buy Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Gilmore Girls in need of a shopping bag should check out this Dragonfly Inn tote bag.

The Gilmore Girls bag is 16 x 16 inches and has a 28 inch long strap.

On the tote bag you can find the same images on both the front and the back. You can find an orange design with lots of dots and then in the middle you can find the Dragonfly Inn logo and yes that does include a dragonfly.

A fun bag like this is something that will be appreciated by all the Gilmore Girls fans and it is perfect for shopping, school, and anything else you need a bag for.

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buy Luke’s Diner Beanie Hat

Luke’s Diner Beanie Hat

If you like winter and the Gilmore Girls then you just need this Luke’s Diner beanie hat.

The Gilmore Girls beanie hat is brown with a pompon on top and the winter hat is made from 100% acrylic and has the Luke’s Diner logo embroidered on the front and on the coffee cup it also says “Gilmore Girls”.

So now you can have a nice warm winter hat that will bring back memories about Luke and Lorelai and hot coffee which maybe something you want when it gets really cold outside.

Show Luke some support by wearing this Luke’s Diner winter hat when ever it is cold enough for a hat.

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buy Stars Hollows Backpack

Stars Hollows Backpack

If you are a big fan of Gilmore Girls then you should check out this amazing Stars Hollows backpack.

The drawstring backpack is perfect for carrying your stuff around and you can use this for school, work, workout, or just a to go bag.

On the backpack you can see that it is light blue in color and on top you can find many Stars Hollows and Gilmore Girls details from the sign from Luke’s dinner to the sign of Doose’s Market and many other places and yes even the town town gazebo is on this bag.

Just use this backpack for everyday use and all your friends will see how much you like the Gilmore Girls.

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buy Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke Backpack

Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke Backpack

Now there is a Keep Calm everyone loves Luke backpack for the true fans of Gilmore Girls.

The Gilmore Girls drawstring backpack is white with black details like corners and strings and then on the bag, you can see an image of Luke Danes and above him, there is the text “Keep Calm Everyone Loves Luke”.

A backpack like this is just amazing for all the Gilmore Girls fans and as it is a drawstring bag that is easy to fold down when not in use and is great for taking to school, work, shopping, and the gym as it offers a lot of space for all your stuff.

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buy Lorelai And Rory Tote Bag

Lorelai And Rory Tote Bag

If you like coffee and Gilmore Girls then you should check out this Lorelai and Rory tote bag.

The tote bag shows an image of Lorelai and Rory and you can’t see their mouths as they have a white coffee cup in front of it.

It is a really nice tote bag with the Gilmore Girls on both the front and the back.

And this tote bag is available in 3 different sizes and all have a nice strong 1 inch wide carrying strap so that it is perfect for holding your stuff securely.

Now you can shop for some fresh coffee as there is plenty of room for shopping inside it.

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buy 2018 Gilmore Girls Wall Calendar

2018 Gilmore Girls Wall Calendar

Now every day will be a Gilmore Girl day all thanks to this 2018 Gilmore Girls wall calendar that just needs a spot in your home.

The 2018 wall calendar, of course, shows Rory and Lorelai but it does not stop there as Luke will be there and many other characters you love from the amazing TV series.

The whole Gilmore Girls calendar has a light blue theme with nice photos and even coffee and some fun quotes from the show.

The calendar grid is light yellow and that makes this calendar look real fresh and it does have all the major holidays on it and room to write down when to buy coffee.

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buy Luke’s Diner Mug

Luke’s Diner Mug

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan then you, of course, need a lot of coffee just like the girls and this Luke’s Diner mug is just what you need to wake up in the morning.

The white ceramic mug is 16oz. and is dishwasher safe. On the mug you can see the Luke’s Diner sign that looks like a coffee cup that says “Luke’s” but this one says something else and that is “Gilmore Girls” so that nobody has to guess because it is the Gilmore Girls mug all the true fans want and need for all their coffee throughout the day.

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buy Gilmore Girls Night In T-Shirt

Gilmore Girls Night In T-Shirt

If you are a true fan of the Gilmore Girls then you need this Gilmore Girls night in a t-shirt for when you just want to eat and vege at home.

On the t-shirt, you can see the text “Gilmore Girls Night In” and below that you can see pizza, Chinese food, a burger, and a coffee mug and sure they probably don’t have that all at the same time but I would not be surprised if they did.

If you just want a fun night in then order food and make some coffee and rewatch Gilmore Girls.

You can get this fun t-shirt in many colors and in women’s sizes Small – 2XL

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buy Gilmore Girls Photo Collage Mug

Gilmore Girls Photo Collage Mug

If you want a fun mug for your morning coffee and afternoon tea then this Gilmore Girl mug is what you want.

The mug shows a photo collage of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore as we have seen them over the years. Picture of a real young Rory and also of an old Rory so every age is covered.

And yes the Gilmore Girls logo can be found on this mug too.

The mug is made from ceramic and is 11oz and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

If you like coffee as much as the Gilmore Girls then this mug will really help you out and may even make you drink more coffee just if you think about Lorelai begging Luke for coffee.

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buy Gilmore Girls Sookie Figurine

Gilmore Girls Sookie Figurine

Gilmore Girls is about Lorelai and Rory but there is one other girl that is so much part of it and that is Sookie.

And your Gilmore Girls collection can now have its own Sookie St. James figurine because it should just be part of any collection of Gilmore Girls stuff.

The figurine of Sookie is made by Funko in their Pop! series and it shows Sookie at her best. Sookie is wearing her chef outfit and she has her famous hair and is wearing a bandana to keep the hairs out of the soup.

You can own this 3 3/4 inches tall figurine of Sookie and I am sure that you will feel sad if Sookie is not there to make you smile.

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