buy 2019 The Walking Dead Wall Calendar

2019 The Walking Dead Wall Calendar

Now you can get your own 2019 The Walking Dead Wall Calendar.

The wall calendar is all about The Walking Dead with great new images every month of which one is half the calendar size while the others are combined with a big calendar grid that has the major holidays filled out for you.

And the The Walking Dead calendar design does also have some blood stains on it but I guess that you could have expected that.

If you like to see inside the calendar then just click on the picture but I am already sure that you really need this calendar on your wall.

Get your 2019 The Walking Dead Wall Calendar

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buy Dixon Addiction Mousepad

Dixon Addiction Mousepad

Now there is a Daryl Dixon addiction mousepad for the true fans of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead mousepad is black and on it you can find Daryl Dixon on a motorbike and below that they text “Dixon Addiction” and even The Walking Dead logo from AMC.

The Dixon addiction mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches and has a nonslip back so that it keeps in place even if you are doing some heavy duty gaming.

And if the Daryl Dixon mousepad would get dirty then it is good to know that it is machine washable.

So give your mouse a nice clean surface at home or the office and everyone that will see you use this mousepad will now really know how much you like The Walking Dead.

Get your Dixon Addiction Mousepad

buy Daryl And His Bow Blanket

Daryl And His Bow Blanket

If you wonder how it would be to nap with Daryl Dixon then you just need to check out this Daryl and his bow blanket.

The Walking Dead throw blanket is nice and big at 45 x 60 inches and it is made from 100% polyester and feels like a cashmere fleece so nice and soft.

And this blanket looks looks amazing as it has a black and white image of Daryl Dixon on it and he is holding his crossbow and seems to be ready to protect your from walkers while you take a nap.

A cool Daryl blanket like this is great for on bed, the couch or even a picnic.

Get your Daryl And His Bow Blanket

buy The Walking Dead Dead Inside Clock

The Walking Dead Dead Inside Clock

If you like The Walking Dead and need to know the time then you will need this The Walking Dead dead inside clock.

The Walking Dead wall click is made from an old vinyl record and Michonne, Rick, and Daryl are cut out in the top half can in the bottom you can see walkers and the text “Don’t Open Dead Inside” and then in the middle you can see a nice clock.

So now you will always know when it is The Walking Dead time all thanks to this amazing wall clock that is different and unique and something a true fan wants to own.

Get your The Walking Dead Dead Inside Clock

buy Burning The Walking Dead Logo T-Shirt

Burning The Walking Dead Logo T-Shirt

If you like The Walking Dead and need a cool t-shirt then you should check out this burning The Walking Dead logo t-shirt.

The shirt is black and on it you can find The Walking Dead logo and it is on fire and from the letters on fire you can see walkers walking out and with some zombies are coming out of the logo.

You can get this special The Walking Dead t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – XL and would look great on women too.

So show your friends that walkers survive fire by wearing this amazing looking The Walking Dead t-shirt.

Get your Burning The Walking Dead Logo T-Shirt

buy The Walking Dead Funny Socks

The Walking Dead Funny Socks

If you like some The Walking Dead funny socks then we have found what you want.

These are fun socks that are perfect for when you watch TV with your fee on the table because these white socks say on the bottom “SHHH! I’m Watching The Walking Dead” in red and the print is also non slip to be perfect for running around.

The Walking Dead socks come in one size fits most and will look great on both a men and women that like to watch Rick and his group fighting another battle.

Get your The Walking Dead Funny Socks

buy Jesus Saves Mug

Jesus Saves Mug

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and need a cool mug then come check out this Jesus saves mug.

The white ceramic mug is available in 3 sizes so that it is enough for your first serving of coffee.

On the mug you can see an image of Paul Monroe and we know him better as Jesus and then below his image is says “Saves” and that means that this mug says Jesus saves and we have seen how Jesus saved Rick’s group.

So if you want a cool and different The Walking Dead mug then you should check this one out and if just white is to boring for you then you are in luck as it also comes a version with a black handle and inside.

Get your Jesus Saves Mug

buy King Ezekiel Figurine

King Ezekiel Figurine

If your The Walking Dead collection misses the king then you should check out this King Ezekiel figurine.

The figurine is part of the Pop! series from Funko and comes in a nice box with a see through window so that you can choose to keep the king in new state.

The figurine of King Ezekiel looks like you expect with his beard and hair just like you expect and he just looks like we know him from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead figurine is 3 3/4 inches tall and it will fit in perfectly with other  vinyl Pop! figurines that you may have.

Get your King Ezekiel Figurine

buy Daryl Dixon Air Freshener

Daryl Dixon Air Freshener

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and like a car that smells nice then you just need this Daryl Dixon air freshener.

The Daryl air freshener smells like vanilla and has Daryl on it with on one side Daryl Dixon with The Walking Dead logo on it and the other side is just Daryl.

Now your car can have Daryl dangle from your car mirror and making everything smell fresh.

Besides for you car you could use this The Walking Dead air freshener in your sport or school locker too and then every time you open the door you can see Daryl and that will bring back memories of the TV series.

Get your Daryl Dixon Air Freshener

buy Negan Laptop Decal

Negan Laptop Decal

If your laptop can use a cool decal and you like The Walking Dead then you just need this Negan laptop decal.

The decal shows Negan and his bat Lucille and it can dress up your Mac or other laptops.

It will fit on most laptops as it fits all Mac’s and it comes in custom sizes to fit perfect on your computer.

By sticking your Negan decal on your laptop you show sides and maybe other The Walking Dead fans won’t be so friendly to you any more because they like Daryl, Rick, and the gang.

And when you are done with Negan then you can remove him without having to worry about left over glue and gunk.

Get your Negan Laptop Decal