buy Spider-Man Sleep Mask

Spider-Man Sleep Mask

Time to dream like a superhero all thanks to this Spider-Man Sleep Mask.

This sleep mask is adjustable in size so that it can fit both kids and adults.

As you can see the mask has black edges and then there is the typical Spider-Man mask with lots of red and the spider web and the spider eyes.

It is a great mask for when you travel and try to sleep on a plane, train, or automobile and it is also a great mask for just sleeping at night at home.

And the Spider-Man mask is super soft and smooth and will let your skin breath.

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buy SpongeBob Sleep Mask

SpongeBob Sleep Mask

If you are a big fan of SpongeBob and likes a nap then you should check out this SpongeBob sleep mask.

So now you can look like SpongeBob Squarepants just by wearing this fun sleep mask that makes a big part of your face look like the fun cartoon character. And now you can sleep on a plane, train, or where ever and while sleeping you can dream about a SpongeBob adventure.

The SpongeBob sleep mask is made from soft flannelette fabric so that it will feel amazing on your head and you just want to keep a sleep for a long time.

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buy Batman Logo Sleep Mask

Batman Logo Sleep Mask

If you are a Batman fan that hates light when trying to sleep then you just need to get this Batman logo sleep mask.

The black mask is just like most travel masks only this one is shaped like the famous bat symbol used to get Batman to the scene. The won’t see you when something happens because you will be fast asleep and dreaming about a Batman adventure all thanks to this sleep mask.

The Batman sleep mask is made from 3 layers of fabric to block light and it is soft to the face and the elastic band will keep it neatly in place so that you can just focus on resting and thinking about Batman.

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buy Cheshire Cat Sleep Mask

Cheshire Cat Sleep Mask

Thanks to Alice In Wonderland we can all sleep in peace and style thanks to this Cheshire Cat sleep mask.

We all know boring and plain face masks and there is no need for wearing them anymore because how you can look adorable even when you are wearing a sleep mask.

This Cheshire Cat face mask is pink and fluffy and has the face of the famous cat on it making it look like you are part of this Alice in Wonderland character.

Just imagine this sleep mask on your face when you are napping on a plane, people will smile when they pass you and yes it works at home too.

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