buy The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt

Hunger Games fan already know who you are seeing on this t-shirt.

Yes of course it is Peeta Mellark and he is standing infront of a Mockingjay pin ingulved in flames. And yes this t-shirt even has Peeta’s name printed on it.

This junior style t-shirt is black witch makes this picture of Peeta stand out nicely.

You can get this Hunger Games t-shirt in a range of sizes so that it will fit perfectly.

Show the world your love for Peeta by wearing this The Hunger Games Peeta Fire T-Shirt.

buy Mellark Bakery T-Shirt

Mellark Bakery T-Shirt

Peeta’s parents run the bakery in district 12 and we all know that Katniss and Peeta met over a burned bread.

So a true Hunger Games fan will love this Mellark bakery t-shirt.

This Hunger games t-shirt comes in a range of styles and colors and all have the Mellark Bakey logo on it.

Peeta Mellark will be happy to see people wearing this amazing Hunger Games t-shirt.

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buy Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Hunger Games Mechanical Pencil Set

Stop using your boring pencils and check out these Hunger Games Pencils.

These are mechanical pencils and come in a set of two with each of them having a nice District 12 charm on them and The Hunger Games Writen on them.  The difference between the two pencis is that one has a picture on it of Peeta Mellark and the other one of Katniss Everdeen the tributes of District 12.

So now when you go to work or school and use your Hunger Games pencils you feel like a true Hunger Games fan.

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The Hunger Games Peeta Pillow Case

The Hunger Games Peeta Mellark Pillow case

If Peeta is your favorite Hunger Games character then this is the item for you.

This Hunger Games pillow case shows a picter of the Mockingjay and of course a picture of Peeta Mellark.

A pillow case like this will make your dreams of the Hunger Games even better. And this Peeta pillow case will fit a normal size pillow.

So get ready to fall a sleep on your pillow with The Hunger Games Peeta Mellark Pillow Case.

buy Team Peeta T-Shirt

Team Peeta T-Shirt

So you like Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games.

Don’t you think it is time to show who’s side you are on?

This Team Peeta t-shirt will get the message accross to your fellow Hunger Games fans.

You can get this t-shirt in lot of different styles and colors to fit your needs.

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The Hunger Games Action Figures

The Hunger Games action figures of Katniss, Peeta and Gale

Now you can play the Hunger Games story at home with these detailed action figures of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne.

These Hunger Games figures are 7″ tall and have amazing details. It’s like the walked out of the movie.

A set of figures like these will make an nice display of your favorite Story.

Come check out these The Hunger Games Action Figures.

buy Hunger Games Team Peeta Puzzle

Hunger Games Team Peeta Puzzle

Are you on team Peeta?

Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is the male tribute from District 12, he is picked and competes along side Katniss Everdeen in the 74th annual Hunger Games a competition that forces children from ages 12 – 18 to fight to death on live television.

This is a puzzle that features “TEAM PEETA” on the front with an arrow through the text, this Hunger Games Team Peeta puzzle is available in two difficulties: 30 pieces (7.5″ x 9.5″) and 110 pieces (7.5″ x 9.5″).

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The Hunger Games Character Posters (8)

The Hunger Games Character Posters (8)

The Hunger Games is an amazing story, and that deserves amazing high quality pictures and you will find exactly that with these unbelievable posters.

The Hunger Games Limited Edition movie posters are a Collector’s Set of 8 that includes characters Cato, Effie, Haymitch, Cinna, Gale, Katniss, Peeta, and Rue. There is so much detail to be seen in all of there faces, these poster will not disapoint you. Each poster measures 27 inches x 40 inches and is a trusted NECA product.

And this set of Hunger Games poster is a limited edition set. There will be only 2500 of these sets.
These Hunger Games posters are sold as singles like we showed you the Katniss Everdeen one before.

Get your The Hunger Games Character Posters Set of 8.

Mellark Bakery T-Shirt


The Hunger Games Mellark Bakery T-Shirt

Everyone who read the Hunger Games knows about the story how Katniss and Peeta met when they where still kids.

Peeta’s parents run a bakery in district 12 and Katniss loves bread. These days Katniss will bring some of her catch to Peeta’s father and in return she will get some nice fresh bread.

And for all of us who can’t go to distict 12 for bread there is a t-shirt that at least gives us the feeling that we bin there. And if you smell the shirt you even may smell the fresh bread from the Mellark Bakery.

This Hunger Games t-shirt is availible in 21 colors and in different styles there is even a hoodie for those cold nights in Panem.

Real Hunger Games fans wear this Mellark Bakery T-Shirt.

buy The Hunger Games Movie Poster

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

The Hunger Games Movie poster

Here is the offical movie poster for The Hunger Games movie.

You see Katniss entering the areana with pictures of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark on both sides of her and of course a big crowed of people from the Capital.

This poster is 11 x 17 inch and that may not be big but is makes it the perfect size for your room, locker and even for decorating some of you books.

If you are a true Hunger Games fan then you need to have this The Hunger Games Movie Poster.