buy Elf Lunch Box

Elf Lunch Box

This is the time for food and now you can eat from this Elf lunch box.

Elf the movie is so part of Christmas that now you can have your Christmas lunch out of this amazing lunch box.

The metal lunch box shows Buddy Elf in a bit picture on the front almost like he tries to fit inside the lunch box and even on the side you can find Buddy and it says “Elf” on it too.

Besides for lunch, this Elf box is great for storing small things too so that you could store special Christmas items inside it so that they never get lost again.

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buy Buddy Elf Figurine

Buddy Elf Figurine

If you like the Christmas movie Elf then you just need this Buddy Elf figurine.

The figurine is part of the Pop! series from Funko and Bussy is number 484 in the series.

Buddy Elf looks like you expect with his funny hat and his curly hair and his Elf costume.

The Buddy figurine is 3 3/4 inches tall making it the perfect size for next to the Christmas tree and if you like to keep him look new for years to come then you should keep him in his cool windowed box so that you can still look at him while he stays new.

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buy Buddy Elf Christmas Sticker

Buddy Elf Christmas Sticker

Now there is a Buddy Elf Christmas sticker and that means that you can decorate almost anything just by adding a sticker.

The Elf movie by now is a Christmas classic and the funny elf from that movie can now be part of your life because this is a die cut sticker that shows Elf in his typical outfit but now he also is wearing a red Santa hat. And Buddy is pretty flexible as it, you can see he is doing the splits making this a really wide sticker.

And this vinyl sticker is great for on almost anything so that you can stick it on your car, fridge, books and more and after Christmas, it is pretty easy to remove it from hard surfaces so that you are ready for the next holiday.

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buy Elf Onesie Costume Pajama

Elf Onesie Costume Pajama

If Elf is your favorite Christmas movie then this Elf onesie costume pajama is what you need.

The costume pajama is unisex and it will look stunning on both men and women and it is available in many sizes.

The onesie pajama looks really like you are Buddy Elf complete with a fun hood and the Elf movie logo on the front.

A onesie pajama like this is great for sleeping but would work perfectly as a Halloween costume too and even for the Christmas party at work.

So feel like Buddy ELf by wearing this cool costume pajama and I guess that also allows you to eat lots of candy.

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buy Buddy Elf Smiling’s My Favorite Christmas Stocking

Buddy Elf Smiling’s My Favorite Christmas Stocking

If Elf is your favorite Christmas movie then you should check out this Christmas stocking.

The stocking looks a big like it is part of an Elf with the black shoes yellow tights and a green top.

And on the foot part, the Christmas stocking has the logo of the Elf movie which includes a picture of Buddy Elf and on the green top you can see his favorite quote saying “Smiling’s my Favorite”.

The Elf stocking is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide and has a hang tab so that it can be placed with all the other Christmas stockings.

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buy Elf Santa OMG Christmas Sweater

Elf Santa OMG Christmas Sweater

Are you looking for a classic ugly Christmas sweater for your next work function or holiday party?

Have a look at this sweater that features a saying from the movie Elf where Will Ferrell plays Buddy the elf. After some time away from Santa Buddy the elf runs into him and screams out “Santa!! OMG!! Santa’s Here!? I Know Him!!”.

Along with this classic saying you see multiple elf hats and shoes aswell as dots and stars that all create a pattern that looks like your next ugly Christmas sweater that is all burgundy in color.

Made to be the best of both worlds durable and comfortable from a great blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that range from Small to XL.

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buy Elf Logo Throw Pillow

Elf Logo Throw Pillow

Elf is one of those Christmas movies everyone loves and Buddy Elf is just so friendly and cheerful that he can make almost anyone smile.

And now Elf wants to be part of you Christmas with this fun throw pillow.

The white pillow shows the word “elf” with below it the legs and feet of Buddy making it look like a real logo of the Elf movie.

The Elf pillow is square and each side measures 14.25 inch.

Maybe this is not a pillow for year round but it is the perfect way to decorate that couch or chair for Christmas.

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buy Buddy The Elf Smilings My Favorite T-Shirt

Buddy The Elf Smilings My Favorite T-Shirt

Buddy The Elf Smilings My Favorite T-Shirt

Just like everyones favorite Christmas elf Buddy loves to smile, you will love to wear this t-shirt.

On the front of this t-shirt you will find an image of Buddy the Elf who is played by comedy actor Will Ferrell in the classic movie Elf. Along with the image you will see one of the fun sayings that Elf says in the movie of “Smiling’s My Favorite”.

Available in a wide variety of unisex sizes that range from Small to 3XL this Elf t-shirt is also in 18 different colors you can choose from.

Made from 100% cotton you know this quality material shirt will be very comfortable and super durable to last you a long time.

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buy Buddy Elf Christmas Lights

Buddy Elf Christmas Lights

Elf is probably one of the funniest Christmas movies ever made and it would be so much fun if you can have Buddy Elf in your home this Christmas.

Of course, Will Ferrell who plays Buddy Elf is kinda busy to come to everybody’s home to play Elf so they decided to make string lights that have the Elf image on them.

So now there is a string of 10 Elf lights. each light shows Buddy Elf and the word Elf of witch Buddy is the L.

And this string of 10 Elf lights is good for indoor or outdoor use and even has spare bulbs included so that you can enjoy them a long time.

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buy Elf Ugly Sweater Dress

Elf Ugly Sweater Dress

Elf Ugly Sweater Dress

Will Ferrell plays Buddy one of the most classic elves ever to hit the screen in the movie Elf, if you are a fan then this outfit is for you.

Featured here is a sweater dress that looks just like the outfit Buddy The elf wears, a long green sweater with a large black belt with gold square buckle aswell as white arm cuffs and white printed collar.

This Elf sweater dress is perfect for any ocassion especially for a Christmas party, it is available in women’s slim fitted sizes of XS to 2XL and will turn some heads for sure.

Enjoy smiling with this Elf Ugly Sweater Dress.