buy Spider-Man Bean Bag Chair

Spider-Man Bean Bag Chair

Marvel Comics fanatics will love to see this fun Spider-Man Bean Bag Chair that will be great to compliment any room.

This is a bean bag chair that is based after the Marvel superhero of Spider-Man. Find a black back and base color for the chair while the top and front is red. In the middle top of the chair you see an stitched embroidered Spider-Man logo along with a stitched ” Spider-Man “.

This Spider-Man bean bag chair when filled with beans measures 38 inches in Width x 38 inches in Depth x 40 inches in Height. Just remember to order the filler beans along with this bean bag. What a perfect chair for kids, teens and some adults to watch Marvel movies, read books, comics or for gaming.

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buy Dora The Explorer Kids Chair

Dora The Explorer Kids Chair

Finish off your kids room or television room with a very cool Dora The Explorer kids chair.

This is a chair that features a great image of Dora from the animated series of Dora The Explorer. On the front of this chair there is an image of Dora in a pink dress with rainbows and clouds. The seat has designs of clouds and butterflies with the saying of ” Exploring La Imaginacion! “.

The Dora The Explorer chair is made to be very durable and hold up to 100 pounds with a wood frame and durable cushioned upholstery. The chair measures 23 inches in width x 18.2 inches in height x 16.1 inches in depth.

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buy Curious George Chair

Curious George Chair

Now the kids can sit in style all thanks to this Curious George Chair.

This kids chair looks like you are sitting on Curious George.

It is a nice a fluffy chair that has a nice soft foam lining so that it is nice and soft to sit on and it is made for kids ages 18months+.

The chair looks like the monkey with the face of Curious George as the backrest and the seat itself is red and it says “Curious George” on it and on the arm rest and bottom you can see all the paws of this funny monkey.

Kids are going to love this cute monkey and want to sit on it all the time.

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buy R2-D2 Adirondack Chair

R2-D2 Adirondack Chair

Star Wars fans can now enjoy sitting in the yard all thanks to this R2-D2 Adirondack Chair.

Adirondack chairs are know for being really comfortable and just the perfect chair for in the yard.

If you are a Star Wars fan that like to sit outside then you should look closer at this R2-D2 chair. The wooden chair has on the backrest a picture of R2-D2 and that looks amazing.

Besides the picture the wood is untreated so you could choose to varnish it to give it a more lasting look or you can just use it like this as it looks amazing.

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buy Hello Kitty Chair

Hello Kitty Chair

If you like Hello Kitty and sitting on the floor then you should check out this Hello Kitty chair.

This is a chair without legs as it is a Hello Kitty floor chair with a pink seat and the back of the chair is the face of Hello Kitty complete with the bow in her hair.

And when you want you can fold the back flat making even more comfy to lounge on and easier to store when you are in using it.

Kids or adults that like Hello Kitty can now sit more comfortable on the floor as the seat is just comfy while being almost on the floor.

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buy Upholstered Batman Kids Chair

Upholstered Batman Kids Chair

Your child deserves a nice chair for in your home and now there is a nicely upholstered Batman kids chair that would be perfect for in your home.

The chair is black and looks like a leather chair making it look really nice in your nice living room. The back of the seat shows the famous Batman symbol and below it you can see the muscles just like in Batman’s costume. Below the seat the Batman chair shows the famous tool belt Batman wears and it is yellow just like the real one.

I am sure that your child is going to love sitting in this Batman chair and watch TV or read a comic book.

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buy Darth Vader Kids Chair

Darth Vader Kids Chair

If your child needs a place to sit and they love Star Wars then this Darth Vader kids chair is what you need.

The black chair looks amazing as a chair and it also looks amazing like Darth Vader as it has his big head on the back and the seat cushion and the bottom edge looks like costume details.

So when you sit in this chair it will feel like you are sitting on Darth Vader lap and isn’t that something every little Star Wars fans dreams about.

The hardwood framed padded Darth Vader chair can hold up to 100 pounds and will look amazing in a kid’s bedroom.

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buy iZombie Liv Moore Holding Brains Bean Bag

iZombie Liv Moore Holding Brains Bean Bag

This iZombie bean bag is made for watching Liv Moore on TV.

The bean bag has a almost stone kind of look and on top of that a big picture of Liv Moore holding up a car with a brain in it and of course it also has the iZombie logo and the text “Half Dead Fully Awesome” above that.

The iZombie chair comes with a styrene filling so that you have a chair that is ready for you to sit comfortable in.

Bean bags are fun and comfortable and perfect for watching iZombie on TV.

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buy Disney Cars Chair Desk For Kids

Disney Cars Chair Desk For Kids

If you are looking for a little chair or desk for your little one to play on then you have to see this Cars chair desk.

If you child loves cars and Lightning McQueen then this is what you need.

The chair desk is one piece (when assembled) so that your kid does not have to worry about things and it red and blue and has lots of decals on it based on the Cars franchise and yes of course there is one of Lightning McQueen racing on it to and to make it even better the chair has a basket under it so that you can store some of your child’s toys out of sight.

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buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chair

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chair

Are you a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan?

Well, why sit is a normal chair when you can sit in  this cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle chair and watch all your favorite TMNT episodes.

This unique Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chair looks just like a ninja turtle wearing their bandana and a big grin on his face in the shape of a chair that comes in either Raphael, Donatello, or Michelangelo.

It is 100% polyester cozy fabric and the comfy seat measures 20 inch by 21 inch in size. When you sit in the chair you will dream of going on adventures with the TMNT yourself. And this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arm chair is not a kiddy chair it is made for adults but kids can sit in it to.

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