buy Pikachu Seatbelt Protector

Pikachu Seatbelt Protector

If you want Pikachu be part of your car then you should check out this Pikachu seatbelt protector.

We all know that seatbelts often don’t feel great around you neck or even damage your clothes and that is why they invented seatbelt protectors.

And this set of two seatbelt protectors look like Pikachu and are nice and yellow with lots of fun details.

You can use these Pikachu protectors on the front seatbelts but they work great in the back too and no matter where you put them you will feel great when using them especially if you like Pokemon.

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buy Minion Seatbelt Protector

Minion Seatbelt Protector

If you like Minions and want your car to look a bit more fun then you want this set of Minion seatbelt protectors.

Just put the seatbelt protector on your seatbelt and it will immediately look way more fun and it will also make it way more comfortable to wear the seatbelt for kids and adults and also protects your clothing from damage.

So add a bit of yellow and blow to your boring black seatbelt just because it is possible and Minions will make you smile when ever you see these yellow creatures.

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buy Mickey Mouse Seatbelt Protector

Mickey Mouse Seatbelt Protector

If you like Mickey and driving in your car then you just need to check out this set of Mickey Mouse seatbelt protectors.

The seatbelt cover is red and looks like Mickey Mouse with his head on top and his arms sticking out on one side and the other side shows his feet and mouse tail and on the red it says “Mickey Mouse” so that everyone knows that cute Disney mouse is.

You can just put these Mickey Mouse seatbelt covers around your seatbelt making it look way more fun and also making it more soft and by that making it way more comfortable to have a seatbelt on especially for kids.

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