buy Dora The Explorer School Supplies Binder

Dora The Explorer School Supplies Binder

If you are looking for a Dora The Explorer binder then look no further as this Dora The Explorer school supplies binder is just perfect.

The binder is made by Avery and is pink on the outside and white or black inside and comes in 3 different sizes.

On the front of the binder, you can see Dora and her monkey friend Boots and they seem to do some back to school or office supply shopping as they are books and notebooks and many paper clips too and in the background, you also find a sign that says “Dora on it and a nice heart.

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buy Dora Space Hopper Ball

Dora Space Hopper Ball

Do your kids drive you a little crazy sometimes from being hyper all the time?

Well, let them have fun and burn all of that energy off on one of these cool Dora the Explore space hopper balls.

This cool Dora the Explore hopper ball is pink in color and has a picture of Dora, her monkey friend boots, a cute little frog all looking like there hopping around with pretty flowers behind them.

The space bouncy ball measures 15 inches  (38 cm) suitable for ages 4 and up.

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buy Dora Party Cups

Dora Party Cups

Dora The Explorer Party Cups

All little kids loves Dore The Explorer.

Planning a fun Dora birthday for your little ones party?

Well these Dora flowers adventure cups will be the perfect addition to your party planning.

There is a cute picture of pink and purple flowers featuring Dora and her best friend Boots going on one of her adventures.

These Dora The Explorer paper cups come in a set of 8 cups and holds nine ounces of your kids favorite beverage.

Make your party games adventurous like Dora does for all the kids at the party.

Kids will have so much fun at this Dora theme party with these special looking Dora The Explorer Paper Party Cups.

buy Dora The Explorer Lounge Chair

Dora The Explorer Lounge Chair

A day on the beach of just fun in the garden all needs a fun chair.

If your kids like Dora and Boots then this lounge chair is perfect.

The chair has a pink frame with on the chair covers with Dora and Boots and lots of hearts.

And this Dora the Explorer chair can be folded easily for storage and to make it easier to take to the beach, pool or any where else you need a chair.

This Dora chair has multi position back and footrest so that kids can be super comfortable.

Kids with a weight till up to 60 lbs (27kg) can enjoy this fun Dora kids chair.

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buy Dora And Boots Paper Plates

Dora And Boots Paper Plates

Dora And Boots Paper Plates

If you are planning the Dora the Explorer birthday party then you are gone have to look at these super cute paper plates.

On these plates you can see Dora and her monkey friend Boots in a happy hug.

These round plates have a diameter of 7 inch making them plenty big for cake and snacks.
And these Dora paper plates come 8 in a pack so that you will be all set for your party.

With Dora and her friend Boots ready to party the kids are gone party to and if the kids are happy the parents will be to.

So lets count how many plates we need and then order these Dora The Explorer And Boot Paper Plates.

buy Dora The Explorer Projector Night Light

Dora The Explorer Projector Night Light

Dora The Explorer Projector Night Light

This is not a boring night light that you plug in the wall and that is it.
No this is a little projector and at night it shows a 3 feet image of Dora and Boots on the ceiling.

And this is a smart night light to, it turns on automaticly when it gets dark and off when daylight returns.
It is an LED light and that means that it uses way less power then a regular bulb making it realy energy efficient.

So if you have little once that are afraid of the dark the come and check out this Dora The Explorer Projector Night Light.

Dora Kids Winter Coat


Dora The Explorer Kids Winter Jacket

Kids love to play outside and it doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold, snow or rain.
So to protect them from the elements you need a nice jacket.

This Dora jacket will keep your kids warm and dry while they play outside.

The Jacket black with colorfull stripes and the word “Dora” on it. And on the front you also have a picture of Dora the Explorer and her monkey friend Boots. The hood has a nice furry edge for fun and softness.

You can get this Dora coat in a wide selection of toddler and kids sizes so that it will fit perfectly.

Come and have a better look at this Dora The Explorer Winter Jacket.

buy Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Making kids wash their hands became so much easier with this Dora The Explorer hand soap.

The soap from comes in a fun soap dispenser with Dora and her friend Boots.

And besides having Dora on it the soap is also magical as it turns in to foam when you pump it out of this dispenser.

So if you kids like Dora then they want to wash their hands with the Dora The Explorer Hand Soap And Soap Dispenser.

Dora & Boots Slip-On Shoes

Dora the Explorere kids shoes

Does your little one have trouble getting shoes on?

Maybe it is time for some fun slip-on shoes like these Dora once.

These Dora shoes have a picture of Dora the Explorere and her monkey friend Boots on it.
Now you kid can slip on these shoes by them selves without your help.

You can get these Dora shoes in a range of toddler sizes.

Come checkout these Dora The Explorer Slip-On Shoes.

Dora The Explorer Projector Watch

Dora the Explorer projector watch

Now you little one will wear a watch because this is a Dora watch.

And not only does it show Dora and Boots on the watch face it also has Dora and her friends printed on the watch band.

Besides being a fun little watch for kids this is more.
This Dora the Explorer watch has a build in projector that wil show a picture of Dora on a light surface (best to see in a dark environment).

If you like to give your kid a watch then I will tell you this one is cheap (less then $5 dollars) and comes shiped to you for free.

Time to order your kids Dora The Explorer Projector Watch.