buy Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Now there is this fun Friends Peephole Photo Frame.

If you watched Friends then you know about the yellow picture frame that Monica has on her front door around the peephole and this picture frame is based on that frame.

The frame looks just like the one you find around the peephole in the TV show only this time there is a bit of purple around the out and inside to match the door color and on the inside you can have your picture or keep the one it comes with and that is the cast of Friends and below the picture it also has the Friends logo.

The Friends photo frame can hold a 4 x 6 photo.

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buy Central Perk Logo Pin

Central Perk Logo Pin

Friends fans can now enjoy this Central Perk Logo Pin that shows the world around them that they would like a coffee and preferable from Central Perk in New York City.

The Friends pin is made from enamel making it bright and look amazing.

A pin like this just deserves a nice spot on your clothing, hat, or bag and by showing it off people will know that you are a big Friends fan and that also means you have something to talk about with other fans you may meet.

A pin button is a great item as it can make anything boring really exciting.

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buy Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament

Start decorating the Christmas tree with this fun Friends Central Perk Mug Tree Ornament.

If you love coffee and the Friends TV show then this fun ornament is just fun to have in your tree this holiday season.

The ornament looks like a coffee cup that is white with a red handle and inside the mug you can see coffee with the Friends logo on it and on the outside you can find the Central Perk logo.

Now you just need an empty branch on the Christmas tree the hang this cute ornament on so that everyone can enjoy it this Christmas season.

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buy Friends Sweater

Friends Sweater

Now there is this women’s Friends Sweater that is just made for the true fans of this classic TV series.

This sweater is black with a white bar on the shoulders and on the sleeves you can see yellow and a light blue bars and to make it the perfect Friends sweater they added the logo of your favorite TV series.

You can get this Friends shirt in women’s sizes XSMall – 2XL and it is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

A fun top like this is great as it looks amazing and it also reminds you and others about Rachel, Chandler, and the rest.

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buy Central Perk Cookie Jar

Central Perk Cookie Jar

Friends fans can now have cookies from this Central Perk Cookie Jar.

If you are a lover of coffee from Central Perk then you know it goes best with a nice cookie and you can store those in this Friends cookie jar.

The cookie jar is round with on the front a Central Perk logo and on the back you can see the Friends logo. This ceramic cookie jar has a green lid and the handle of the lid is a coffee cup which is perfect for a Central Perk cookie jar.

A storage for cookies is something we all need and this Friends one is just perfect to own and it will keep looking amazing for many years and maybe even generations.

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buy Central Perk Dinnerware Set

Central Perk Dinnerware Set

Friends fans that like to dine in style can do so with this Central Perk Dinnerware Set.

The set includes a plate, bowl, and mug and all are ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Both the bowl and the mug are light green on the inside and all 3 items have the Central Perk logo on it so that everyone that sees you use it know that you are a big fan of Friends.

Sure you can get fancy China to eat from but if you want something fun then a Friends dinnerware set is just way more fun to eat from especially if you eat in front of the TV while watching Friends.

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buy Central Perk Christmas sweater

Central Perk Christmas sweater

Friends fans can be ready for the holidays all thanks to this Central Perk Christmas sweater.

This Friends Christmas sweater is unisex so that both men and women can enjoy them and they are available in sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.

The holiday sweater is green with white dots all over and there with red details and a row of coffee cups on both the front and the back. On the front is tows a wreath with the Central Perk logo on top and then below it there it says in red “How you doin?” with we all know is one of Joey’s famous lines to impress the ladies.

So if you want a Friends holiday sweater then this is the way to go for you.

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buy Friends Central Perk Coaster Trivia

Friends Central Perk Coaster Trivia

Friends fans can now have a fun night with friends all thanks to this Central Perk Coaster Trivia.

This is a set of 20 coasters with a 4 inch diameter with on the front you can find the logo of Central Perk and on the back you will find two trivia questions.

So now you can prevent marks on your coffee table and you can have a fun trivia night with your buddies that all like Friends.

Now you will be ready to have board game night and you have something to put you drinks on.

Start enjoying your knowledge of Friends while enjoying a drink.

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buy 2020 Friends Wall Calendar

2020 Friends Wall Calendar

It is always a good idea to remember the past definitely with this 2020 Friends Wall Calendar.

Inside this Friends wall calendar you will see many of the classic scenes seen in the television series of Friends. On each month a different scene like Joey as Superman, the turkey on the head and Phoebe on the guitar putting up with Ross on the bag pipes.

You will also find that mostly all of the major or significant holidays are already printed in the calendar for you. Also check out the room on each day to add your own special dates, events, birthdays or appointments.

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buy Friends Character Tote Bag

Friends Character Tote Bag

If you like Friends and shopping then check out this Friends Character Tote Bag.

On this tote bag you can see all the names of the characters and some of their typical things. For instance it says “Fashion like Rachel, Neat like Monica” and like this it goes to all the characters with the first letter of their name in a fun color.

The Friends bag is made from 100% cotton and is a great replacement of plastic bags they give you at the grocery store. And besides for shopping this bag is great for school, gym, the library, and more.

And when using this tote bag people will know that you like Friends and if you don’t want people to know that then just turn the bag as the back has nothing printed on it.

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