buy Tinker Bell Light Switch Decal

Tinker Bell Light Switch Decal

If you like Tinker Bell and would like to ad her to your home then check out this Tinker Bell light switch decal.

The sticker comes in two sizes and in black, white, and pink.

The decal you can put above your light switch and that makes it looks like the cute Disney fairy is sitting on top of you light switch.

And this wall decal can be easily installed and removed so that you can have Tinker Bell sitting where you want and when you want.

This cute decal will be fun in kids rooms but even adults can enjoy seeing her. And if you don’t want her on the light switch then you could put it on you car, computer, or anywhere else.

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buy Tinker Bell Sparkling Necklace

Tinker Bell Sparkling Necklace

If you like a fun new necklace with a Disney fairy on it then you should check out this Tinker Bell sparkling necklace.

The necklace pendant is made from metal that is lead and nickel free and is shaped like Tinker Bell and is filled with rhinestones so that it will sparkle.

And the necklace is adjustable in size so that you can wear the Tinker Bell necklace if you are a child or an adult and that makes this to be a fun present.

Now your jewelry can show people around you that you like the classic Tinker Bell.

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buy Tinker Bell Christmas Blanket

Tinker Bell Christmas Blanket

If you like a fun blanket for the holiday then you should check out this Tinker Bell Christmas blanket.

The Disney holiday blanket shows Tinker Bell in a red Christmas dress with white fluff on the bottom. And Tinker Bell is flying around in betweenChristmas decor and it also says “Pixie Dust Magic”.

You can get this sherpa blanket in 3 sizes from a 30 x 40 inches all the way up to a 60 x 80 inches.

So you can have a fun blanket that you can keep using for many Christmas holidays as it is a quality blanket that looks amazing all thanks to Tinker Bell.

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buy Flying Tinker Bell Figurine

Flying Tinker Bell Figurine

If you want a fairy that flies then you should check out this flying Tinker Bell figurine.

The figurine of Tinker Bell looks like she really flies with her white wings out wide and her legs from the ground. But actually the fairy is connected to the ground by the green back of her dress and all are decorated by greenery and flowers.

Made from stone resin and is hand painted and is 7.75 inches tall.

If you want a cute figurine based on this famous Peter Pan character then you just have to take a closer look at her. If you click on the picture you will see more images of this Tinker Bell figurine.

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buy Tinker Bell Happy Valentine’s Day Card

Tinker Bell Happy Valentine’s Day Card

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s card for someone you care about that like Tinker Bell then you are in luck as we found the perfect Tinker Bell card for that occasion.

This Tinker Bell card is 5 x7 inch and comes with an envelope and on the card you can see a drawing of Tinker Bell and a row of flowers, hearts and an envelope and above that it says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

So now your Valentine can get a real special greeting card for this special day and it’s unlikely you find this amazing looking card in a store.

And if you don’t like the cut of the card then you are in luck as different cuts and even normal square are available for this design.

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buy Tinker Bell Airlines T-Shirt

Tinker Bell Airlines T-Shirt

If you ever wondered what Tinker Bell does with her spare time then now you know she travel around the world on a paper plane.

On this t-shirt you can see Tinker Bell sitting on a paper plane having the time of her life. In the background you can see London and the clouds. If you look closely you can even see The Jolly Roger flying in the sky. So Tinker Bell stay far away from the that pirate ship of Captain Hook as you know nothing good will happen there.

You can get this Tinker Bell t-shirt in men and women’s styles in black, navy or royal blue in sizes Small – 6XL and they are made from 100% cotton.

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buy Tinker Bell Sketch iPhone 6s Case

Tinker Bell Sketch iPhone 6s Case

On this case you will see the classic sketch image of Disney’s favorite fairy Tinker Bell, find her with that yellow blonde hair upp in a top bun, blue eyes, red lips and as usual an unimpressed look on her face. Tink is also wearing that trademark green leaf dress and silver white wings behind her.

Made to be very durable and really high quality from the awesome company Case-Mate, it is made to specifically fit your iPhone 6s and when on not only does it protect your precious phone from bumps and scratches it will also leave you access to all ports and buttons.

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buy Tinker Bell Orange Lunch Box

Tinker Bell Orange Lunch Box

Now you can take Tinker Bell with you and she will keep an eye on your lunch.

This Disney lunch box has an fun image or you favorite Disney fairy Tinker Bell on it.

The lunch box made by Yubo is easy to clean and comes in different colors but all these Tinker Bell lunch boxes have a picture of Tinker Bell resting on a flower and all that against an orange background.

Inside the lunch box you find an icepack, sandwich box and two smaller containers. And there are more accessories available for this lunch box so that it will become the perfect lunch kit for school.

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buy Tinker Bell Magic Water Bottle

Tinker Bell Magic Water Bottle

If you or the kids like Tinker Bell then a nice Tinker Bell water bottle would be a great thing to own.

And now there is this water bottle from SIG that has Tinker Bell on it.

This Disney water bottle is made from aluminum and are 100% BPA free. That this Tink bottle is made from aluminium is a plus as it is almost as light as a plastic bottle without the bad chemicals.

On this bottle you can see Tinker Bell do some magic holding up a wand and sparkles in the background. And if you don’t like blue then no worries this water bottle is available in many colors.

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buy Tinker Bell Light Up Ornament

Tinker Bell Light Up Ornament

This ornament features the spitfire fairy Tinker Bell inside a gold lantern wearing her green leaf dress and shoes that have white pom poms also her wings are see through and sparkle with glittery fairy dust all over them.

The Disney fairy Tinker Bell Christmas tree ornament comes with a red satin ribbon for hanging but can also stand on a shelf or desk, you will also get a small Disney Store charm with the year 2014 engraved.

Not only is this ornament perfect to celebrate the holidays a really cool feature is inside the lid there is an LED light that shines down on Tinker Bell.

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