buy Frozen 2015 Wall Calendar

Frozen 2015 Wall Calendar

Frozen 2015 Wall Calendar

It is time to get that 2015 calendar, and you might as well get this Frozen 2015 wall calendar that includes September-December 2014 overview and a free digital wallpaper that is downloadable for your desktop and mobile devices.

On the front cover of this calendar find the main cast of the awesome Disney animated movie Frozen, Princess Anna, Elsa the Snow Queen, Olaf, Sven and Hans are all there looking happy with a beautiful snowy back drop. And of course inside find many other characters with all of the vibrant and fun colors seen throughout the movie.

This Frozen calendar is a standard wall calendar which measures Size closed: 12.0″ x 11.0 “, Size opened: 12.0 ” x 22.0 ” and it is kept together with traditional stapled binding.

Enjoy the year 2015 with the Disney Frozen 2015 wall calendar.

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buy Frozen Sven Figurine

Frozen Sven Figurine

Frozen Sven Figurine by Pop! Vinyl

Sven the reindeer from the Frozen movie can now be yours.

OK not really the real Sven because Kristoff does not want to let him go but a cute figurine of this amazing reindeer.

This figurine made by Funko in the Pop! Vinyl series looks just like Sven in the movie but as a figurine you have to watch him less.

Sven is 3 3/4 inch tall just like all the other Pop Vinyl figurines and loves to hang out with the others.

And Sven comes in a nice display box that makes it easy to store and keep him in new state if your prefer that over having him lounge around you desk or book shelve.

Now is just the perfect time to order your Frozen Sven Pop! Vinyl Figurine.

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buy Frozen Girls T-Shirt

Frozen Girls T-Shirt

Frozen Anna, Sven, Olaf t-shirt

Did you fall in love with the wonderful Disney movie Frozen?

If you did wearing this cute Frozen t-shirt will bring back all your most favorite moments from the movie every time you look at it.

This pretty Frozen t-shirt features a picture of the funny snowman Olaf sitting on top of Sven the reindeer with Princess Anna and Kristoff standing on each of Sven on the front t-shirt with ” Disney’s Frozen” written under the picture.

It is 100% cotton for a soft comfortable feel and available in a wide variety of women’s sizes.

You will find yourself laughing when you think of the funny snowman Olaf while your wearing this Frozen T-Shirt.

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buy Frozen Sven Mousepad

Frozen Sven Mousepad

Frozen Sven Mousepad

Show that you are a loyal friend just like Sven from the Disney movie Frozen and use this Sven mousepad.

Sven is a large reindeer with big antlers and is seen on the mousepad in a beautiful winter wonderland setting, near Arendelle where he works with his friend Kristoff.

Sven is wearing the red harness that he needs to pull the sleigh full of ice that they harvest along with their adopted family, the trolls.

This mousepad is 9.25” x 7.75” and the image is on sturdy printed cloth with a non-slip backing.

Protect your computer mouse and still be a bit silly like Sven, and use this Frozen Sven Mousepad.

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buy Frozen Cupcake Rings

Frozen Cupcake Rings

Frozen Cupcake Rings

A Frozen birthday party that has cupcakes need some fun themed cupcake rings.
Luckily for you there are special Frozen cupcake rings.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 24 and have 6 different designs.
The rings are shaped like a snowflake and can have a picture of Sven, Hans, Anna, Olaf, Elsa or the Frozen logo.

Not only are these rings a great and simple way to make a normal cupcake look like a Frozen cupcake they are also great for the kids to play with and to collect.

So don’t think about having a Frozen party without these Frozen Cupcake Rings.

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buy Frozen Stickers

Frozen Stickers

Kids and adults love the new Disney characters from the Frozen movie.

And now there are stickers based on Frozen.

There are 4 sheets of 8 stickers each in a pack and on the stickers you can find Elsa, Anna, Sven and of course Snowman Olaf.

All the characters are posing in front of a flowery background making them extra fun when you use these stickers to decorate things.

You can also get these stickers as party favors for when you have a Frozen birthday party.

Read More About The Frozen Stickers

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buy Frozen Sven The Reindeer Plush

Frozen Sven The Reindeer Plush

Disney Frozen Sven The Reindeer Plush

There we have Sven the reindeer from the Disney movie Frozen.

Sven is a cute and he is Kristoff’s reindeer but now there are plush versions of Sven so that we al can have one.

Each plush Sven reindeer is about 16 inch tall and has embroidered details so that you not have to worry about loosing and eye or two.

The posable legs from Sven make it easy for Sven to stand on his own without falling.

Kids and adults will both love this fun reindeer from the Frozen movie.

You should come and have a closer look at this Disney Frozen Sven The Reindeer Plush.

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buy Frozen Action Figure Play Set

Frozen Action Figure Play Set

Disney Frozen 6 figures to play with

Do you want to play the Frozen story at home?

If so then you need the main characters and this play set has 6 of them.

In this Frozen action figure set you can find:

  • Elsa the Snow Queen
  • Princess Anna
  • Kristoff
  • Hans
  • Sven the reindeer
  • Olaf the Snowman

These characters are up to 4 inch tall and are made from plastic.

Kids will love to see their favorite movie character and will have many adventures to have with them.

Just keep in mind this Frozen toy is for kids 3+.

Lets make some kids happy with this Disney Frozen Action Figures Play Set.

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