buy Formal Tardis Suit Jacket

Formal Tardis Suit Jacket

If you are a Doctor Who fan that is looking for a nice suit then check out this formal Tardis suit jacket.

The Jacket is just amazing and really is for the true fans. The jacket is Tardis blue with the windows on it and the door sign and inside the lining of the jacket shows the inside of the Tardis. Just click on the image to see other images of the jacket.

And to make it complete they even added a nice bow tie and you can get Matching Pants too.

And you can get this Doctor Who suit in many sizes for the perfect fit.

Now you can look amazing as a suit every day of the year or you can wear this as part of a cosplay or Halloween costume.

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buy Doctor Who Sketch Leggings

Doctor Who Sketch Leggings

Now there are Doctor Who leggings that can replace any other pair of leggings you own.

These leggings have sketch pattern that covers the whole blue fabric and on in the design you will find Doctor Who villains Cybermen and Dalek. Beside them, the Tardis will be there too and many gears like you can see in the Doctor Who intro.

You can get these women’s leggings in junior sizes XSmall – 3XL but they also come in plus sizes.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex these Doctor Who sketch leggings are super comfy to wear and have a nice stretch to them too.

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buy Doctor Who Crystal Tardis

Doctor Who Crystal Tardis

Now you can own your own crystal Tardis with inside it Doctor Who himself.

The crystalline Tardis is 3D in shape and you can see the doors on it and inside it, you will find the 12th Doctor and you can look at it from all sides making it really cool.

Normally the Tardis will look like normal crystal but at night then you can turn the light that is build into the base on and then the Tardis will be the typical blue.

The Tardis is 5.5 inches tall and comes in a nice box making it a cool present for a special Doctor Who fan.

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buy Tardis Blue Police Box Sports Bra And Shorts

Tardis Blue Police Box Sports Bra And Shorts

Now you are ready for a workout when you wear this Tardis sports bra and shorts.

Any female Doctor Who fan that wants to look amazing while doing their exercises should check out this activewear set that includes a sports bra and a pair of shorts and both are blue and have the Tardis blue police box on them.

The Doctor Who activewear set is soft and stretchy and comes in many women’s sizes.

You can wear this Tardis set to your next yoga class or just wear it while watching TV at home.

Get your Tardis Blue Police Box Sports Bra And Shorts

buy Tumbling Tardis Skatter Dress

Tumbling Tardis Skatter Dress

Now there is a fun skater dress with the Tardis from Doctor Who on it and not just once but many times.

The skater dress is the perfect outfit for a true Doctor Who fan like you.

The Doctor Who dress is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex and will just be that piece that you will love for ever.

A Tardis dress like this one is great for everyday wear but could even work if you go to a comic con style event or a Doctor Who marathon.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Wall Light

Doctor Who Tardis Wall Light

Now Doctor Who want to bring light to the darkness by offering you this Tardis wall light.

The light shows the Tardis if it comes right through your wall and it looks great in the daytime but even better at night when the windows light up and the top lamp flashes.

The Tardis light runs on 3 AA batteries and has an on / off switch on the bottom and it even comes with hardware to hang it.

Now you just have to find the perfect spot for the Tardis light in your home and soon the Doctor will have you home light up in a geeky kinda way.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Wall Light

buy Tardis Galaxy Pajama Pants

Tardis Galaxy Pajama Pants

Now you can have Doctor Who pajama pants with the Tardis on them.

These pajama pants are mainly blue and show outer space in a galaxy far far away you can see the Tardis flying around and not one but many times.

Made from 100% cotton these Tardis pajama pants are made for you and besides for sleeping they are great for lounging around too.

You can get these Tardis lounge pants in men’s sizes XSmall – XL and yes they will work on women to just be aware that the sizes are men’s sizes.

So start the TV to rewatch your favorite Doctor Who episode while wearing Doctor Who pajama pants.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Shower Curtain

Doctor Who Tardis Shower Curtain

Now your bathroom can look like that the Tardis landed inside it thanks to this Tardis shower curtain.

Doctor Who fans surely want this as it makes your shower look way more amazing then it is.

The blue shower curtain is 72 x 72 inches and has metal grommets so that it won’t rip where the shower hooks are.

The shower curtain shows the famous Tardis doors with windows and signs and it something that totally changes your bathroom and standing in the shower may feel like it became bigger but that is probably your brain playing tricks with you as it is not actually bigger inside like the Tardis is.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Shower Curtain

buy Doctor Who 3D Christmas Tardis Ornament

Doctor Who 3D Christmas Tardis Ornament

This year you can have a Tardis ornament in your Christmas tree and that makes it perfect for a Doctor Who fan like you.

This is a 4.25 inches tall ornament of the Tardis and it is in 3D. The Tardis looks like the normal blue police box only this time there is snow on it and a Christmas wreath on the door.

And to show the world that even the Doctor like to party they added some lights inside that switch in color to make it look like a real Christmas party.

Yes, your Christmas tree needs this Doctor Who Tardis ornament!

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buy Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is Who T-Shirt

Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is Who T-Shirt

Now there is a Doctor Who Christmas t-shirt that just makes it clear what you want for Christmas.

On the t-shirt, you can see the Tardis standing in the snow with a wreath that has the scarf of the 4th Doctor on it hanging on the door and below all the Christmas scenery it says “All I Want For Christmas Is Who”.

If you want to have the Doctor or Who then this is the t-shirt for you.

And the t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it comes in many colors and sizes so that it is the t-shirt you are going to wear a lot this holiday season.

Get your Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is Who T-Shirt