buy Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek 2 Piece Glass Set

Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek 2 Piece Glass Set

If you like Doctor Who and a nice glass to drink from then you have to check out this Tardis and Dalek 2 piece glass set.

The set includes 2 18oz tumbler glasses and on both you will find the Doctor Who logo on the back and on the front you will find the Tardis on one glass and a Dalek on the other one.

And these two Doctor Who glasses come in a nice gift box so it does make for an amazing present for real Doctor Who fans like you.

Now watching Doctor Who will be extra specially as you can have your favorite beverage in a nice glass.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek 2 Piece Glass Set

buy Doctor Who Memories T-Shirt

Doctor Who Memories T-Shirt

Now there is the perfect Doctor Who t-shirt that will bring back many Doctor Who memories.

The shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in many colors and  is made from 100% jersey cotton and comes in many sizes.

On the Doctor Who t-shirt you can find many Doctor Who details from the moon in the top and we all know what it really is and then you can see the galaxy with the Tardis with on it the text “Bad Wolf” and that brings back memories of Rose and on the edge of the galaxy you can see a Weeping Angel with its wings wide open and the scarf of the 4th Doctor.

So if you like a Doctor Who shirt that brings back a lot of memories then you just need this.

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buy Doctor Who Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Doctor Who Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Now there is a Doctor Who vinyl record wall clock that is just amazing looking especially if you are a big Doctor Who fan.

The 12 inch wall clock is made from an old vinyl record and is cut to show the Tardis in the middle with next to it a Dalek and the 11th Doctor.

Just find a cool spot on your wall and soon you will be knowing the time a true Time Lord gives you and that has to be the true time.

This may not be the most classic looking wall clock and that makes this Doctor Who clock just amazing.

Get your Doctor Who Vinyl Record Wall Clock

buy Tardis Parking Only Sign

Tardis Parking Only Sign

Now there is a Tardis parking only sign for the Doctor Who fans that like a fun sign.

The Doctor Who sign is white and is 12 x 8 inches and made from plastic and vinyl and it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes.

On the sign it says “Tardis Parking Only” and it shows the Tardis too and if people park in your spot then they won’t get towed but something worse is happening as it also says “Violators Will Face Four Daleks!”.

So now you just need a nice spot on a wall in your home or above your parking spot because cars should not go where the Tardis suppose to go.

Get your Tardis Parking Only Sign

buy Tardis Wooden Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Ornament

Tardis Wooden Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Ornament

If you are a Doctor Who fan ready to decorate the Christmas tree then you should check out this Tardis wooden wibbly wobbly timey wimey ornament.

This Doctor Who ornament is made from wood and is laser cut and engraved.

The ornament has the Tardis and a circle connected to it and on the circle, it says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and the circle is also the perfect way for hanging it in the Christmas tree.

A Tardis Christmas tree ornament like this is really unique and that makes it the perfect piece for your tree this holiday season.

Get your Tardis Wooden Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Ornament

buy 2018 Doctor Who Planner

2018 Doctor Who Planner

Planners make you life a lot easier and now there is a 2018 Doctor Who planner that has the 12th Doctor and Bill Potss in it as it based on series 10.

A paper planner may not be something everyone uses these days, it is a lot easier then getting your phone out all the time.

This spiral bound diary is 7 x 9 inches and can hold everything you want to write down like you home work or you work appointments and besides what you write you will find many cool details from the final season of the 12th Doctor Who.

No need to forget what you have to do because this Doctor Who diary is here to make 2018 perfect.

Get your 2018 Doctor Who Planner

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buy Doctor Who Dalek Snowman T-Shirt

Doctor Who Dalek Snowman T-Shirt

If you want a fun winter t-shirt then you should check out this Doctor Who Dalek snowman t-shirt.

The Dalek t-shirt is made for men and women and comes in many colors and sizes Small – 5XL.

On the t-shirt, you can find Calvin and Hobbes and they are dressed up like the 4th and 11th Doctor and that just looks amazing and Calvin and Hobbes had a little fun in the snow and build a big Dalek snowman.

So now you can have a fun t-shirt that is ready to winter and shows your love for Doctor Who and the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

Get your Doctor Who Dalek Snowman T-Shirt

buy Formal Tardis Suit Jacket

Formal Tardis Suit Jacket

If you are a Doctor Who fan that is looking for a nice suit then check out this formal Tardis suit jacket.

The Jacket is just amazing and really is for the true fans. The jacket is Tardis blue with the windows on it and the door sign and inside the lining of the jacket shows the inside of the Tardis. Just click on the image to see other images of the jacket.

And to make it complete they even added a nice bow tie and you can get Matching Pants too.

And you can get this Doctor Who suit in many sizes for the perfect fit.

Now you can look amazing as a suit every day of the year or you can wear this as part of a cosplay or Halloween costume.

Get your Formal Tardis Suit Jacket

buy Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2018

Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2018

Now there is the Doctor Who wall calendar 2018 and it will need a nice place on your wall so that you can see the Doctor at his best.

This wall calendar will bring a new Doctor every month of the year and his image is placed centrally in a diamond shape with other images of the Doctor Who series around it.

The calendar grid is also real nice with all the major holidays on it and plenty of room for important dates in your life.

No longer do you have to wonder when Easter is because it is on the Doctor Who calendar ready for you to see.

Get your Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2018

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Time Lord Backpack

Doctor Who Tardis Time Lord Backpack

If you want a Doctor Who backpack then you want to see this Tardis Time Lord backpack.

On the backpack you will see a black front pocket with the Doctor Who logo in a corner and the rest of the backpack is decorated with text that says “Tardis” and “Time Lord” but also images of the Tardis and a symbol from Gallifrey.

And the adjustable strap from the Doctor Who backpack has the same design as the rest of the bag.

The Time Lord backpack is 12 x 17 inches making it a perfect bag for school, work, or adventures with the Doctor.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Time Lord Backpack