buy Pikachu Watch

Pikachu Watch

Now there is this Pikachu Watch that is made to make Pokemon fans being on time.

The Pokemon wrist watch has a black band and a silver watch that shows Pikachu on the watch face with a light blue background and then there is cover that fold over the clock and on the cover it has a Poke Ball and it spins making this watch also kind of a fidget spinner.

This Pikachu watch has a watch diameter of 36 mm making it not a watch for the smallest kids but kids and adults will love this watch and maybe help people be on time.

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buy Poke Ball Pet ID Tag

Poke Ball Pet ID Tag

Now there is this Poke Ball Pet ID Tag to make it perfect for Pokemon fans.

The pet tag is round just and has the the look of a Poke Ball on the front and on the back it can hold your information for if you pet ever gets lost.

You can also use this tag for yourself to mark your belonging like maybe your backpack or stuff for a small child so that it doesn’t get lost.

Either way this pet tag is great for anyone that loves Pokemon and yes even if you dog or cat love Pokemon they can use this tag.

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buy Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank

Pokemon fan can now save some money all thanks to this Pikachu and Poke Ball Money Bank.

If you like to have a fun Pokemon item in your home then now you can get this ceramic piece that shows Pikachu sitting on top of a Poke Ball and the whole piece is 10 1/2 inches tall and has a coin slot on the top and on the bottom there is plug so that you can get your money out when it is full and ready to be deposit in your bank account.

Now loose coins in your pocket can have a home in your Pokemon coin bank and you have something fun to look at as it looks really nice on a shelve.

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buy Poke Ball Pizza Cutter

Poke Ball Pizza Cutter

If you like Pokemon and pizza then you just need this Poke Ball pizza cutter.

The pizza cutter is round and looks just like the Poke Ball from Pokemon and when you remove the lower part the pizza cutting blade will show and even that is decorated in Pokemon style.

And we all know that pizza cutters get dirty and that is why you need this Pokemon pizza cutter as you the top hinges up so that you an get the blade out for easy cleaning.

Time to bake some fresh pizza and then cut it and eat it in front of the TV while watching Pokemon on TV.

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buy Poke Ball Death Star Travel Mug

Poke Ball Death Star Travel Mug

If you are a fan of Pokemon and Star Wars then you should check out this Poke Ball Death Star travel mug.

The travel mug shows a galaxy and in that galaxy you can see a spaceship that is almost as big as a planet and it looks a lot like a Poke Ball but it also looks like the Star Wars Death Star and that is why this is a great to go mug for fans of Pokemon and Star Wars.

The Poke Ball mug is 15oz and is made from stainless steel and is double walled to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold.

So no more need to get a paper cup because this travel mug is all you will ever need.

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buy Kids Poke Ball Costume

Kids Poke Ball Costume

If your child loves Pokemon and wants to be a Poke Ball this Halloween then they can thanks to this kids Poke Ball costume.

The costume is a big Poke Ball that they just wear like a shirt and it has holes for the arms and one hole for the legs so that it is pretty easy to put on. In the middle of the ball, there is a hoop to keep the right shape you want from a ball.

And as you can see on the picture the costume is red and white just like the real Poke Ball.

Halloween will be amazing for your child all thanks to this Pokemon costume.

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buy Poke Ball Shower Curtain

Poke Ball Shower Curtain

If you are a Pokemon fan that needs a shower then you also need this Poke Ball shower curtain.

The shower curtain is red, and white and has black details and all that makes it look like a flat Poke Ball.

So now your bathroom can look like it is part of Pokemon and when you take a shower you will know how it feels to be caught in a Poke Ball.

The Pokemon shower curtain is 60 x72 inches and just perfect to make your bathroom come to life after that old boring shower curtain got removed.

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buy Pokemon Poke Ball Power Bank

Pokemon Poke Ball Power Bank

Now there is a Pokemon power bank that looks like a Poke Ball.

If you play a lot of Pokemon Go then you know that your battery is empty in no time at all but thanks to this power bank you can catch Pokemon way longer as it offers 4000 mAh of extra power and that is more than a full charge for most smartphones.

The Pokemon power bank also has a flashlight built in so that you can see in the dark but that will not help you much in Pokemon Go but it may be handy while looking for your keys if you drop them in the dark.

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buy Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Pokemon Christmas sweater specially made for you to wear to your Christmas party this year.

Yes, it is a pretty ugly Christmas sweater and it is green with on it the text “Happy Holidays” and some Christmas decorations like trees and flowers. But it is a Pokemon Christmas sweater and that means you will find Pikachu and many Poke Balls too, to make it all Pokemon perfect.

You can get this unisex Christmas sweater in sizes XSmall – 3XL so that both men and women can get the perfect fit. And this Pokemon sweater is made from 55% cotton and 45% acrylic and that makes it a real warm Christmas sweater.

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buy Women’s Poke Ball Crop Top

Women’s Poke Ball Crop Top

Do you want to catch Pikachu? If you do maybe it goes easier if you are wearing this Poke Ball crop top.

The women’s short tank top looks just like a Poke Ball with red and white and the black bar in the middle. The Pokemon design covers both the front and back and that means that you can be Poke Ball or it can look like you are inside the Poke Ball.

You can get this special Poke Ball crop top in women’s sizes Small – XL and it is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex and that means that you can make it form fitting if you like that or wear it looser if you size up.

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