buy Tinker Bell Sparkling Necklace

Tinker Bell Sparkling Necklace

If you like a fun new necklace with a Disney fairy on it then you should check out this Tinker Bell sparkling necklace.

The necklace pendant is made from metal that is lead and nickel free and is shaped like Tinker Bell and is filled with rhinestones so that it will sparkle.

And the necklace is adjustable in size so that you can wear the Tinker Bell necklace if you are a child or an adult and that makes this to be a fun present.

Now your jewelry can show people around you that you like the classic Tinker Bell.

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buy Tinker Bell Christmas Blanket

Tinker Bell Christmas Blanket

If you like a fun blanket for the holiday then you should check out this Tinker Bell Christmas blanket.

The Disney holiday blanket shows Tinker Bell in a red Christmas dress with white fluff on the bottom. And Tinker Bell is flying around in betweenChristmas decor and it also says “Pixie Dust Magic”.

You can get this sherpa blanket in 3 sizes from a 30 x 40 inches all the way up to a 60 x 80 inches.

So you can have a fun blanket that you can keep using for many Christmas holidays as it is a quality blanket that looks amazing all thanks to Tinker Bell.

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buy Tinker Bell Airlines T-Shirt

Tinker Bell Airlines T-Shirt

If you ever wondered what Tinker Bell does with her spare time then now you know she travel around the world on a paper plane.

On this t-shirt you can see Tinker Bell sitting on a paper plane having the time of her life. In the background you can see London and the clouds. If you look closely you can even see The Jolly Roger flying in the sky. So Tinker Bell stay far away from the that pirate ship of Captain Hook as you know nothing good will happen there.

You can get this Tinker Bell t-shirt in men and women’s styles in black, navy or royal blue in sizes Small – 6XL and they are made from 100% cotton.

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buy Tinker Bell Orange Lunch Box

Tinker Bell Orange Lunch Box

Now you can take Tinker Bell with you and she will keep an eye on your lunch.

This Disney lunch box has an fun image or you favorite Disney fairy Tinker Bell on it.

The lunch box made by Yubo is easy to clean and comes in different colors but all these Tinker Bell lunch boxes have a picture of Tinker Bell resting on a flower and all that against an orange background.

Inside the lunch box you find an icepack, sandwich box and two smaller containers. And there are more accessories available for this lunch box so that it will become the perfect lunch kit for school.

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buy Tinker Bell Magic Water Bottle

Tinker Bell Magic Water Bottle

If you or the kids like Tinker Bell then a nice Tinker Bell water bottle would be a great thing to own.

And now there is this water bottle from SIG that has Tinker Bell on it.

This Disney water bottle is made from aluminum and are 100% BPA free. That this Tink bottle is made from aluminium is a plus as it is almost as light as a plastic bottle without the bad chemicals.

On this bottle you can see Tinker Bell do some magic holding up a wand and sparkles in the background. And if you don’t like blue then no worries this water bottle is available in many colors.

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buy Flying Tinker Bell Necklace

Flying Tinker Bell Necklace

Flying Tinker Bell Necklace

Do you have a little Tinker Bell fan in your house or do you know one?

This adorable Tinker Bell necklace is the perfect gift for any women young or old who loves the Disney princesses and especially “Think” who is the centrepiece of all the fairies.

In all her movies, Tinker Bell is seen flying about quickly spreading fairy dust from her wand and that is what you can see on this necklace.

A gold colored Tinker Bell silhouette is hanging on a fine chain and she is looking up at a large piece of gold colored pixie dust a bit farther up the chain.

Give the little girl in your life many happy thoughts and make her feel extra special with this Flying Tinker Bell Necklace.

buy Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

If you are looking for a mug that can hold your morning coffee and shows Tinker Bell then you came to the right place.

This mug shows Tinker Bell art on both sides and the art has a dimensional surface so you can feel it stick up and it has sparkles to. On one side you can see Tinker Bell up close staring at you and on the other side she is flying around.

This coffee mug is 12 oz and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why you paper or plastic when you can have a real ceramic Tinker Bell mug like this one that will last you so much longer and looks so much better.

Don’t wait come get your own Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug.

buy Tinker Bell Sweet Celebration Invitations

Tinker Bell Sweet Celebration Invitations

Disney Fairy Tinker Bell Sweet Celebration Invitations

Are you gone have a sweet birthday party?

If so then you need some sweet celebration party invitations and they come with a picture of Tinker Bell holding a cupcake.

These fun Tinker Bell invitations come in a pack of 8 and include an envelope for each birthday invitation.

On the inside of this Tinker Bell card there is plenty of room for the party details so that you guest will know where and when to come and eat some sweets.

If you are planning that Fairies or Tinker Bell party then you of course need these invitations.

So don’t wait come and order your Tinker Bell Sweet Celebration Invitations.

buy Tinker Bell iPhone 5 Case

Tinker Bell iPhone 5 Case

Tinker Bell iPhone 5 Case

There is Tinker Bell and she has something on her mind.

She worries about your iPhone and wants you to protect it better. And to do so she is posing on this iPhone 5 case.
The case is black and that makes the drawing of Tinker Bell stand out nicely.

The case is made by Case-Mate and that means a quality product with the protection your phone needs.

So if you want a great looking iPhone case then you have to check out this Tinker Bell iPhone 5 Case. 

buy Disney Fairies Placemat

Disney Fairies Placemat

Eating on the dining table will be fun again!

This plastic BPA free placemat makes your kids want to eat on the table again and look and talk about all those nice Fairies on the placemat.

On the placemat you can see Tinker Bell and her friends Silvermist, Iridessa and Rosetta all flying around looking at you eat.

The Fairies placemat is 12 x 17.5 inch and is foodsave but not safe but not microwave safe.

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