buy Captain America Fleece Slippers

Captain America Fleece Slippers

We all know the feeling you come home at night after a long day working and you just want to relax with some comfy footwear watching TV.

Now this dream can come true with the Captain America Polar Fleece slippers.

These nice slippers are nice and warm and look amazing. These slippers are navy blue with Captain America on the front.

You can get these slippers in a wide range of sizes.

This is the perfect gift for the boyfriend, husband or dad and if you don’t get it as a present then maybe just get them for yourself.

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buy Batman Polar Fleece Slippers

Batman Polar Fleece Slippers

Superheros get cold feet to and that is why Batman has this set of fleece slippers.

And Batman is the superhero that would share this comfort with you and that is why now you can get your own pair of Batman slippers.

The slippers are made from black polar fleece and have the Batman logo embroiderd on the top.

This make the pefect gift for a Batman fan who does not like cold feet.

And these Batman slippers are available in a range of sizes.

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Spongebob Slippers

It’s so difficult to get your kids to wear socks they just like to run barefoot on the cold floor. But maybe it would help if you get them some nice slippers that they really like. How about something like this in the shape of Spongebob Squarepants. Now they will be happy with Spongebob and they will have warm feet.

Go check out these cool Spongebob Slippers.

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buy Stewie Slippers

Stewie Slippers

Stewie is ready to make you live a bit more interesting.

If you guys have cold feet then you definitely should get you a pair for these Stewie Slippers and just think Stewie will not be a problem as long as you stand on him. And for the ladies out there this of course is a great present to for a Family Guy fan in your life.

Order you pair of Family Guy Stewie Slippers.

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buy Homer Simpsons Slippers

Homer Simpsons Slippers

Winter brings cold feet and cold feet are no good.

So lets start winter with some nice Homer Simpson slippers to keep your feet nice and warm. And to make it more fun the slippers are in the shape of Homers head.

And these Homer Simpson slippers come in different sizes so that the head of Homer will fit perfectly around your feet.

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