buy Scooby-Doo Plush Kids Costume

Scooby-Doo Plush Kids Costume

Scooby wants a Scooby snack! Or maybe some Scooby candy.

This costume is of Scooby-Doo from a favorite television animated series Scooby-Doo with so many resons to love this cool and crazy dog why not show off your love for Scooby-Doo and get into this really nice and really soft plush costume. Also included is the signature dog tag with SD on it and a huge plush Scooby-Doo head.

Kids Sizes are as follows:

  • Toddler: USA size 2-4, for 1-2 Years
  • Small: USA size 4-6, for 3-4 Years
  • Medium: USA size 8-10, for 5-7 Years
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buy Tweety Kids Fleece Costume

Tweety Kids Fleece Costume

Dress up as your favorite Looney Tunes character Tweety with this awsome Tweety kids costume. This Tweety bird costume is a jumpsuit style with a yellow body and orange bottom with a nice big and soft plush Tweety head, of course with Tweety Birds little tuffs of hair at the top.

This Tweety kids costume sizes are:

  • Toddler: USA size 2-4, for 1-2 Years
  • Small: USA size 4-6, for 3-4 Years
  • Medium: USA size 8-10, for 5-7 Years
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buy Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat Plush

Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat Plush

Find out which of the four houses you belong to in the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from the awesome Harry Potter series of movies.

This is a cool way to role play your favorite Harry Potter scenes with the magical sorting hat. This sorting hat is not only a super comfortable plush material but it also talks saying lines like:

“I know. Hufflepuff!”
“I know just what to do with you!”
“Plenty of courage I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh yes, and a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you?”

This magical talking sorting hat measures approximately 18 inches.

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Green Lantern Kids Costume And Ring

Green Lantern Kids Costume And Ring

Time to dress up as your favorite Superhero, who might that be.

The Green Lantern perhaps, with so many different super powers it is hard not to choose this awsome Green Lantern costume. This costume has a nice huge muscle chest attached to the jumpsuit and green boot covers. The coolest part about this Green Lantern Muscle chest jumpsuit is it comes the the Green Lantern ring.

Green Lantern kids costume is available in the fowlowing sizes:

  • Toddler: USA size 2-4, for 1-2 Years
  • Small: USA size 4-6, for 3-4 Years
  • Medium: USA size 8-10, for 5-7 Years
  • Large: USA size 12-14, for 8-10 Years

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buy Toddler Backyardigans Pablo Costume

Toddler Backyardigans Pablo Costume

Toddler Backyardigans Pablo Costume

Pablo from The Backyardigans is the always fun and imaginative penguin, he is always ready to help a freind in need and will be ready for any backyard adventure that comes his way.

The Backyardigans Pablo costume comes in size (2-4T) and comes with a big character head peice, also the entire costume is made from a nice soft plush so it will be super comfortable.

This Pablo costume is perfect for you little Backyardigan to set out on there own adventures.

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buy Sloth Mask

Sloth Mask

Halloween will never be the same.

This mask of Sloth the scary character from the Goonies movie will make you just a scary as the real Sloth in the movie.

A mask made of 100% latex that makes you look like a freak in alsmost no time. The fake eye, bad teeth and strange hair are all there all ready to be a hit at your costume party.

Enjoy the scared faces when you show up as Sloth this Halloween.

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buy Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman, she won’t stand behind anyone. One of DC comics Superheroes with her Lassoo and as tough as can be. Check out this sexy Wonder Woman costume with the classic look of Wonder Woman,  included is red & blue strapless mini dress with a Wonder Woman logo on the chest and star accents covering the skirt, a red cape, matching gauntlets, velvet red & white boot tops, and a gold tiara with a red star.

Suit up in your Wonder Woman Costume.

buy Stewie Adult Costume

Stewie Adult Costume

Family Guy Stewie Adult Costume

Need a really good costume, I mean one that everybody will love.

Check out this Stewie adult costume, from the animated comedy television show Family Guy. Stewie is the Griffin family  baby who is witty and really seams to think he knows everything. This costume comes with a yellow and red jumpsuit with a back flap that opens to reveal a PVC butt. The costume also comes with Stewies oversized head made from foam and fits on like a mask.

Jump into your Family Guy Stewie Adult Costume.

buy Sue Sylvester Track Suit

Sue Sylvester Track Suit

This is the official Glee  Sue Sylvester costume that you can wear this Halloween.

Glee fans will have so much fun with a costume like this. The costume includes the typical Sue Sylvester Track Suit and the short hair wig. And the track suit even has the Glee logo on it.

You dress up party was never so much fun then with this Sue Sylvester costume.

The Sue Sylvester is available in a Teen and an Adult version so it will be easier to find you size..

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buy Duff Woman Costume

Duff Woman Costume

Move over Duff Man!

Here comes Duff woman!

The Simpsons have lots of classic memerable lines and places and products, but Duff Brewery definetly is at the top of the list. This Duff woman costume is named after this popular beer and is definetly the right costume of choice for a die hard Simpsons fan. This nice shiny dress features beer can holders built in the belt and a big Duff beer logo on the front and a matching head piece, and of course a cape.

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