buy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Statue Of Catwoman

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Statue Of Catwoman

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Statue Of Catwoman

A Batman fan and collector wants of course only the best. And now you found the best.

This statue of Catwoman is the best you have ever seen.

Catwoman has amazing details in everything from her hair to the heels of ther boots.

And yes this Catwoman statue is based on the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises so basicly this Catwoman statue is Anne Hathaway.

The statue of Catwoman stands 7″ high and would he an amazing addition to your Batman collection.

Come have a better look at this The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Statue.

buy Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set

Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set

Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set

Jaws has many scary scenes, but this might be one of the most intense.

This is a complete figure box set of the movie scene where Jaws projects himself up onto the boat almost tipping it completely….Yah I think you need a bigger boat.

A Mcfarlane toys product with each piece very well detailed and high quality you can re-enact this cool scene, captain Quint even comes in 2 gory pieces so you can place half of him in the sharks mouth.

Most definetely a collectors must have, some say a collectors dream.

Check out the Jaws Movie Scene Figure Box Set.

buy Peter Parker / Spider-Man Figurine

Peter Parker / Spider-Man Figurine

Peter Parker / Spider-Man Limited Edition Figurine

If you like the Amazing Spider-Man and are looking for special collectors items then you found one you will like.

This figurine is half Spider-Man and half Peter Parker all with amazing details based on early trement by Steve Ditko.
So instead of one you get both Peter Park and the superhero inside him Spider-Man.

This figurine is 5 1/2 inch tall and comes in his own tin storage tin complete with character booklet and Spider-Man button.

And there are only 1000 made of this Spider-Man figurine and all are  numbered.

So if you are looking for an addition to your Spider-Man collection or looking for a special present for a special friend then you are in luck as you found Peter Parker / Spider-Man Limited Edition Figurine.

buy Comic Book Guy Statue

Comic Book Guy Statue

The Simpsons would not be the same if we didn’t have the Comic Book Guy.

And now you can add the Comic Book Guy to your Simpson collection.

This statue is a litited edition and there are only 550 ever made. And The Comic Book Guy comes in a nice tin stores box that has full colored printing on it. And it even has a Comic Book Guy button.

If you Simpson collection is missing a Comic Book Guy then this what you want.

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buy Tintin and Snowy Statue

Tintin and Snowy Statue

Tintin is one of those classic that is popular in all kind of circles.

There of course are the amazing comics but there are also cartoons and of course the Steven Spielberg movie.

For all those Tintin fans there is now a really special statue set.

The statues are of Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy.

Both statues come in a set but have their own base so that you can move them around seperatly from each other.

The Tintin and Snowy statues have some amazing details and it really give you the feeling they just ran out of the movie.

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buy Cinderella with Glass Slipper Statue

Cinderella with Glass Slipper Statue

The beautiful Princess Cinderella, a favorite and classic Disney Princess.

This statue features Cinderella standing on a nice light blue base, with her amazing ball gown on the detail in this figurine is magical. Princess Cinderella has her hair up, necklace on and she is holding the glass slipper that only fits her.

Cinderella stands 5 1/2-inches tall and is the perfect gift for a Disney Princess collector, definetly if you love the classic story of Cinderella.

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buy Yoda Using Force Statue

Yoda Using Force Statue

Star Wars collectors, here is one life like Yoda you need to add to your collection.

This is a statue of Yoda from the awsome series of movies Star Wars, this Yoda is highly detailed,  textured and is a beautiful work of art that is hand painted and hand crafted.

Yoda the Jedi Master is leaning against a tree trunk in the middle of using the force, made from cold cast resin this is a prestige statue that stands a huge 21 1/4 inches tall.

Hurry up and get your Yoda statue as it  is a limited edition of only 499 pieces worldwide!

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buy R2-D2 Monument Statue

R2-D2 Monument Statue

One word says it all and that word is “WOW”.

A 3 feet tall R2-D2 droid based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.

This handcrafted statue has amazing detail and you almost expect it to move and start doing the typical R2-D2 things but no this is just a statue but one that can’t be missing in any Star Wars collection as it is so special you just want to have one.

A robot like R2-D2 deserves the right scale and that is why this R2-D2 statue is scale 1:1 based on The Clone Wars version.

Each statue has a hand numbered edition plaque making it an even more desirable collectors item.

Put R2-D2 in your home or office it will be fun to have and look at.

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The Little Mermaid Ariel Statue

The Little Mermaid Ariel Statue

The beautiful and enchanting Ariel from the series of Disney animated films The Little Mermaid.

This is a collectors peice that will be the front and center showcase for sure, features Ariel splashing out of water and a nice black metal base that has 5 oval dispaly areas, one which has the movie logo ” The Little Mermaid” painted in it, the other 4 have other great characters painted in them.

Made from cold-cast resin this statue of The Little Mermaid Ariel stands 10 inches tall and is hand numbered, hand painted, and ready to display.

Limited edition of 325 pieces.

Get your The Little Mermaid Ariel Statue.