buy Hogwarts Crest Backpack

Hogwarts Crest Backpack

Harry Potter fans can now carry their stuff in this Hogwarts Crest Backpack.

This Harry Potter backpack is red and in the red background you can see some Harry Potter details but the main focal point is the big and colorful Hogwarts crest.

Besides the big logo, there is also a small Hogwarts logo as a zipper pull on the small front pocket.

A Harry Potter backpack is what all the fans want and you can get this one to take to school, work, and many other adventures as it looks amazing and it just perfect at holding your stuff.

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buy Animals From Harry Potter Dress

Animals From Harry Potter Dress

If you want a fun dress then come check out this Animals From Harry Potter Dress.

To me, this Harry Potter dress says summer as it has a nice soft green color and on the fabric, you can find many animals we all know from the Harry Potter movies. You can see Hedwig, Fawkes, Crookshanks, Scabbers, and Trevor and all are just moving around making it just add some color to the dress while looking amazing.

A dress like this will look great to almost anyone but to a true Harry Potter fan, this dress actually is extra special.

You can get this dress in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and they are all made from 100% rayon.

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buy Hermione Figurine

Hermione Figurine

Now Harry Potter fans can get this amazing looking Hermione Figurine.

This figurine is made by Banpresto in their Q Posket series.

The figuring of Hermione is 6 inches tall and comes with a base so that she can stand around in your home.

As you can see Hermione looks amazing as a figurine she has nice big eyes that really look amazing on her and then there are lots of details in her hair and all over. This figure shows her in her Hogwarts school uniform and it looks like she is running in between classes as her robe is swinging behind her.

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buy Harry Potter And His Owl Pin

Harry Potter And His Owl Pin

Now you can have a Harry Potter And His Owl Pin for on your clothes or maybe a  bag.

This is an enamel pin is 1 1/2 x 1 inch and shows Harry Potter in his Hogwarts robe and with a scarf and on his right arm you can find Hedwig his owl.

A fun metal pin like this is great for on your clothing and also will look great on your school backpack or maybe the strap of your shoulder bag.

Now you can take Harry Potter everywhere you go and I am sure that people will be admiring this fun pin that shows the classic Harry just like we know him from when the stories started.

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buy Hagrid And Harry On A Motorbike Figurine

Hagrid And Harry On A Motorbike Figurine

Harry Potter can now own this amazing looking Hagrid And Harry On A Motorbike Figurine.

This figurine looks like it just came out of the stories.

The Harry Potter figurine is made from PVC plastic and is 7 inches long and 6 inches tall and has a nice round base.

The figurine shows the motorbike with Hagrid driving the bike while Harry Potter sitting inside the sidecar.

A cool figurine like this is a must have for all the true Harry Potter collectors and make for an amazing piece for in the home of every Harry Potter fan.

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buy Harry Potter Charater Mug

Harry Potter Charater Mug

Now you can have a fun mug because this is a Harry Potter Charater Mug.

This is not a mug you will see in store as it is really special as it is a fun looking mug but what makes it better is that Harry Potter is stuck to the outside of the mug in his school outfit and he even brought a book for the next class.

The mug can hold 11.5 oz of your favorite drink like tea, coffee or even water.

If you are or know a Harry Potter fan that likes to stay hydraded then surprise them or your self with this special mug.

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buy Harry Potter Dog Collar

Harry Potter Dog Collar

Now you can walk your dog in Harry Potter style all thanks to this Harry Potter Dog Collar.

This dog collar is available in different sizes and also adjustable in size and you can choose between a breakaway or regular buckle.

As you can see the Harry Potter collar is in Gryffindor red and yellow colors and it also shows fun details like the glasses, 9 3/4, lightning bold and the Deathly Hallow symbol .

Now you can wear your Hogwarts robe and get ready to go for a walk with your dog and both will be in Harry Potter style.

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buy Hogwarts Express Light Switch Cover

Hogwarts Express Light Switch Cover

If you want to decorate your home Harry Potter style then do so with this Hogwarts Express Light Switch Cover.

We all know that light switch covers are boring and plain but now you can change them out with this Harry Potter cover plate.

The Harry Potter light switch cover has a green and coper looks and on it you can see the train that brings them to Hogwarts as it is riding into Kings Cross station where the kids can enter the train from platform 9 3/4 and all that can also be founded in text on the cover and on top of it all it even shows a clock.

Changing a switch plate is easy and anyone that knows how a screwdriver works can do it so time to add some Harry Potter to your lights.

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buy Harry Potter Crests Playing Cards

Harry Potter Crests Playing Cards

Now is the time for a game of cards and you should be using the Harry Potter Crests Playing Cards.

These playing cards do not have the normal spades, hearts and the others. These cards have the house crests and colors and on the back of the cards you can find the logo of Hogwarts.

So now you can play card games with your friends. Poker night will now have a Harry Potter theme all thanks to these cards.

Now is the time to put away your phone and actually play cards because it is way more fun when hanging out with friends.

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buy Dobby Is Free Socks

Dobby Is Free Socks

If you are a Harry Potter fan in need of fun socks then you should get these Dobby Is Free Socks.

These women’s socks are size 5 – 8 and they come in two colors.

The Harry Potter socks are just plain socks and nobody will know that they are socks from a Harry Potter fan until the look at the bottom of your feet as there you can find the text “Master has given Dobby a sock” on one foot and “Dobby is Free” on the other sock.

We all know that Dobby got free after harry got him the sock and these socks are all about that in a fun way.

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