buy Little Kids Curious George Sock Slippers

Little Kids Curious George Sock Slippers

If your child loves Curious George and needs some slippers then these Curious George sock slippers are just perfect.

The slippers are red with a yellow cuff and on the top of the foot the head of the Curious George monkey.

Slippers like this are just great fun to look at and I am sure it will make it a lot easier for you to make you child to wear slippers because George is right there with every step they make and while they are playing around.

And these Curious George slippers have a non-slip bottom to keep your kids safe while running around.

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buy Curious George Baby Bodysuit

Curious George Baby Bodysuit

If you are looking for some cute baby clothes then you should check out this Curious George baby bodysuit.

The white romper comes in baby sizes 6 – 24 months and shows the image of Curious George white he seems to be jumping out of a round hole and just below it you find the name of this curious monkey.

And this bodysuit is made from 100% bamboo cotton and that makes it soft and comfy for the baby and the snaps at the bottom make it easy to change a dirty diaper.

A romper with no legs and short sleeves is just what you need for your infant and that it has Curious George on it makes it a big plus.

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buy Curious George Face Hoodie For Kids

Curious George Face Hoodie For Kids

If you toddler loves Curious George then this hoodie is what they need.

The hoodie is brown and the hood has a yellow lining with bananas on it and on top of the hood there are monkey ears. On the front of the zip-up hoodie, you find a big picture of the face of Curious George and he looks happy to be there.

The Curious George hoodie comes in sizes T2, T3, and T4 and I am sure that some adults are going to be sad as this only fits kids.

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buy Kids Curious George Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Kids Curious George Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you little girl needs a new shirt then check out this Curious George long sleeve t-shirt that is fun because of the monkey.

The shirt has purple long sleeves and a white body and on the shirt, you can see a big striped heart and in front of that the monkey Curious George.

The Curious George shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in kids sizes 2T – 5 and will quickly become your child’s favorite shirt.

A shirt like this is great for the cooler days of spring, summer, and fall because of the long sleeves.

Surprise you child with this Curious George long sleeve t-shirt and they will love you forever.

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buy Curious George Personalized Christmas Ornament

Curious George Personalized Christmas Ornament

If Curious George is one of the favourites in your home then why not add a personalized Curious George ornament to your Christmas tree.

This ornament shows a yellow background covered in banana’s and in front of that you find a picture of Curious George and the monkey is smiling as next to him it says a name and maybe a year below it as it is a personalized ornament.

So now you child can have it’s own fun ornament with it’s name on it and the year they got it.

The Curious George ornament is ceramic and comes with a gold cord to hang it with.


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buy Curious George Picture Frame

Curious George Picture Frame

If your child just loves that brown monkey called Curious George then why not surprise them with a fun photo frame with a picture of you child and a frame with Curious George on it.

This wooden picture frame shows Curious George on the frame and his name on the bottom part and lots os paw prints and on the top edge it can have your child’s name or a text like “Curios Avery” just like on the picture.

The Curious George photo frame is 8 3/4 x 6 3/4 inch and can hold a 4 x 6 inch photo. And you can hang or stand the frame.

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buy Red Curious George Backpack

Red Curious George Backpack

This red Curious George is perfect as your child’s first backpack.

And this red backpack is personalized to and that means that besides the fun face of Curious George it also has your kids name on it.

This backpack is 12 x 14 x 5.5 inch making it big enough for most kids and small enough for the smaller once.

The Curious George backpack has inside pockets and side pockets so that it very versatile and ready for so many tasks.

Just imagine getting a child this amazing backpack they will love you forever.

Daycare, school or a day trip this red Curious George backpack is the perfect companion.

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buy Curious George Beach Towel

Curious George Beach Towel

If you like the fun monkey Curious George then you gone love this yellow towel.

This 60 x 30 inch towel is yellow and on it you can see the words “Curious George” and a bunch of picture of the head of Curious George and they have a whole bunch of funny expressions on them.

A towel like this is perfect for the beach, pool or even for after the shower at home.

Why would you get a boring plain towel when you can have one with your favourite monkey on them. And of course this towel also makes for the perfect gift for kids and adults.

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buy Curious George Party Hats

Curious George Party Hats

Curious George Cone Party Hats

A real Curious George party of course needs hats.

And you are in luck as we found these fun cone hats that have the funny monkey Curious George on it.

The cone hats comes in a pack of 8 so that you can be done for the whole party at once.

Just put a hat on each kids plate and maybe even hide a little treat under it and you all will be ready to party in no time at all.

These cone hast are mainly yellow with red dots and yes of course George and balloons are on it to making it really a festive looking paper hat.

Get ready to plan that party and lets start with these cute Curious George Cone Hats.

buy Curious George Painting Blanket

Curious George Painting Blanket

If you or your kids like Curious George then this fleece blanket would make a great item to have.

This 36 x 60 inches fleece blanket is white on one side but the other side has plenty of color as Curious George is trying to paint.

On the blanket, you can see the brown monkey with red and yellow paint on him while holding a paintbrush in his hands. And there are buckets of red, yellow and blue paint to and all kind of colors on the background.

One thing you can learn from this is that monkeys are not great at painting.

But this is a Curious George blanket and one thing it is good for is keeping your warm and comfortable.

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