buy Captain America Pizza Cutter

Captain America Pizza Cutter

If you are a Captain America fan that loves pizza then you just have to check out this Captain America pizza cutter.

The pizza cutter is 4.25 inch in diameter and looks like the shield of Captain America only this shield opens to reveal the pizza cutter blade and that is all you need to cut that yummy hot pizza when it comes straight from the oven.

Now you can feel like a true Marvel superhero as they all love pizza before they go on another adventure and now you can too all thanks to this Marvel pizza cutter that is just made for you.

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buy Poke Ball Pizza Cutter

Poke Ball Pizza Cutter

If you like Pokemon and pizza then you just need this Poke Ball pizza cutter.

The pizza cutter is round and looks just like the Poke Ball from Pokemon and when you remove the lower part the pizza cutting blade will show and even that is decorated in Pokemon style.

And we all know that pizza cutters get dirty and that is why you need this Pokemon pizza cutter as you the top hinges up so that you an get the blade out for easy cleaning.

Time to bake some fresh pizza and then cut it and eat it in front of the TV while watching Pokemon on TV.

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buy Boba Fett Pizza Cutter

Boba Fett Pizza Cutter

When it’s pizza for dinner you of course need a perfect pizza cutter and if you like Star Wars then this pizza cutter could be the one you want.

This pizza cutter has a green handle that looks like Boba Fett the famous bounty hunter from Star Wars and one thing you didn’t know about him is that he just loves pineapple pizza and that is why this pizza cutter is perfect.

Besides being a green handled pizza cutter there is also Star Wars sound in it so when you cut you can feel closer then ever with your favorite Star Wars movie.

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buy Star Wars R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Star Wars R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Star Wars R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

OK so cutting pizza is not very easy if you try to do it with a normal knife.

And that is why they invented pizza cutters. Most of those pizza cutters are boring and plain but hey they cut a slice of pizza to perfecting.

But now you can dump that boring pizza cutter and replace it with a real R2-D2 pizza cutter.

Star Wars fans will just love this pizza cutter that has a white handle with the typical R2-D2 robot design and to make this pizza cutter even better then all the others they gave this one a voice.

OK voice is a big word but it will make R2-D2 sounds when you cut the pizza.

Dinner time and it all start with cutting the pizza with this Star Wars R2-D2 Pizza Cutter.

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buy Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter

OK, you have to be a real Star Trek fan before you get something as great as this.

So what do you think of this pizza cutter in the shape of NCC-1701 Enterprise? Great I would say now finally my pizza will be cut at warp speed.

Now you can eat pizza in Star Trek style all thanks to the Enterprise being able to cut your steaming hot pizza.

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