buy Dumbledore’s Illuminating Elder Wand

Dumbledore’s Illuminating Elder Wand

Harry Potter - Dumbledore's Illuminating Elder Wand

Here we have to collectors wand that you have your eyes on and now you can get one for yourself.

This is the Elder Wand of Professor Dumbledore and this reproduction is special as it will light up when you wave it.

And Dumbledore’s wand is coldcasted porcelain to make it look and feel even more like the true wand of Harry Potters mentor.

Of course a special wand like this deserves a special storage box and so this one comes in a character box with pictures of Dumbledore on them.

Now is the time to ad something special to your Harry Potter collection, come get your Dumbledore’s Illuminating Elder Wand.

Harry And Dumbledore Key Chain

Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore on one key chain

How much do you want to own a Harry Potter key chain that shows a young Harry and Professor Dumbledore?

Now here it is and not only has it professor Dumbledore he is even pulling his wand.

This key chain is a fun gift and must have item for any Harry Potter fan.

Don’t wait just go get your own Harry Potter And Dumbledore Key Chain.

buy Dumbledore’s Wand

Dumbledore’s Wand

Professor Dumbledore's Wand replica

This is the wand professor Dumbledore used and as he is not with the living any more this is  you changes to become a powerful wizard.

This is a replica of the wand Dumbledore used in the Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

A wand with this detail is just a must have item for any real Harry Potter fan. This wand is designed by the Noble Collection and that means great quality and a great amount of detail.

The wand of Dumbledore is 15 inch long and even comes in a replica of the box the wand originally came in.

If you are a Harry Potter collector then don’t want a go get Dumbledore’s Wand.

buy Professor Dumbledore Ornament

Professor Dumbledore Ornament

A Christmas tree is special and should be decorated with special things like things we love. And that is where this ornament of Professor Dumbledore comes in. Harry Potter fans would love to have a tree with magical ornaments.

So Harry Potter fans get your Professor Dumbledore Christmas Ornament.