buy Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pokemon fan can now save some money all thanks to this Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank.

If you like to have a fun Pokemon item in your home then now you can get this ceramic piece that shows Pikachu sitting on top of a Poke Ball and the whole piece is 10 1/2 inches tall and has a coin slot on the top and on the bottom there is plug so that you can get your money out when it is full and ready to be deposit in your bank account.

Now loose coins in your pocket can have a home in your Pokemon coin bank and you have something fun to look at as it looks really nice on a shelve.

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buy Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover

Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover

Now you can have this Pikachu Wearing A Hat Suitcase Cover over your luggage and that makes it clear to the world that you like Pokemon.

A suitcase cover like this will fit snug over your suitcase while keeping your wheels and handles available but by being covered the main body is protected and it will be much more difficult for thieves to quickly get into your suitcase. You can get this Pokemon suitcase cover in different sizes to fit you suitcase perfectly.

On the suitcase cover you can find a big picture of Pikachu and the yellow creature is ready for a trip as it is already wearing a red hat.

I am sure that you will get smiles when people see you walking around with your suitcase with Pikachu on it.

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buy Pikachu Christmas Sweater

Pikachu Christmas Sweater

Pokemon fans can get ready for the holidays and wear this fun Pikachu Christmas sweater.

This Pokemon Christmas sweater comes in men’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and is made from 100% acrylic and I am sure will look nice on women too.

This Christmas sweater is red and black with lots of Christmas details of witch one is a big wreath on both the front and bat that has Pikachu inside it and even on the sleeves you can see Pikachu and they also say Pikachu all over this festive sweater.

So if you have a holiday party to go to and you want to play some Pokemon Go then you can do both while wearing this fun sweater.

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buy Pikachu Bodysuit Costume

Pikachu Bodysuit Costume

Now you can become a Pokemon all thanks to this women’s Pikachu Bodysuit Costume.

The bodysuit is yellow just like Pikachu and has a hood with the ears of the famous character on it and there is a tail on the back to make it all complete.

And as this is kind of a sexy costume they added a zipper on the front so that you can show the right amount of cleavage and the zipper pull is a Poke Ball to fit the theme.

And this women’s Pokemon costume is available in many sizes going from XSmall going all the way to 4XL.

Halloween or cosplay will be extra fun this year all thanks to this Pikachu costume.

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buy Pikachu Stealing Coins Money Bank

Pikachu Stealing Coins Money Bank

If you like saving and Pokemon then you need to check out this Pikachu Stealing Coins Money Bank.

This money bank is red and it looks a lot like a Poke Ball and there is a yellow circle on it and when you put a coin on it then the lid will open and Pikachu shows up and he will take your coin and stores it inside it.

Kids and adults will both enjoy feeding coins to Pikachu and now when people visit ask them for a coin so that you can show them this fun piggy bank.

Anyone that loves Pikachu will really like to have this cute money bank.

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buy Detective Pikachu T-Shirt

Detective Pikachu T-Shirt

Now all the Pokemon fans can wear this Detective Pikachu T-Shirt.

This Pikachu t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and comes in sizes 6 months all the way to adults 10XL and it comes in many colors too.

On the t-shirt, you can find Pikachu and he is wearing the classic Detective hat just like what Sherlock Holmes would wear and then below the image it says “P*ka P*ka!!”.

It is just a fun t-shirt as it shows the famous Pikachu and it will make you think about his latest movie too.

So if you want a special Pokemon t-shirt then come see all the options of this t-shirt.

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buy Pikachu Birthday Candle

Pikachu Birthday Candle

Now you can go get a cake to hold this Pikachu Birthday Candle.

A Pokemon birthday party is something that needs a special cake and now there is this candle that just makes any cake into a true Pokemon cake.

The candle is actually a candle holder with a white candle in it and as you can see the candle holder looks like Pikachu complete with tail and ears. The candle on the picture looks like an 8 but it is available in all the numbers and the full alphabet.

I am sure that the person you like to surprise with a Pikachu cake is going to love this candle.

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buy Pikachu Hoodie

Pikachu Hoodie

If you want a Pokemon hoodie then come check out this Pikachu hoodie.

The Pikachu hoodie is great for men and women and comes in sizes Small – 2XL and comes in black and navy blue and it is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester. You can get this hoodie in the sweatshirt kind with one big front pocket or have one with a front zipper.

On the front of the hoodie you can find a mad looking Pikachu that looks like it is ready to battle or just won one as there are some blood stains around it.

Pokemon fans will love having a hoodie like this and that makes this a cool present too.

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buy Pikachu Backpack

Pikachu Backpack

If you want a fun backpack and you like Pokemon then you should check out this Pikachu Backpack.

The Pokemon backpack is 16 inches and that makes it the perfect size for school, work, and when playing Pokemon Go.

The backpack is mainly yellow and has the ears from Pikachu from the top and the face of him on the front and the Pokemon logo and other fun details can be found all over the bag.

Now you can go back to School with all your stuff in this fun Pikachu backpack. and as Pikachu is looking really happy I think he likes to go to school with you.

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buy Pikachu Seatbelt Protector

Pikachu Seatbelt Protector

If you want Pikachu be part of your car then you should check out this Pikachu seatbelt protector.

We all know that seatbelts often don’t feel great around you neck or even damage your clothes and that is why they invented seatbelt protectors.

And this set of two seatbelt protectors look like Pikachu and are nice and yellow with lots of fun details.

You can use these Pikachu protectors on the front seatbelts but they work great in the back too and no matter where you put them you will feel great when using them especially if you like Pokemon.

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