buy Sirius Black Wanted Poster

Sirius Black Wanted Poster

Who doesn’t remember this poster from the Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban?

If you don’t remember then you probably don’t want to be on this page to begin with so bugger off and go back to the Spongebob page.

But if you do remember then you know that this Sirius Black poster looks exactly as in the movie and that makes it the perfect collectors item.

What size you wonder now let me tell you you can get this Harry Potter poster in different sizes from 11 x 15 all the way to 35 x 47 so you see if you want small or big there is a size that fits your wall.

Go check out Sirius on this Sirius Black Wanted Poster.

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Dobby Postage Stamp

dobby postage stamp

Here is Dobby and he is ready to serve his master and this time Dobby will do that to be helping with mailing some letters.

This postage stamp of Dobby is great to mail letters or invitations for a Harry Potter marathon. Just remember Dobby loves socks so don’t put socks in the envelope because that would be crule.

Get your Dobby Postage stamps now.

Harry Potter Patronus Key Chain

Harry Potter Patronus keychain

A nice key chain with a picture of Harry Potter trying the patronus spell in the Order of the Phoenix movie.

Adding this key chain to your collection of Harry Potter memorabilia is a great way to ad something that stands out.

Check out this Harry Potter Patronus Key Chain for your self.

buy Harry Potter and Golden Snitch wall decal set

Harry Potter and Golden Snitch wall decal set

Here are some giant lifelike wall decals of Harry Potter on his broom and the golden snitch.

This set is great for some room decorating. This is the way to make your room in a real Harry Potter style.

Quality of the decals is high and are easy to apply to a clean non-porous surface and can be removed to with damaging any walls.

Get your Harry Potter and Golden Snitch wall decal set

buy Hogwarts Castle Puzzle

Hogwarts Castle Puzzle

Want something to do those dark evenings when there is nothing on TV? We found something fun a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince puzzle. This is a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle that features the Hogwarts Castle in the moon light.

This Jigsaw is not easy and that is why they say 8 years and up.

Get your Hogwarts Castle Puzzle

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Lunch Box

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Lunch Box

We all need to eat and what better way then bringing your lunch in a cool lunch box?

This lunch box is based on the Harry Potter movie the Order of the Phoenix and is made from metal and comes with a thermos that fits inside.

So now you can have your own full size Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Pheonix Lunch Box and enjoy your food even better.

buy Gryffindor Necktie

Gryffindor Necktie

Get your own Harry Potter Tie

The real Harry Potter Fan of course wants to dress like Harry and that of course is why you really need this Gryffindor Necktie.

Made out of silk and ready to be worn by adults and kids above 12 years old this Necktie makes a great addition to your Harry Potter Costume.

Check out the Gryffindor Necktie