Wizards of Weaverly Place Shoulder Bag

Wizards of Weaverly Place hand bag with Alex Russo

How about a shoulder bag based on the hit TV series the Wizzards of Weaverly Place?

This bag is rate age 3 and up and will be a hit with the girls.

On this bag you find a picture of Alex Russo who is played by Selena Gomez.

This red themed bag has all kinds of details pointing back to the Wizzards of Weaverly Place TV series.

But the main thing is this bag looks great and will be a hit with the kids and it has 3 compartments that can store all kind of cool things kids carry around.

This bag is a super gift for a girl who loves the Wizzards of Weaverly Place.

Come have a better look at this Wizards Of Weaverly Place Shoulder Bag.

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