buy Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek 2 Piece Glass Set

Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek 2 Piece Glass Set

If you like Doctor Who and a nice glass to drink from then you have to check out this Tardis and Dalek 2 piece glass set.

The set includes 2 18oz tumbler glasses and on both you will find the Doctor Who logo on the back and on the front you will find the Tardis on one glass and a Dalek on the other one.

And these two Doctor Who glasses come in a nice gift box so it does make for an amazing present for real Doctor Who fans like you.

Now watching Doctor Who will be extra specially as you can have your favorite beverage in a nice glass.

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buy Doctor Who Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Doctor Who Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Now there is a Doctor Who vinyl record wall clock that is just amazing looking especially if you are a big Doctor Who fan.

The 12 inch wall clock is made from an old vinyl record and is cut to show the Tardis in the middle with next to it a Dalek and the 11th Doctor.

Just find a cool spot on your wall and soon you will be knowing the time a true Time Lord gives you and that has to be the true time.

This may not be the most classic looking wall clock and that makes this Doctor Who clock just amazing.

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buy Doctor Who Dalek Snowman T-Shirt

Doctor Who Dalek Snowman T-Shirt

If you want a fun winter t-shirt then you should check out this Doctor Who Dalek snowman t-shirt.

The Dalek t-shirt is made for men and women and comes in many colors and sizes Small – 5XL.

On the t-shirt, you can find Calvin and Hobbes and they are dressed up like the 4th and 11th Doctor and that just looks amazing and Calvin and Hobbes had a little fun in the snow and build a big Dalek snowman.

So now you can have a fun t-shirt that is ready to winter and shows your love for Doctor Who and the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

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buy Doctor Who Sketch Leggings

Doctor Who Sketch Leggings

Now there are Doctor Who leggings that can replace any other pair of leggings you own.

These leggings have sketch pattern that covers the whole blue fabric and on in the design you will find Doctor Who villains Cybermen and Dalek. Beside them, the Tardis will be there too and many gears like you can see in the Doctor Who intro.

You can get these women’s leggings in junior sizes XSmall – 3XL but they also come in plus sizes.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex these Doctor Who sketch leggings are super comfy to wear and have a nice stretch to them too.

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buy Doctor Who Gold 3D Dalek Mug

Doctor Who Gold 3D Dalek Mug

Doctor Who Gold 3D Dalek Mug

This is one dalek you will want to get your hands on and keep, a must have / must add to your Doctor Who collection.

This mug features one of the evil creatures seen in the series of Doctor Who, find a gold colored dalek that has a black base and shaped to look just like a dalek complete with 3d bumped out dots replicating the dalek.

Made from a very durable ceramic that is finished to perfection giving you a life-like dalek that will hold many ounces of your favorite liquid like coffee or tea and keep it hot or cold.

Support the enemy with a Doctor Who Gold 3D Dalek Mug.

buy Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Ugly Christmas Boxers

Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Ugly Christmas Boxers

Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Ugly Christmas Boxers

Doctor Who fans will love this pair of boxer shorts that feature the Tardis, a red Dalek, the sonic screw driver and to be in the Christmas spirit some snow flakes.

Featured on these Doctor Who boxers are a series of different patterns running horizontaly, find a white snowflake pattern, a sonic screwdriver pattern and a blue Tardis / red Dalek pattern, each pattern is also seperated by a red and white dotted pattern.

These very cool Doctor Who boxer shorts are available in sizes that range from Small to XL, they are made from 100% cotton giving you a comfortable feel while still being durable and last a long time.

Get into these Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Ugly Christmas Boxers.

buy Doctor Who Dalek Dress

Doctor Who Dalek Dress

Dalek Dress

Doctor Who fans are always looking for something different and unique to show off their love for the classic sci-fi hit television show.

Here it is! This is a super cute dress that feature the design of a Dalek, find a red dress that has the pattern dots on the skirt part and black grid lines on the top part of the dress making you look just like a red Dalek.

You can find this Doctor Who Dalek dress in a wide variety of sizes and it will be very comfortable as it is made with the perfect blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Have a closer look at the Doctor Who Dalek Dress.

buy Doctor Who Dalek And Cybermen Christmas Sweater

Doctor Who Dalek And Cybermen Christmas Sweater

Doctor Who Dalek And Cybermen Christmas Sweater

And ugly Christmas sweater should be something you still kinda like so if you are a fan of Doctor Who then you want sweater of the Doctor.

This Doctor Who Christmas sweater is not real friendly as it has two of the Doctors enemies on it the Dalek and the Cybermen both with their friendly one liner “EXTERMINATE” and “DELETE”.
Besides the enemies there is of course all kind of Christmas decorations and there is the Doctor Who logo to.

And this standard fitting Christmas comes in sizes Small – 3XL so that most Doctor Who fans will fit perfectly in this sweater.

Get ready for Christmas with this Doctor Who Dalek And Cybermen Ugly Christmas Sweater.

buy Blue Talking Dalek Plush

Blue Talking Dalek Plush

Dr. Who Blue Talking Dalek Plush

A real Dalek can be a pain to take care of as it keeps wanting to exterminate everything but a cute plush version of a blue Dalek could be kind of fun.

This 9 inch tall Dalek is fun to play with and even talks, it know important Dalek things to say like Exterminate but no worries it is a plush toy so it will not actually hurt anything.

Doctor Who fans can really enjoy this toy and the Doctor himself does not have to worry to much about this little enemy of his.

Come have a closer look at this Doctor Who Blue Dalek Talking Plush.

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Angry Daleks Baby Bodysuit


Doctor Who Angry Daleks Baby Bodysuit

Yes the Dalek’s are angry, and it’s time to step up their attack so they have taken some tips from the cool Angry Birds.

This is a baby bodysuit based on the sci-fi TV series Doctor Who and the popular game Angry Birds that features an image that is right out of an Angry birds scene, find the Tardis with the Doctor inside it and three Dalek’s using a sling shot to propel themselves at the Tardis.

You can find this awesome Doctor Who Angry Dalek’s baby bodysuit in sizes 3 months all the way up to 24 months, also there is 10 different colors to choose from and check out the different kids styles too get this image printed on.

Have a closer look at the Doctor Who Angry Daleks Baby Bodysuit.