buy Pikachu Suitcase Cover

Pikachu Suitcase Cover

If you travel the world to catch all the Pokemon’s in Pokemon Go then you need this Pikachu suitcase cover for around your suitcase.

Now any boring suitcase can look amazing and bright thanks to this suitcase cover. The cover is stretchy so that it fits snug around your suitcase and it will keep your handles and wheels available for use so it just makes you suitcase look so much more fun.

The cover is yellow as expect and on the front, you can see the face of Pikachu and the back shows his tail.

A cover like this is great for protecting and finding your luggage.

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buy Women’s Pikachu Bikini Set

Women’s Pikachu Bikini Set

If you like Pokemon and the beach then you should check out this women’s Pikachu bikini set.

The set as a bikini top that is black and has ruffles and on the front you can see Pikachu just staring into the world, the straps of the top are yellow. The bikini bottoms are yellow and black and on the front and back, they are covered in the face of Pikachu.

So now you can go to the pool and show the world that you really like Pokemon.

You can get this Pikachu swimsuit in women’s sizes Small – XL and show the world who this Pokemon creature is.

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buy Women’s Pikachu Pajama Set

Women’s Pikachu Pajama Set

If you want to be a Pokemon then dress up in this women’s Pikachu pajama set and maybe someone with catch you.

The sleep set is all yellow with a Poke Ball on the shorts and the top has the tail of Pikachu printed on the back and comes with a hood that has the face and ears of Pikachu while being sleeveless to be great for a warm night.

You can get his Pikachu pajama set in many women’s sizes so that it will fit the way you want.

And besides sleeping Pikachu style you can also use this Pokemon sleep set for comfortable lounging at home.

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buy Pokemon Pikachu Napkins

Pokemon Pikachu Napkins

If you want to have a Pokemon themed party then you will need these Pikachu napkins.

The napkins are 5 x 5 inch sized beverage napkins and they come 16 in a pack and on the napkins you can find Pikachu and the Pokemon logo.

Kids and adults are going to love these napkins and they are great for a birthday party but work great in your lunch box for school or work to.

So forget about plain colored napkins for your party because if it has Pikachu on it, you will enjoy your party way more and so will your guests.

No need to look any further as these Pokemon napkins will clean a lot of dirty fingers and mouths.

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buy Poke Ball Shower Curtain

Poke Ball Shower Curtain

If you are a Pokemon fan that needs a shower then you also need this Poke Ball shower curtain.

The shower curtain is red, and white and has black details and all that makes it look like a flat Poke Ball.

So now your bathroom can look like it is part of Pokemon and when you take a shower you will know how it feels to be caught in a Poke Ball.

The Pokemon shower curtain is 60 x72 inches and just perfect to make your bathroom come to life after that old boring shower curtain got removed.

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buy Pokemon Poke Ball Power Bank

Pokemon Poke Ball Power Bank

Now there is a Pokemon power bank that looks like a Poke Ball.

If you play a lot of Pokemon Go then you know that your battery is empty in no time at all but thanks to this power bank you can catch Pokemon way longer as it offers 4000 mAh of extra power and that is more than a full charge for most smartphones.

The Pokemon power bank also has a flashlight built in so that you can see in the dark but that will not help you much in Pokemon Go but it may be handy while looking for your keys if you drop them in the dark.

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buy 3D Pikachu Puzzle

3D Pikachu Puzzle

If you would like to own Pikachu then this Pokemon puzzle is what you need as it will build a 3D Pikachu.

The 3D jigsaw puzzle is made from ages 8 and up and has 58 foam baked pieces and all build it will result in a 10.5 inches tall Pikachu.

Now even when its too cold or wet out to play PokemonGo outside you can play Pokemon and build this Pikachu and when build it will be a great piece to have on display and you could always take it apart again until the next day you like to puzzle.

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buy Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Green Pokemon Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Pokemon Christmas sweater specially made for you to wear to your Christmas party this year.

Yes, it is a pretty ugly Christmas sweater and it is green with on it the text “Happy Holidays” and some Christmas decorations like trees and flowers. But it is a Pokemon Christmas sweater and that means you will find Pikachu and many Poke Balls too, to make it all Pokemon perfect.

You can get this unisex Christmas sweater in sizes XSmall – 3XL so that both men and women can get the perfect fit. And this Pokemon sweater is made from 55% cotton and 45% acrylic and that makes it a real warm Christmas sweater.

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buy Women’s Poke Ball Crop Top

Women’s Poke Ball Crop Top

Do you want to catch Pikachu? If you do maybe it goes easier if you are wearing this Poke Ball crop top.

The women’s short tank top looks just like a Poke Ball with red and white and the black bar in the middle. The Pokemon design covers both the front and back and that means that you can be Poke Ball or it can look like you are inside the Poke Ball.

You can get this special Poke Ball crop top in women’s sizes Small – XL and it is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex and that means that you can make it form fitting if you like that or wear it looser if you size up.

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buy Pikachu And Poke Ball Throw N’ Play Toy

Pikachu And Poke Ball Throw N’ Play Toy

Pokemon fans like to collect the cards and play PokemonGo but now there is another way to do a Pokemon battle.

The Throw ‘N’ Pop game from TOMY makes you put your Pokemon character in a Poke Ball and then you throw it down and it jumps out and the ball gives you a number and the player with the highest number wins.

The one we show you in Pikachu with the Pokeball but there are more sets with different Pokemon characters and different balls so that you and you friends can collect them all and start a real Pokemon battle.

The toy is made by TOMY and is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

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