buy Baymax Face T-Shirt

Baymax Face T-Shirt

If you would like a fun t-shirt and you like Baymax then you just need this Baymax face t-shirt.

The famous big Big Hero 6 character can now be found on this t-shirt but it is not as clear as many would think as it just looks like a white t-shirt with a line and two black dots but then if you think a bit closer that is all you will see on Baymax face and that almost makes this into a Baymax costume t-shirt.

You can get this white t-shirt in style for both men and women and it is available in long sleeves too and it is available in many sizes.

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buy Women’s Baymax Dress

Women’s Baymax Dress

Now there is a women’s Baymax dress for all the Big Hero 6 fans that want an amazing looking dress that reminds them off the adorable Baymax.

The women’s dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is dark blue with a white waistband. The Baymax dress is sleeveless and has a fun cutout back.

And on the blue fabric of the dress you can find the schematics of Baymax and as you can see on the picture the design is not overpowering but clearly there (click on the picture for a better look)

A dress like this is great for so many occasions, it can be worn more formal but also as a fun dress for summer.

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buy Baymax Cap

Baymax Cap

If you are looking for a fun white baseball cap then you have to check out this Baymax cap.

The Big Hero 6 hat is white and is adjustable in size.

On the front of the white snapback hat you can find the eye’s of Baymax and on the side, you can find a picture of Baymax himself and on the back just above the size adjuster you can find the Big Hero 6 logo in red.

So if you like a nice white hat that is also related to Big Hero 6 then wearing this baseball cap is just what you want all thanks to Baymax.

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buy Baymax Key Chain

Baymax Key Chain

If you like Baymax and need to organize your keys then you just need this Big Hero 6 Baymax key chain.

The key chain has a gold colored chain with a key loop and a clip and that makes it versatile and just perfect for so many tasks. On the chain, you will find Baymax as a 3D figurine that is 2.3 inches high and he looks just as amazing as in the movie.

If you like Baymax because of Big Hero 6 or because he is just so cute then this keychain is just what you need.

And besides, for keys, you could use this Baymax key chain also as a zipper pull or just a fun decorations while hanging on your backpack.

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buy Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

This Baymax plush is something every Big Hero 6 fan needs.

The plush is part of the Funko Fabrikations series and has number 24 on the box.

The plush Baymax looks just like the real Baymax did in the Big Hero 6 movie only a whole lot smaller so that you can cuddle with it whenever you want.

And Baymax is not a little kids toy, it is rated ages 14 and up.

The Baymax plush has a rotating head so that he can look where ever you want him to.

And Baymax comes in a nice box to that you can keep as his little home for when you are not playing with this adorable Big Hero 6 star.

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buy Women’s Baymax Leggings

Women’s Baymax Leggings

If you want new leggings and you like Baymax from Big Hero 6 then you found what you need as these are Baymax leggings and they are just perfect for you.

These women’s leggings have a greenish background color and on that, you will see Baymax in white and he is using all the fabric so you will find him over and over again in many fun poses.

You can get these Baymax leggings in women’s sizes 0 – 16 and they are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex so that they have a nice stretch so that you can choose how fitting you want your leggings to be.

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buy Big Hero 6 Baymax Neck Pillow

Big Hero 6 Baymax Neck Pillow

Now traveling will be even more fun because now there is a Baymax travel pillow.

This travel pillow is white with the spots of Baymax on it and his head sticking up. This Big Hero 6 neck pillow is just great fun for both young and old.

Now you neck will be staying in place while falling a sleep on the plane or in the car as this Baymax neck pillow is perfect for that while looking amazing.

No more need of those boring plain travel pillows as Baymax has you covered and is read to hold you head in place.

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buy Big Hero 6 Baymax Bed

Big Hero 6 Baymax Bed

If you have seen the movie Big Hero 6 then you of course would like to cuddle with Baymax the big white fluffy robot.

And you are in luck as now you can not just cuddle with Baymax you can sleep on top of him as this is a plush Baymax bed.

The bed is shaped like the Big Hero 6 star and is 75 inch tall and to make this bed even better the top sheet is build in so you can just slide in and sleep super close to this amazing Big Hero 6 star.

Sure it’s different then your normal shaped bed but hey it is Baymax and different is good.

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buy Hello I Am Baymax Skirt

Hello I Am Baymax Skirt

If you want a fun skirt and you like Baymax from Big Hero 6  then this skirt is something to look at.

The women’s skirt is light grey and has the text “Hello I am Baymax” on it and the head of Baymax peaking in from the side.

You can find the same design on both the front and back of the skirt and that makes this the coolest Big Hero 6 skirt you can get.

This Baymax skirt comes in women’s sizes XXSmall – 2XL and may not be something you wear everyday but it surely is something you would want to wear everyday of the year.

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buy Baymax Onesie Pajama

Baymax Onesie Pajama

If you like Baymax from the Big Hero 6 movie and would like a fun onesie pajama then you are in luck.

Now you can look like a skinny Baymax by simply getting this Baymax onesie.

This pajama is unisex and comes in a range of sizes to make many people happy.

As you can see the pajama is white and has the grey patches and the valve on the front and of course the onesie also has a hood with the face of Baymax on it.

Now sleeping will be fun again but if you want to enjoy this onesie some more then just wear it as a lounge suit.

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