iCarly iGlam Earbuds

iCarly fans check out these cool Nemo digital iCarly iGlam Earbuds with crystal studs inset into the earbuds, so every time you wear these you are in style. These earbuds also come with cool iCarly charms that you can slide up and down the pink wires. This will be one pair of earbuds that you will never forget and leave somewhere.

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iCarly Travel Speaker

Play all your favorite tunes through this iCarly speaker set. Great because it’s small so that you can take it on your trips. It even has two headphone connectors so that you and you best friend can enjoy the music without others listing in.

Go have a much better look at this iCarly Portable Travel Speaker.

Optimus Prime Speaker Head

Transformers Speakers in Optimus Prime

Need some sound for you computer?

Here you have a Optimus Prime Head that is also a speaker for you music. This speaker is USB powered and has LED lights to make it even more special. The Head of Optimus Prime hides the speakers but you can open it up for the full glory of sound.

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