buy Spock With Ears Mug

Spock With Ears Mug

Now your morning coffee can be served in this Spock With Ears Mug that is just the perfect mug if you like Star Trek.

This Star Trek mug is 20oz and is black with on the front an image of the face of Spock and on the sides you can find his ears just sticking out a bit.

The Spock mug is microwave safe but is best to be washed by hand if you like to stay in great condition.

A true fan of Star Trek and Spock will like a mug like this and it is a great for the office too because then people will know that you like Star Trek and that you prefer a real mug instead of paper cups.

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buy Starfleet Academy Holiday T-Shirt

Starfleet Academy Holiday T-Shirt

Star Trek fans can be ready for the holidays all thanks to this Starfleet Academy Holiday T-Shirt.

This Star Trek t-shirt is blue and comes in men’s sizes Small – 5XL and it is made from 100% ringspun cotton.

On the shirt you can see a holiday print with stars and snowflakes and more and then it also says “Starfleet Academy” on it in yellow with red lines above and below it and then in the middle you can also find the famous Star Trek logo.

So if you are a true Star Trek fan in need of a Christmas t-shirt then you are all set as this one is just perfect for you.

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buy Star Trek I Just Boldly Went Baby Bodysuit

Star Trek I Just Boldly Went Baby Bodysuit

Now you can dress you baby in this adorable Star Trek I Just Boldly Went Baby Bodysuit.

This bodysuit is dark blue in color and shows stars and the text “I Just Boldly Went” which is a funny text that links to the famous boldly go saying but then more related to a dirty diaper. Besides the big text it also shows the Star Trek logo.

You can get this preshrunk cotton baby snapsuit in sizes 6 – 24 months.

I am sure that your baby will enjoy this bodysuit like any other but it also will bring it in to the world of Star Trek to make it fit into the family.

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buy Captain Kirk Mug

Captain Kirk Mug

Star Trek fans can now drink their coffee from this Captain Kirk Mug.

This Star Trek mug is black on the inside and also has a black handle and the rest looks like the shirt Captain Kirk is wearing complete with his hands and arms in it and he is holding a phaser.

This is a cool Star Trek mug that true fans of the original series will like and the mug is 14 oz and as it is so nice you have to take care of it so only handwash and do not put it in the microwave.

Besides for drinks, this mug will look great on your desk holding nick nacks like pens.

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buy Star Trek Birdhouse

Star Trek Birdhouse

Star Trek fans that like birds should check out this Star Trek Birdhouse.

The birdhouse looks like a normal birdhouse something you would see in any garden only this one is all decorated with some of the main characters of the original series.

The birdhouse is made from plywood with vinyl covering and the roof and base are made from cedar. And if one of your birds leafs the house then there are two screws in the bottom to open the birdhouse for easy cleaning.

A Star Trek birdhouse will look great in your garden and it is something all true Star Trek fans need.

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buy Star Trek Road Trip Car Sun Shade

Star Trek Road Trip Car Sun Shade

Now there is this fun looking Star Trek Road Trip Car Sun Shade that would be great for any Star Trek fans.

This sun shade is foldable to that you can easily store it when you are not using it.

On the sun shade, it shows the cast of the Star Trek original series while they are going on a road trip and Captain Kirk is at the wheel with Spock besides him.

It is just funny to have this at your car window on a bright sunny day as people will see it on your window when you are parked somewhere and that will bring some smiles.

And most importantly this sun shade will help to keep your car cooler as it will block the sun from entering your car.

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buy Star Trek Gift Long And Prosper Christmas Sweater

Star Trek Gift Long And Prosper Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Star Trek Gift Long And Prosper Christmas Sweater.

Both men and women can enjoy this ugly Christmas sweater and it is black and comes in sizes Small – 5XL.

On this Christmas sweater you can find many typical Star Trek details but don’t worry Santa Claus is on it too and he is wearing red. There are also some fun Christmas texts on it like “Beam Me Up Santa”, “Gift Long & Prosper”, and “Star Date: Dec 25th”.

And besides as an ugly Christmas sweater you can get this as an Star Trek Christmas t-shirt too and then it is available in many colors.

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buy Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Now Star Trek fans can feel a bit like Spock thanks to these Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones.

These Star Trek headphones are wireless bluetooth 4.0 +EDR so everything you want from your wireless headset.

These headphones are in ear headphones and they are connected to ears that look a lot like the once Spock has and that is because they are Vulcan ears and from there the wire goes to the other side so that they both are connected.

So now you can enjoy your music while looking like a true Vulcan from Star Trek as the ears just fit perfectly on top of you ears.

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buy Star Trek Swim Shorts

Star Trek Swim Shorts

If you like swimming and Star Trek then you should check out these Star Trek swim shorts.

The men’s swims trunks come in the 3 colors red, gold, and blue and they are based on the Star Trek TNG uniforms.

You can get these Star Trek shorts in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and all get your ready for a dip in a pool.

Maybe you should get these cool swim trunks if you are planning a Star Trek cruise or just want to show the people at the beach that you are a true Star Trek fan that even likes to wear a next generation uniform to the beach.

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buy Star Trek Booty Shorts

Star Trek Booty Shorts

If you like some sexy Star Trek booty shorts then you just have to check these out.

These women’s shorts are low rise booty shorts and that makes them almost look like panties that is how short they are.

You can get these Star Trek shorts in 3 colors as expected they are gold, blue, and red and all have the Star Trek logo on it and have a black edge on the top.

The Star Trek booty shorts are made from lycra and will fit many of you.

So if you want to be a sexy Star Trek fan at home or want a really sexy cosplay or Halloween outfit these booty shorts are what you want to check out.

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