sizes too.

Now the whole family can have a Trolls t-shirt that is fun.

On the t-shirt, you can see Cooper and he is a little bit strange as he looks almost like a giraffe. And this funny troll is always ready to go for something 100% and that can maybe give you more energy to.

Stop trolling around come get your Cooper t-shirt and start showing to the world.

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buy Trolls Cloud Guy Mug

Trolls Cloud Guy Mug

Is Cloud Guy you favorite cloud out there? If it is then you should check out this Trolls mug as it has Cloud Guy on it.

The ceramic mug shows Cloud Guy on both the front and the back of the mug and he is waving at you and I think that means that he likes you.

The Trolls mug is made from strong ceramic and comes in just plain white or with a colored handle and inside and yes you can pick the color.

The Cloud Guy mug is microwave and dishwasher safe so perfect for reheating tea and super easy to clean.

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