buy Plush Hugsy Penguin

Plush Hugsy Penguin

Now Friends fans can have their own Plush Hugsy Penguin just like Joey has.

If you watched Friends then you know about the plush Penguin that Joey Tribbiani owns and almost loves more than he does food.

And we know that there was one little girl that really wanted to have Hugsy and that was Emma.

And now you can own one yourself and the penguin is available in two sizes to be just perfect for you. And like the one on TV you can take his scarf, jacket, goggles, and hat of to make look different every time you want.

I am sure that every true Friends fans wants this penguin so why not get yourself one before Joey buys them all.

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buy Friends Mini Donut Maker

Friends Mini Donut Maker

Now there is this Friends Mini Donut Maker so that you can make your own yummy donuts instead of having to leave the house for it.

This mini donut maker is just what Monica needs to keep Joey filled up with yummy little pastries.

The inside can bake 6 mini donuts at once so just put the batter in and you will have warm donuts in not time at all.

The outside of the mini donut maker is white with on the top the Friends logo and the famous couch from Central Perk as well as the fountain from the theme song and a building that could be the place where they all live.

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buy Friends Frame Doormat

Friends Frame Doormat

Now there is a Friends Frame Doormat that will look great in front almost any door.

This Friends doormat is made from coir like any good doormat and is shaped like the frame we find on the door of Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment and in the frame it is black and it shows the Friends logo and the word welcome and that means it says “Friends Welcome”.

A true Friends fan will love this doormat and you can put it in front of your door and people will know that you like Friends and it can help your home to be cleaner it is like any other doormat and is great for cleaning your shoes.

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buy Friends Cast T-Shirt

Friends Cast T-Shirt

Now you can get this Friends Cast T-Shirt that will make everyone smile as Friends brings back all those neat memories.

The Friends t-shirt is black and comes in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and are made from preshrunk cotton.

On the black t-shirt it shows the Friends logo on top and below it you can find all the Friends in nice clothes all in a nice pose ready for you to wear and look fun.

If you are a Friends fan waiting to see them meet again then this t-shirt is just what you need. And wearing this Friends t-shirt will make people see it on you and soon you meet other Friends fans.

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buy Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Now there is this fun Friends Peephole Photo Frame.

If you watched Friends then you know about the yellow picture frame that Monica has on her front door around the peephole and this picture frame is based on that frame.

The frame looks just like the one you find around the peephole in the TV show only this time there is a bit of purple around the out and inside to match the door color and on the inside you can have your picture or keep the one it comes with and that is the cast of Friends and below the picture it also has the Friends logo.

The Friends photo frame can hold a 4 x 6 photo.

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buy Central Perk Logo Pin

Central Perk Logo Pin

Friends fans can now enjoy this Central Perk Logo Pin that shows the world around them that they would like a coffee and preferable from Central Perk in New York City.

The Friends pin is made from enamel making it bright and look amazing.

A pin like this just deserves a nice spot on your clothing, hat, or bag and by showing it off people will know that you are a big Friends fan and that also means you have something to talk about with other fans you may meet.

A pin button is a great item as it can make anything boring really exciting.

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buy Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Start decorating the Christmas tree with this fun Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament.

If you love coffee and the Friends TV show then this fun ornament is just fun to have in your tree this holiday season.

The ornament looks like a coffee cup that is white with a red handle and inside the mug you can see coffee with the Friends logo on it and on the outside you can find the Central Perk logo.

Now you just need an empty branch on the Christmas tree the hang this cute ornament on so that everyone can enjoy it this Christmas season.

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buy Friends Sweater

Friends Sweater

Now there is this women’s Friends Sweater that is just made for the true fans of this classic TV series.

This sweater is black with a white bar on the shoulders and on the sleeves you can see yellow and a light blue bars and to make it the perfect Friends sweater they added the logo of your favorite TV series.

You can get this Friends shirt in women’s sizes XSMall – 2XL and it is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

A fun top like this is great as it looks amazing and it also reminds you and others about Rachel, Chandler, and the rest.

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buy Central Perk Cookie Jar

Central Perk Cookie Jar

Friends fans can now have cookies from this Central Perk Cookie Jar.

If you are a lover of coffee from Central Perk then you know it goes best with a nice cookie and you can store those in this Friends cookie jar.

The cookie jar is round with on the front a Central Perk logo and on the back you can see the Friends logo. This ceramic cookie jar has a green lid and the handle of the lid is a coffee cup which is perfect for a Central Perk cookie jar.

A storage for cookies is something we all need and this Friends one is just perfect to own and it will keep looking amazing for many years and maybe even generations.

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buy Central Perk Dinnerware Set

Central Perk Dinnerware Set

Friends fans that like to dine in style can do so with this Central Perk Dinnerware Set.

The set includes a plate, bowl, and mug and all are ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Both the bowl and the mug are light green on the inside and all 3 items have the Central Perk logo on it so that everyone that sees you use it know that you are a big fan of Friends.

Sure you can get fancy China to eat from but if you want something fun then a Friends dinnerware set is just way more fun to eat from especially if you eat in front of the TV while watching Friends.

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