buy Golden Girls Bookmark Set

Golden Girls Bookmark Set

Now all book reading Golden Girls fans can now get this fun Golden Girls Bookmark Set.

There are 4 bookmarks in the set and each has a different color and each of them has a different girl on it so that you can have your favorite in your favorite book.

And these are not just normal bookmarks, these are way better as they are magnetic. You fold them over your page and then they stay there thanks to the magnet until you want to get it out of your book then it is easy to remove and reuse.

So now get a nice book out and put your Golden Girls bookmark in it to mark the pages.

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buy Hogwarts Houses Crest Bookmark Set

Hogwarts Houses Crest Bookmark Set

Harry Potter fans can now get his Hogwarts Houses Crest Bookmark Set.

As a Harry Potter fan, you probably read the books and maybe you are thinking about reading them again and whatever you read a bookmark is so handy to have.

Now there is this set of 4 bookmarks and each is one of the houses of Hogwarts with a diecast metal crest on the top and a double layer plastic holder below it so that you can hold the page for you.

This set is great looking and you can choose the bookmark that fits the book you are reading best as this Harry Potter set of 4 bookmarks is enough for like 4 books or reading at the same time.

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buy Minion Dave Bookmark

Minion Dave Bookmark

Books need bookmarks to remember them where you where with reading.

A if you like Minions from the Despicable Me movie then you gone love this bookmark.

The bookmark is flat and says Despicable Me 2 on it and then on top of that there is a 3D Minion that will stick out of your book but it will make it oh so easy to find the right page.

Minion Dave is gone enjoy reading the books you stick him in and maybe he even helps you read the book.

Minion fans just need a nice bookmark like this.

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buy Ariel 3D Bookmark

Ariel 3D Bookmark

Princess Ariel 3D Bookmark

What do you use to mark where you where in a book?

Yes a bookmark would be handy but most of use use anything we can put our hands on to mark that page.

If Princess Ariel is something you like then you will like this Ariel bookmark.
The bookmark is based on The Little Mermaid and is flat but on top there is a 3D head of Ariel. And on the flat part you can see her mermaid body and the word Ariel.

An Ariel bookmark is great for kids to mark their Disney books but also great for adults that just like anything Disney.

Come and have a closer look at this The Little Mermaid Ariel Bookmark.

buy Katniss Everdeen Bookmark

Katniss Everdeen Bookmark

The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Bookmark.

The Hunger Games, best selling novel and a hit big screen movie, if you love The Hunger Games then you will love this bookmark.

Featuring Katniss Everdeen one of the main stars in the The Hunger Games, a very good high quality picture of Katniss is on the front of this bookmark along with the text at the bottom saying “KATNISS EVERDEEN DISTRICT 12″.

A very cool NECA product also comes with beaded tassel and a protective sleeve, measures 7.25 ” x  2.25 ” x  0.1 “.

Have a look at The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Bookmark.

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buy Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Bookmarks

Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Bookmarks

Wizard Of Oz Ruby red Slippers Bookmarks

Dorothy’s ruby red slippers can now mark the pages of you books as they made little bookmarks out of these shoes.

A Wizard of Oz fan will be so happy to see these red shoes that Dorothy wore in the movie.

And to make it even better these bookmarks comes in a pack of 12 so lots of books to read or a fun party favor that can even be used as a cupcake pick.

So if you like reading and the Wizard of Oz then come check out these Wizard Of Oz Ruby Red Slippers Bookmarks.


The Big Bang Theory Cast Bookmark

The Big Bang Theory photo bookmark

Mark you books with the coolest bookmark out there and that of course is a Big Bang Theory bookmark.

This bookmark has a little The Big Bang Theory logo in the corner and besides that one big picture of the cast.

You can see Rajesh, Penny, Sheldon, Leonard and Howard all possing for you.

If remembering the position in your book is difficult then you need this bookmark.

Come and order your The Big Bang Theory Photo Bookmark.

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buy The Avengers Bookmark

The Avengers Bookmark

Marvel The Avengers Bookmark

This is a bookmark with superhero’s on it. And yes you don’t have to read “real” books to get one of these, comic books are good enough.

On this bookmark you find for of the Avengers. You see Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and Iron Man and below them there is the Avengers logo.

A bookmark like this is not only the perfect collectors item it is also really handy as a place mark in you books.

One thing you can’t do and that is putting it books with different Superhero’s as they like to fight with each other.

Come have a better look at this Marvel The Avengers Bookmark.

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buy Lord Of The Rings Gandalf Film Cel Bookmark

Lord Of The Rings Gandalf Film Cel Bookmark

If you are a Lord of the Rings collector then you want something special to ad to your collection.

We found that piece of must have Lord of the Rings memorabilia.

This is a Gandalf bookmark a peferct item to mark where you left of in the book.

But this is not just a nice looking bookmark with a picture of Gandalf. This bookmark also has a real piece of 35mm film cell from the real Lord of the Rings movie in it. Each bookmark is unique as they all have a different piece of Lord of the Rings film in it.

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Jerry Paperclip Bookmark

Jerry paperclip bookmark

There is our favorite mouse Jerry.

This time Jerry is save as Tom is nowhere to be found.

And Jerry is put on this paperclip bookmark witch is a fun way to mark the pages in the book your are reading.

The bookmark of Jerry is 11 x 4.5 cm and that is plenty big for marking your pages.

If you like Tom and Jerry then you love this bookmark.

Come have a look at this Jerry The Mouse Paperclip Bookmark.

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