Tangled Activity Book

Tangled is the Disney movie based on the Disney Princess Rapunzel, and they have put an amazing super fun activity book together. This book will work on many different key learning skills, there is coloring, reading, stickers and assorted activities all in this one book.

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Tangled Rapunzel Comforter

Princess Rapunzel, the newest Disney Princess. Starring in the disney movie Tangled, Rapunzel has lived in the tallest most beautiful tower her whole life untill Flynn comes along and the rest is history. This twin comforter has the yellow haired beauty on the front with a huge castle in the background.

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Princess Make A Plate

Princess make a plate is a fun creative way to spend some quality time with your children. And it is something a little different too. You can freehand a drawing or use a pre-printed sheet then send it away and it will be put on a dishwasher safe plate.

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Cinderella Vanity and Stool Set

Here is a way to make your little princesses dreams come true. This high qualty extremly detailed vanity set is definetly the perfect addition for any princess, and to top it all off the stool is cushioned for maximunm comfort fit for a (you guessed it) princess.

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buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Ariel The Little Mermaid Ornament

Here is Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid and wow she looks stunning today.

This is a very special Christmas ornament of Ariel. It is made of Lenox china and is hand painted and has 24 karat gold accents. So maybe not suited for the little once but it would look so nice in your Christmas tree this year.

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Disney Princess Messenger Bag

Disney Princesses need everything Princess. This Disney Princess Messenger Bag is perfect for your little Princess. It has a large image of 3 favorite Disney Princesses Snowhite, Cinderella, and Aurora. It has many pockets and zippers to hide all magical things and keep them safe.

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