buy Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll

Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll

The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll

This Barbie doll is not the useall doll with perfect dress and looks.
Not this Barbie is Katniss Everdeen the main character from the Hunger Games books and movies.

Katniss is just like we know her from the movie compleet with bow and of course her Mockingjay pin.
Even the clothes she wears are just like in the Hunger Games movie.

If you like the Hunger Games and Barbies then you just need to get this The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll.

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buy Barbie 2013 Wall Calendar

Barbie 2013 Wall Calendar

Spectacular designs by Robert Best is what this calendar is all about.

Barbie dolls have always had stunning and beautiful gowns, so let’s take a closer look at Robert Best and his wonderful designs. This calendar has many day wear dresses and evening gowns with incredible detail and the finest artwork you can get.

A 2013 calendar with a total of 16 months, yes that is 16 elegant designs displayed on Barbie dolls, a true collectors dream. With classic stapled binding this is a standard wall calendar sizes, Size Closed: 11.88 ” x  11.88 “, Size Opened: 23.63 ” x  11.88 “.

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buy Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Doll

Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Blair Doll

Attention Barbie collectors!!!

Meet Princess Blair, staring in the inspiring barbie movie Barbie Princess Charm School.

Princess Blair is alawys looking great for any occasion and that is exactly what this doll portrays. You will get three astonishing outfits, the school outfit is an easy snap on top that is an appropriate uniform for class.

Once you snap off the school uniform top it then reveals a fun and stylish party dress, a turn of the crank on the back lowers a hot pink skirt to complete this party dress.

Now to transform Blair into her Princess gown, you simply push the button on her back to send the hot pink skirt tumbling down into the beautiful gown.

Princess Blair has articulating legs and other accessories include a tiara and shoes, another note is that the mechanism to transform this doll has been proving to be very easy and work well but that is what we expect from Mattel.

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buy Barbie Crystal Pendant Charm Necklace

Barbie Crystal Pendant Charm Necklace

Once again Barbie has something that is elegant, stylish and stands out, so much so that this is exactly what you have seen the famous Nicki Minaj sporting for many different occasions.

This is a necklace that features a beautiful Barbie pendant charm that is glittered to the nine’s. You will see the Barbie written in a cool way and filled with shimmering white crystals, also the “i” being dotted with a set of pink crystal lips.

Made to be very sturdy this is not only stylish but very durable on a 17 inch chain and the pendant measures 3.7×2.25 Inches and fastened on with a lobster claw clasp, so throw this on for all occasions and show off your Barbie love.

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buy Barbie Heart Sunglasses iPhone Case

Barbie Heart Sunglasses iPhone Case

Barbie is not only fashionable and fun, she is also very good at protecting your precious iPhone.

This is a really cool and sleek iPhone case that features the popular Barbie, you will notice her perfectly cut bangs and blonde hair aswell as the trademark heart sunglasses in the color……of course hot pink!

This image is printed using a high color process and is handmade, this is not just a cheap stick on sticker.

And if you don’t like this design then no worries there are many Barbie iPhone cases to choose from. And it really does not matter what model iPhone you have as Barbie is available for almost every iPhone model you can think of.

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buy Barbie Watch With Pink Poodle Charm

Barbie Watch With Pink Poodle Charm

Fun, stylish and Pink! All the things you want in your awsome Barbie watch.

This is a Barbie watch that features alot of cool design and colors, the wristband has a retro black and white block style to it and a pink poodle dog charm attached. The face of the watch is pink with a side profile silouhette of Barbie with a flowing ponytail.

Measurements of the watch when strapped on are 23cm at largest and 16 cm for the smallest size and has a buckle style clasp, this Barbie watch is very durable and perfect for the stylish Barbie fan.

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buy Bella Twilight Barbie Doll

Bella Twilight Barbie Doll

Twilight Bella in Wedding dress but now as Barbie doll

There we have Bella Swan ready to become Bella Cullen.

This is a Barbie doll of Bella like we have seen her in the Twillight Breaking Dawn movie.

Everything perfect with all the details like we seen in the movie.

If Twilight and Barbie are you passion then you should see this Twilight Bella’s Wedding Barbie.

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buy Mad Hatter Barbie Doll

Mad Hatter Barbie Doll

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Barbie doll

Did you enjoy Johnny Depp in the Alice in Wonderland movie?

He was the perfect Mad Hatter and now you can own him as a Barbie doll. Alice in Wonderland needs Mad Hatter and now he can live with you to.

This is a Barbie with lots of details and that means that you have an almost real Mad Hatter.

Go get your own Mad Hatter Barbie Doll.

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buy Barbie 2010 Holiday Doll

Barbie 2010 Holiday Doll

Attention Barbie collectors!

The 2010 Barbie holiday doll is a must to add to your collection with so many extra fine details it will not go unnoticed in your collection. Some of the magnificent features are the gold and red studded bodice and the chandelier earrings, just a few from the always high quality Barbie makers Mattel.

Find your Barbie 2010 Holiday Doll.

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