buy Star Trek T-Shirt Dress

Star Trek T-Shirt Dress

So you are sent on an away mission where you have to fire hand-phasers at marauding rock-monsters! Well with this awesome looking Star Trek T-Shirt Dress you’ll be cool and comfortable, made from super-soft cotton this mini dress in Operations red with flex and flock insignia will help you complete your mission.

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buy Star Trek Sigg

Star Trek Sigg

We all would like to travel like the people in Star Trek do but you know that can get really thirsty if you are not prepared for it.

And that is why this 1 liter Sigg metal water bottle will be ideal just incase you get picked up by a space ship then you at least have something to drink.

And if you didn’t like this design then you are in luck because by clicking the picture you can find lots more Star Trek water bottles.

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buy Trekkie Fish

Trekkie Fish

This is for the real Star Trek fan a Trekkie or Trekker will love this item.

A space ship in the shape as a fish. We all seen them cars with a fish shaped sign on them to show there religion and now you can show yours by this Trek sign.

I am sure that your car will look amazing with this Enterprise Star Trek badge on the back and I also think that it could look great on other surfaces like maybe your bedroom door or the fridge.

This Star Trek fish is just what you need to tell the world that you are a true fan of Star Trek.

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buy Star Trek Pins

Star Trek Pins

Who likes Star Trek and likes to dress up like they did in the Star Trek Movies know how important the insignia are and now we have a found a nice set of Star Trek Insignia.

These Star Trek Pins are made of  metal and come in 4 versions being:

  • Command
  • Sciences
  • Medical
  • Security / Engineering

So you know what pin you need then go check this out.

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buy Star Trek Transporter Lamp

Star Trek Transporter Lamp

If you are a Star Trek fan in search of a table top lamp then check out this Star Trek transporter lamp.

The lamp base shows the Transporter room and Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy are being beamed away. And the lamp shade shows the Starship Enterprise flying in a galaxy and all that together makes for a real unique piece a true Star Trek fan just needs to own.

And beside the light that is included with the lamp, even the base can light up to make the whole Star Trek experience visible.

So if you want a cool lamp on your desk, table, or nightstand then this Star Trek lamp could be the one.

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