buy Tardis Bow Tie

Tardis Bow Tie

Now Doctor Who fans can wear this Tardis Bow Tie.

If you like how the 11th Doctor looked thanks to a bow tie then you can look as nice as him thanks to this bow tie that is dark blue in color and has little images of the Tardis on it.

So when you wear this nice bow tie with your suit or just any day clothing then wearing this Doctor Who bow tie is a great way to do it.

A bow tie is a great addition to your collection of ties and bow ties and it becomes even better if you are a big fan of Doctor Who.

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buy Star Trek Command Bow Tie

Star Trek Command Bow Tie

If you want to be a classy Star Trek officer then this Star Trek bow tie is what you need.

The cotton bow tie is yellow and on that yellow fabric, you will find the Star Trek command insignia over and over again.

You can get this special bow tie in sizes for adults, kids, and even toddlers. And each Star Trek bow tie has an adjustable strap to make it fit like you want.

A bow tie like this is perfect as part of a cosplay or Halloween costume but also fun to wear with a nice shirt when you go out.

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buy Doctor Who Fez And Bow Tie Set

Doctor Who Fez And Bow Tie Set

Doctor Who is known for finding Fez hats over time and the 11th Doctor even wore one for a while and thought they were cool.

And now you can be just like the 11th Doctor and wear a Fez and a bow tie.

Unlike the Doctors bow tie, this one just has an easy closing meganism so that you don’t have to try to fold it to the pefect shape.

The set of bow tie and fez are one size fit most and make a great gift or are great as part of a Doctor Who costume.

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