buy iCarly Best Buds Backpack

iCarly Best Buds Backpack

iCarly Best Buds Backpack

You school work and other fun stuff needs a place to live and a backpack is ideal for that as you can easily take it with you where ever you go.

A boring backpack is always an option but why would you when you can have a special iCarly backpack.

This iCarly backpack is 16 inch tall and has lots of room and even a side pocket for a water bottle or other things and there is a hang loop so that you can easily hang your backpack in your locker.

On this backpack you see all kinds of things from flower and hards to a picture of iCarly and Sam and the words “Best Buds”.

So if you need a new backpack then come checkout this iCarly Best Buds Backpack.

buy iCarly 2013 Wall Calendar

iCarly 2013 Wall Calendar

iCarly 2013 wall calendar

iCarly fans of course want to have all the iCarly cool stuff and this wall calendar should no be missing in your collection.

This iCarly 2013 calendar has 16 months of iCarly fun.

And sure there are pictures of iCarly and her friends. Each month of this iCarly calendar has a fun design so that every month looks different.

Come check out this amazing iCarly 2013 Wall Calendar.

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buy iCarly Pajama

iCarly Pajama

Sleepovers can become crazy parties just like the kind of fun iCarly and Sam like to have.

And now you can fall asleep in your own iCarly pajama.

This pajama shows a picture of iCarly and Sam on the front and all kind of fun things that we see in the iCarly TV series.

These iCarly pajama’s come in size 4 and 6.

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iCarly Shoulder Handbag

iCarly Shoulder Purse

Is your kid crazy about iCarly?

They probably are and that means that this shoulder bag would be the perfect present.

On the front of this handbag you see iCarly and her friend Sam. And with a picture like that what else do you need.

This iCarly bag has a zipper closure so that all the belongings stay in the bag and with a shoulder strap that is adjustable this bag will be the perfect fit for any iCarly fan.

Time to arrange your bags and find space for this iCarly Shoulder Handbag.

iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll

iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll

Samantha “Sam” Pucket from the awsome television series iCarly is here with a cool outfits she is the perfect sidekick for iCarly.

This is a special Sam doll, titled “iQuit, iCarly”. This doll stands 11 inches tall and comes with two stylish outfits, the second outfit also has a cool wig to go with it. Also if you have the  iCarly Nintando Wii and DS Game there is a bonus code inside that unlocks a special item.

Find your iCarly Sam Special Edition Doll.

buy iCarly Silly Little Truffles T-Shirt

iCarly Silly Little Truffles T-Shirt

Wow that is orange!

This orange t-shirt shows iCarly with her friend Sam and the words “Silly Little Truffles”

And that all make this a great t-shirt for you to wear to school, play and party.

The orange iCarly t-shirt is made out of  100% cotton and comes in many sizes.

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iCarly 2012 Calendar

2012 iCarly picture calendar for on the wall

The new iCarly calendar is here.

2012 can’t be getting any better with the 2012 iCarly Calendar with tons of pictures of iCarly, Sam and all there friends.

And to make this calendar even more fun I am gone tell you this calendar is not 12 months no it is 16 months and that means that it already starts in September. And because it starts in September it is a great back to school item.

Every month on the iCarly calendar shows a great photo of iCarly and that is what we want tons of pictures of iCarly and her friends.

If you like iCarly and would love to have a new calendar then this is what you need.

Order your 2012 iCarly Wall Calendar.

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iCarly & Sam Skateboard

A great iCarly skateboard together with her friend Sam

A cool skateboard is one thing but a skateboard with best friends iCarly and Sam that is to cool to even think about.

But no worries you can actually get this skateboard you can even select the style of deck you want.

This skateboard shows iCarly on the phone with a disapproving Sam.

You can own this skateboard that you don’t find in the stores so pretty unique.

Go have a much closer look at this iCarly & Sam Skateboard.