Thor Movie Soundtrack

The Music from the movie Thor on CD or MP3
You enjoyed the movie Thor and now you really would like to enjoy the music some more.

No problem you can just get this Soundtrack from the movie.

It comes with the following tracks:

  1. Chasing the Storm
  2. Prologue
  3. Sons of Odin
  4. A New King
  5. Ride to Observatory
  6. To Jotunheim
  7. Laufey
  8. Frost Giant Battle
  9. Banishment
  10. Crisis In Asgard
  11. Odin Confesses
  12. Hammer Found
  13. Urgent Matter
  14. The Compound
  15. Loki’s Lie
  16. My Bastard Son
  17. Science and Magic
  18. The Destroyer
  19. Forgive Me
  20. Thor Kills the Destroyer
  21. Brothers Fight
  22. Can You See Jane?
  23. Earth To Asgard

All great music by Patrick Doyle, just like you liked it in the Thor movie.

And it is available on CD or as MP3.

Check out the Thor Movie Soundtrack.


Thor With Hammer T-Shirt


Thor Serving his Hammer on this amazing t-shirt

This is an amazing looking t-shirt of Thor with of course his hammer.

A completely different look from all the other Thor merchandise and that of course makes it special and makes you look different but still a Thor fan.

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Thor 7-Inch Plush

Thor 7-Inch Plush

Thor, from Marvel comics is a unique superhero with super human strength, durability, and longevity. This Thor plush doll stands 7-inches tall and is really soft and cuddly,the perfect doll to bring to bed to help you sleep and feel safe from any villians that may be lurking inside your bedroom. This Thor plush doll will be an awsome addition to a Superhero collection aswell.

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