buy Glow Cheer Care Bear Plush

Glow Cheer Care Bear Plush

Glow Cheer Care Bear Plush

Bring cheer and celebrate the 25 anniversary of the Care Bears.

If your kids are afraid of the dark.  The new edition of the Care Bear Plush will be perfect to make them feel safe at night.

They have a brand new look and glow all over. Even the symbol on the tummy lights up.

Cheer Bear is a pink soft cuddly plush with the symbol of a rainbow on the tummy and even has a rainbow bow on the head.

So cheer your little one up at bedtime and make them happy with their own Glow Cheer Care Bear Plush.

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buy Cheer Bear Air Freshener

Cheer Bear Air Freshener

Cheer Bear Air Freshener from the Care Bears

Does your room, locker or car have a strange not pleasant smell?

No worries Cheer Bear will make it all smell great again.

This Care Bear with a rainbow on her belly is now available as an air freshener and that means it will smell nice and you can enjoy Cheer Bear all the time to.

The oval air freshener shows Cheer Bear hanging on a bunch of heart shaped balloons and of course she has a big happy smile on her bear face to.

So let the Care Bears give you a nice smelling life with this Care Bears – Cheer Bear Air Freshener.

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buy Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt

Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt

Care Bears Cheer Bear Rainbow T-Shirt

This teal blue women’s t-shirt will make people smile.

Why simply because it has my favorite Care Bear on it.

Yes on this t-shirt you can see Cheer Bear dancing on some clouds while behind him like on his tummy there is a nice rainbow and there are even some stars.

This junior fit t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes Small – X-Large.

If you care as much as Cheer Bear then you want this shirt just to make people smile when they see it.

So maybe it is time to have a closer look at this Care Bears Cheer Rainbow T-Shirt.

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buy Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress

Care Bears Tank Dress costume

Looking for that perfect tank top style dress for a hot day or as Halloween costume?

How about one based on the Care Bears?

There is a whole range of Care Bears tank dresses you can choose from:

  • Love-A-Lot Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Bedtime Bear
  • Funshine Bear

Each costume dress has the right Care bear symbol on the front and the name and a heart on the back.

These Care Bear dresses come in junior sizes Small – XLarge.

Now you and you girlfriends can all be a Care Bear this Halloween and just have fun as a group of sexy bears.

Come and have a better look at these Care Bears Costume Tank Dresses.

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