buy Batman Watering Can

Batman Watering Can

Now there is this fun kids Batman Watering Can that just is something any Batman fan wants to water the plants.

This watering can is great for little kids but older kids and even adults can have one as it looks amazing. The watering can looks like Batman and one arm is placed in his side making the handle and the other hand is up in the air and if you look closer you can see that the fist is the spout of the watering can. And Batman’s head is open on the top because that is where you put the water in.

This Batman watering can is great fun for kids as they can help you water the plants in the garden but it is also fun to use in the pool or maybe even the bathtub.

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buy Hello Kitty Watering Can

Hello Kitty Watering Can

Hello Kitty Watering Can

Spring is here, you will be spending lots of time outdoors looking after your garden, and your little one would love to help you water the plants with this child’s Hello Kitty watering can.

This cute red watering can features a picture of Hello Kitty with her traditional red bow on her left ear. She is wearing blue overalls and is holding a red pitchfork and a big red apple so that her mama can make her an apple pie. The watering can also has the faces of Hello Kitty all over the can and the words “Hello Kitty” below her image.

This Hello Kitty watering can is 5 ½” tall x 4 ¾ “wide and holds close to 50 oz. of water.

Teach your little one how to look after the garden with this Hello Kitty Watering Can.