buy TMNT Kids First Skateboard

TMNT Kids First Skateboard

The top of this skateboard deck is decorated with purple sayings of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. Find “Turtle Power” and “Dude” multiple times along with a green Ninja Turtle head.

The underside of the deck has a great colorful image of all four Turtles Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Each turtle with a fighting look on their face and weapons ready.

This skateboard measures 21 inches. It is made to be that first complete skateboard for kids to learn and get into the sport of skateboarding.

Made to be very durable of a high quality 9 ply maple deck. With a composite trucks for amazing control. The wheels measure 50mm x 27mm and are injected with PVC giving you one totally awesome and smooth ride.

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buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Skateboard

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Skateboard

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Skateboard

Do you want a real special skateboard?

How about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard with Donatello on it?

This is a unique skateboard with a picture of Donatello on it and he looks like he is riding the board like you would and besides the turtle it also has the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo on it.

And not only can you get the board of the picture, you can choose from 8 different deck styles and sizes. And if you already have the perfect wheels and mounting hardware then you can use that but other wise they do offer wheels and stuff to.

This TMNT deck is made from hard rock maple printed with a special process so that it just looks amazing.

Come see all the options of this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Skateboard.

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buy iM Iron Man Skateboard

iM Iron Man Skateboard

iM Iron Man Skateboard

Skateboard fans and Iron Man fans check out this!!!

Featured on this awesome skateboard deck is a really cool Marvel Iron Man image that is hidden in the letters “iM”, of course standing for Iron Man with very vibrant colors to stick out and is printed with quality inks.

Made to be durable and long last the deck is made from hard-rock maple, with many different deck types and deck sizes to choose from this will be the perfect way to show off your love for the Marvel superhero Iron Man.

Get your very own cool superhero iM Iron Man Skateboard.

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I’m An Avenger Skateboard

Marvel I'm An Avenger Skateboard

If you enjoyed the Avengers movie then now it is time for a new Skateboard.

This skateboard says “I’m An Avenger” and the Avenger logo looks pretty niffty at this skateboard.

You can get this on a range of different style skate decks and the skateboards can just as the board or with the trucks and wheels.

So customize your own Marvel The Avenger skateboard the way you like to ride it.

Come and look at all the options of this Marvel I’m An Avenger Skateboard.

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Iron Man Skateboard

Marvel The Avengers Iron Man Skateboard

How about a nice Iron Man skateboard?

As you can see this skateboard deck shows a flying Iron Man just like we seen him in the Marvel comics and movies.

And now you can fly around on your skateboard that looks like an Iron Man action moment.

This Iron Man skateboard is availible in a range of different deck styles and sizes to fit your needs.
And this skateboard is availible just as board or with trucks and wheels.

So if Iron Man is your superhero then now is the time to build your own Marvel Iron Man Skateboard. 

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buy 500th Simpsons Skateboard Deck

500th Simpsons Skateboard Deck

Limited edition bart simpson skateboard deck

This is one of those really special items!

Did you know that the Simpsons reached 500 episodes?

And because of the 500th episode they made this really special skateboard deck.

The deck is white and on one side it has a special 500 episode logo and below that a laser engraved number. There will only be 500 boards and your number can be found there.

On the other side you see a slasher version of Bart Simpson. A fun and real detailed picture of the slasher Bart.

This skateboard deck is made out of 7-ply maple an is based on Santa Cruz Skateboards Keith Meek Slasher Pro Model.

If you are a skating Simpsons fan then you just have to have one of  The Simpsons Limited Edition 500th Episode Bart Slasher Skateboard Deck.

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Superman Coat Of Arms Skateboard

Superman coat of arms skateboard

Are you in the market for a new board?

How about a nice dark Superman skateboard.

This skateboard is black with the Superman coat of arms in white and that of course includes the Superman logo and the man of steel.

You can get this skateboard is a variety of different size and shaped decks and if you want your can get trucks and wheels but these are just optional.

Come get the board you always wanted come get the Superman Coat Of Arms Skateboard.

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Transformers Bumblebee Skateboard

Transformers Autobot Bumblebee Skateboard

WOW! This is what all Transformer fans need.

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen “BumbleBee Skateboard” is truly an awsome way to get around. This Bumblebee skateboard has an amazing detailed picture of everyones favorite Autobot Bumblebee on the bottom and the background there is a huge  incomplete  logo of the Autobots symbol, just enough that the true Transformers fans will easily pick it out.

Great quality skateboard made by Street Flyers, also with strongergrip on the top of the deck for maximum traction.

Order your Transformers Bumblebee Skateboard.

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iCarly & Sam Skateboard

A great iCarly skateboard together with her friend Sam

A cool skateboard is one thing but a skateboard with best friends iCarly and Sam that is to cool to even think about.

But no worries you can actually get this skateboard you can even select the style of deck you want.

This skateboard shows iCarly on the phone with a disapproving Sam.

You can own this skateboard that you don’t find in the stores so pretty unique.

Go have a much closer look at this iCarly & Sam Skateboard.

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