buy Deathly Hallows Pin

Deathly Hallows Pin

Now Harry Potter fans can get this cool Deathly Hallows Pin.

Harry Potter fans know the famous triangle and now you can get it as an enamel pin.

The Deathly Hallows pin has a white background with a black print and together it looks great as it kinda of looks different from every angle.

A pin like this is great on your clothing like a nice jacket, shirt, cap or maybe even the strap of your handbag or you backpack.

Now you can show that you like Harry Potter and that could be just fun for you but by showing off your pin you may find other people that are a lot like you.

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buy Women’s Ravenclaw Swimsuit

Women’s Ravenclaw Swimsuit

Now Harry Potter fans can go swimming in style all thanks to this Women’s Ravenclaw Swimsuit.

This one piece swimsuit is available in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL.

The swimsuit is Ravenclaw blue and has the Ravenclaw logo in between the two cups and on the back it says in gold “Ravenclaw” and the swimsuit has a ruffle like skirt to give it a bit of a different look.

I am sure that you will find other Harry Potter fans at the pool and beach just because you are wearing this to go swimming.

So if you feel like you belong in Ravenclaw then this could be perfect for you.

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buy Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch

Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch

Harry Potter fans can now have this Platform 9 3/4 Clothing Patch.

Clothing patches are a great way to decorate clothing and other fabrics and it then becomes a really fun as it gets a message out.

This patch has says “Platform 9 3/4” and everyone that watched or read Harry Potter knows what that means and that makes it fun.

You can get this Harry Potter patch as a sew on, iron on, or with velcro back so that you can get the perfect patch for you.

Clothes, hats, and maybe your school bag all can become Harry Potter style all thanks to this Platform 9 3/4 patch.

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buy Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Now there is this Harry Potter Jewelry Set so that you can always ready to wear something nice.

This jewelry set includes 3 necklaces and 1 bracelet all themed around the Harry Potter franchise.

There is a time turner necklace, golden snitch bracelet and necklace and a Deathly Hallows logo necklace. Each necklace is about 19 inches long and will look stunning  with so many outfits.

Jewelry is a great way to personalize your outfit and if you are a big fan of Harry Potter then this set is just perfect as it makes you able to switch things up when ever you feel like.

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buy Gryffindor Sex Lingerie Costume

Gryffindor Sex Lingerie Costume

Harry Potter fans can now get this Gryffindor Sex Lingerie Costume.

If you always wanted to be one sexy member of the Gryffindor house then this cosplay outfit could be just what you need.

The Harry Potter costume comes in 3 women’s sizes and includes a cheer lace crop top with white color and small tie, high waist burgundy panties and burgundy and gold suspenders to make the costume complete.

Now you can have some sexy play with your partner and replay some Harry Potter stories you dreamed about.

It is a really fun outfit that you don’t wear to a Public Halloween party but will look great for in the bedroom.

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buy Luna Lovegood Sneakers

Luna Lovegood Sneakers

Now Harry Potter fans can have some fun shoes as there now are these Luna Lovegood Sneakers.

These Harry Potter Hi-Top sneakers are purple with a dark purple sole and even purple laces and then on the side of the shoes you can see in gold the famous glasses that Luna Lovegood wears in the Harry Potter movie. And on the side of the sole it says “Don’t worry you’re” on one shoe and on the other it says “Just as sane as I am.”

You can get these fun Harry Potter shoes in women’s sizes 5 – 11 and I am sure you will get noticed when you are wearing these fun purple sneakers.

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buy Luna Lovegood ID Card Holder

Luna Lovegood ID Card Holder

Harry Potter fans can now get this fun Luna Lovegood ID Card Holder.

The ID card holder looks like coin wallet and can be used for that too. On the front it shows a nice picture of Luna Lovegood and she is wearing her famous glasses. On the back there is an ID card pocket with window so that you can keep your card inside it while easily showing the card. There is a big zipper on top so that you can store extra cards or cash and coins inside it.

And the wallet has a loop and clip on it so that you can keep your keys with it too.

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buy Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper

Now you can have this Harry Potter Hogwarts Tree Topper which makes your Christmas tree looks magical.

If you like Harry Potter and Christmas then this tree topper is what you like to see on top of you tree.

This tree topper looks like the Hogwarts school and it has light and sound build in and that is not all, this Hallmark ornament can interact with different Hallmark Harry Potter ornaments which is really cool and you can see in action by clicking the picture.

So if you want a unique Harry Potter experience in your Christmas tree then this is what you have to see.

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buy Harry Potter Uniform Bag

Harry Potter Uniform Bag

Now there is the Harry Potter Uniform Bag al the fans want.

This cross body handbag is black and on the front you can find a part of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts uniform complete with his necktie. On the back of the bag you will find the logo of Gryffindor and below that Harry’s name so that you know it was his bag before it became yours.

And this Harry Potter bag is very versatile as it has lots of room inside it and it comes with an adjustable strap and there is even a zipper pull that has the Harry Potter logo on it.

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buy Hogwarts Crest Crop Top

Hogwarts Crest Crop Top

Now Harry Potter can be wearing this Hogwarts Crest Crop Top.

This women’s Harry Potter shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

On the light gray crop top you can find the Hogwarts crest and name on it in full color which really look great.

So if you are a Harry Potter fans that likes to show a little bit of skin and their love of magic then this t-shirt is a great item to have because we will never forget about the boy with the scar.

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