buy Bob’s Burgers Pint Glasses

Bob’s Burgers Pint Glasses

If you like Bob’s Burgers and a drink then you should get this set of Bob’s Burgers pint glasses.

The set has two 16 oz glasses, on one you can see Bob and Linda and the Bob’s Burgers logo and the other glass shows Tina, Louise, and Gene. So the two glasses hold the whole Belcher family.

You can drink from these glasses as much as you like but you can not put them in the dishwasher or microwave.

Replace those boring glasses in your cupboard with something more fun like the glasses that bring back memories to the crazy stories from the Bob’s Burgers cartoons.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Nesting Dolls

Bob’s Burgers Nesting Dolls

If you like Bob’s Burgers and want something really unique then you should check out these Bob’s Burgers nesting Dolls.

The nesting dolls are just like the classic Matryoshka doll only this time the dolls look like members of the Bob’s Burgers family.

The biggest doll, of course, is Bob Belcher and he is holding a burger, then there is Linda with her glass of wine, then we have Tina and she has her arms crossed, and then musician Gene, and finally a really happy Louise Belcher.

And this Bob’s Burgers nesting dolls set is hand made and that makes it special and something you won’t likely find in any store.

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buy The Kids Of Bob’s Burgers Men’s Pajama Pants

The Kids Of Bob’s Burgers Men’s Pajama Pants

Now you can have Bob’s Burgers pajama pants and they are great fun.

These 100% pajama pants are available in men’s sizes XSmall – XL and ladies they will look good on you too.

And the pants are covered in the kids of Bob and Linda Belcher. So Tina, Gene, and Louise are all there and not just once, they are covering the fabric and they all come in multiple poses.

Besides sleeping these are also great lounge pants especially when watching Sunday morning cartoons.

A true Bob’s Burgers fan like you can now dream about many Bob’s Burgers adventures and having Bob’s Burgers pants on will make this even better.

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buy Gene Belcher Burger T-Shirt

Gene Belcher Burger T-Shirt

This Bob’s Burgers t-shirt shows the son of Bob and Linda and that is Gene Belcher.

On the black shirt, you can see a huge hamburger in the background with all the toppings like chees, lettuce, and tomato and in front of that burger you can see Gene being the happy kid we all know and love.

The image of Gene is a bit different than on the Bob’s Burgers TV series and that makes the t-shirt even more special.

You can get this Gene t-shirt in styles for men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL for that perfect fit you like.

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buy Bob’s Burgers 5 Pairs of Socks With Each Family Member On Them

Bob’s Burgers 5 Pairs of Socks With Each Family Member On Them

If you like Bob’s Burgers then now you can wear them Belcher family on your feet.

This pack of 5 pairs of Bob’s Burgers socks cover the whole family so that you can wear a pair of socks that match how you feel that day.

Monday Tina day? or maybe if you want you can wear mitch match socks with Bob on one foot and Linda on the other.

Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene are all there for you to wear and that is just fun.

Stop wearing those boring plain socks and spice it up a bit by wearing some fun Bob’s Burgers socks like these.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Figure Of Gene

Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Figure Of Gene

This Dorbz figurine number 155 is of Gene Belcher the boy of the Bob’s Burgers TV series.

The figurine of Gene is 3 inches tall and looks just like the real gene with his black hair, yellow shirt and blue pants.

A vinyl figurine like this should be part of any once Bob’s Burgers collection so if you are a collector then make sure to add this fellow to your collection.

And Gene like all the Bob’s Burgers Dorbz figures comes in a cool yellow and red box that you can look through so that you can choose to keep him packed while still being able to enjoy him.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Car Sun Shade

Bob’s Burgers Car Sun Shade

Now you can keep your car cool with this Bob’s Burgers car sun shade.

The sun shade shows the Belcher family going for a ride witch will look funny at your cars window.

Bob is driving with Linda next to him and in the back seat you can see Tina, Louise and Gene and they are driving away from town.

This foldable car sun shade is great at blocking the sun and heath so that you car will stay cooler while parked.

If you like Bob’s Burgers and don’t like hot cars then you just need to own this shade.

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buy Gene Belcher Figurine From Bob’s Burgers

Gene Belcher Figurine From Bob’s Burgers

If you like the Bob’s Burgers kids then you will like this Gene Belcher figurine.

The figurine of Gene shows the son of Bob while playing a little piano witch is not unusual as Gene likes to make music and fun.

Like on TV Gene is wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts and it’s hard not to recognize him.

The Bob’s Burgers figurine is part of the Pop! Vinyl series and is number 77 and just one of those character that is extra fun to own.

Gene is  3 3/4 inch tall and not a kids toy just a cool figurine that loves to stand on a shelve in your home.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Family Magnet

Bob’s Burgers Family Magnet

This black magnet is all about Bob’s Burgers and the Belcher family.

The black rectangle magnet show the Bob’s Burgers logo and above that yo can find the Belcher family with Gene, Linda, Tina, Louise, Gene and of course Bob.

Just imagine having this magnet on your fridge that will give you a reason to smile every time you get a frozen burger from your freezer.

Of course this Bob’s Burgers magnet can be used on other things then the fridge. Maybe you can put it in your locket at school or your cubical at work. Just find a metal surface and this 2.125 x 3.125 inch magnet will stick to it.

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